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Joining Bondi Nippers –

Registration for Bondi Nippers 2015/16 opens 5th August 2015 at 9am. Please click here for details.

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JOININGTo be eligible to join Bondi SBLSC Junior Activities (Nippers), children must be five (5) years of age as at the 30th September each year.  Proof of age must be supplied at the time of registration.  A registration form must be completed and witnessed by a parent/guardian.  Under 6’s and Under 7’s do not “surf” as such but do “get wet” in wading and similar events, including those on the beach.  These are FUN activities.  These age groups are not eligible to compete in junior surf carnivals.

Parental assistance is vital and much appreciated.  Courses to assist parents are run by the senior club, Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club.  They are encouraged to be “age managers”, complete their Life Saving Certificate and Bronze Medallion.

The “Nippers” cannot survive without volunteers, be they parents, guardians or friends.  Parents/Guardians can volunteer in many ways.  We note the children are very enthusiastic when parents/guardians/adults are involved.



Any volunteer, who undertakes the delivery or supervision of Surf Lifesaving activities for Under 18 members (e.g. age managers, team managers, coaches, trainers, assessors, officials, administrators) act under heightened responsibility.

Such roles are responsible positions within SLSA and Bondi SBLSC, and each person acting within these roles must adopt practices to minimise risk and to thus protect both the people they are working with, and themselves.

It is important that risk minimisation measures be adopted to protect people in these roles from any misconceptions about their behaviour in performing their designated roles.

These practices are outlined in SLSA’s Member Safety and Wellbeing policy which can be found at

It is for this reason that those wishing to assist in select positions and specific duties must become members of Bondi SBLSC & SLSA.

Anyone who is not a member of SLSA may not have any direct involvement in the running or delivery of any lifesaving activity associated with SLSA members under the age of 18.

Age Manager

Age Managers are responsible for the care, safety, wellbeing and development of the junior surf lifesaver. They are responsible for facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills. Age Managers play a fundamental role in the development of a learning program that encourages and develops young surf lifesavers.

Age Managers:

  • Must be an SLSA and club member;
  • Must attend and complete the SLSA Age Managers Award (a 2 hour course, plus on the beach mentoring/coaching);
  • Agree to abide by the code of conduct;
  • Be responsible for the overall safety and well-being of the group;
  • Be responsible for the group’s learning;
  • Take time to plan and prepare the activities delivered to the group;
  • Foster a collaborative approach to the management of the group;
  • Instil enjoyment and fun in what they do; and
  • Be a positive role model for Nippers and Surf Lifesaving.

Age Helper

The role of parent Age Helpers is critical to our program. Supportive parents provide essential care, education and enthusiasm. A challenge for parents is getting the right balance between disinterest and overbearing involvement, and being able to read their child’s changing support needs. Age Managers are encouraged to provide a full briefing to parents during the season outlining the Age Managers’ expectations in relation to supporting the children and assisting with activities.  The role of the Age helper is to assist the Age Manager in the delivery of the program and supervision of the children.

Age Helpers:

  • Must be an SLSA and club member;
  • Agree to abide by the code of conduct;
  • Work collaboratively with other group managers and helpers;
  • Instil enjoyment and fun in what they do; and
  • Be a positive role model for Nippers and Surf Lifesaving.

Level 1 Surf Sports Official

Surf Sports Officials are responsible for the safe and fair conduct of surf sports events. It is important that Surf Sports Officials recognise that young surf lifesavers have differing needs, and that the main emphasis of surf sports for youth is fun and developmental. Without the participation of official at carnivals, clubs are not permitted to compete.


  • Must be an SLSA and club member;
    • Must attend a 2 hour course; and
    • Attend local training/mentoring at 3 club carnivals and one branch carnival.

Surf & Beach Instructors

Our instructors and coaches are essential to the delivery of instruction, training and development of our Nippers program and curriculum.

Coaches and Instructors:

  • Must be an SLSA and club member;
  • Be proficient Bronze medallion holders,
  • Have a background in surf sport and lifesaving, and
  • Ideally have a Surf Sports Level 1 qualification (or related experience).

Water Safety

SLSA regulations dictate that: one water safety member is to be available per five participants; approximately half of the water safety members are to be on rescue craft; and it is desirable that those water safety not on rescue craft wear fins and use rescue tubes or other flotation aids. The Inflatable Rubber Boat is to be in the water where there are 20 or more participants. We encourage anyone interested in water safety to inquire about obtaining their Bronze Medallion.

Water safety:

  • Must be an SLSA and club member; and
  • Be proficient Bronze medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate holder

BBQ Team

The weekly BBQ is the primary source of our fund-raising for Nippers.  Funds are always needed to repair, replace and update the equipment and training gear, and provide education materials for Nippers.  Fundraising also pays for all our social events, and the purchase of trophies and medallions.

We need parents to assist with weekly set-up, pack-down and running of the BBQ, generally from 7.30am – 11.30am on Nipper days.

Depending on age group, commitment to the BBQ team is required 2-3 times per season as per season calendar.

Beach Work Party

Help is needed every week, from  7.15 am onwards, to set up the beach and, again at 10.50am, to ensure that everything is packed away on completion of Nippers.

Beach set-up involves:

  • Placing age group line up assembly markers
  • Taking all boards out of the container and placing them on the beach
  • Setting out the running and flag tracks
  • Setting up tents, tables, sunscreen and water as required
  • Assist with the set-up and pack-down of the beach course and equipment.
  • Assist with the removal and return of all equipment.
  •  Generally an 7:15am start for set-up, and a finish time of 11:30am for pack up.

People who volunteer for the BBQ team or Beach Work Party will be placed on a roster according to child’s age group

Competition Coordinator

Ideally a Bronze Medallion holder and Level 1 surf sport official.

  • Must be a member of the club;
  • To act as Team Manager, for all carnivals;
  • Assist the Program Coordinator, Surf Coach, Age Managers & DOJ with team selections as required;
  • Liaise with Secretary to enter teams in carnivals.
  • Be responsible for competitor and age manager briefings at carnivals; and
  • Be responsible for all logistical, delivery, set-up and pack-down at carnivals.


All registration and volunteer  forms will be available at the club on the registration dates.