Life Members

Life Membership of Bondi SBLSC is one of the greatest achivements a surf lifesaver can aspire to. The following list of men have all made outstanding contributions to our club and have been rewarded with Life Membership. List is in order of receipt of life membership. Where listed * indicates deceased.

W. Clark * W. V. Craven* H. Flynn*
F.A. Mailer* I. Morgan* H.R. Wallach*
H.B. Fletcher* W.A. Douglass* M. Steele*
P.G. Johnston, ISO* P.G. Douglass* T.W. Meagher OBE*
J.B. Agnew* H. Ruskin-Rowe* H.G.F. Walker*
W.J. Bennett* A.G.R. Griffiths* J.F. Cox*
A.P. Rennix* E.A. Clark* C.A. Jeppesen MBE*
S. McDonald* L. Bloxham* R.W. Halliday*
V.A. Besomo* C.J. Gale* F.A. Beacon*
J.T. Kiely* J.H. Simmons* H. Nightingale*
F.J. Ryan* F.J. Nock* F.J. Fisher*
A.E. Cooke* B.V. McDonald OAM* K.H. Murray*
C.G. Douglass* R.M. O’Keefe MBE* R. Bassingthwaighte*
B.F. Hutchings* C. Emanuel OAM* W.C. Jenkings*
V.H. Bulteau ISM* C. Baldock E.C. Hunt*
C.G. Smith* R.J. Reid P.R. Stapleton AM
P.G. Quartly R.G. Harvey APM L.A. Hawkins ASM
L.M. Harris OAM K.B. Speed J.G. Laforest
C.J. Ryan D.J. Hoggett F.D. Smith
P.R. Murphy R.R. Leitch S.N. Laney
A.S. Winters