1990s – Xmas day at Bondi “Orphans Christmas”

1990 – 1999 While most Australians are enjoying opening their presents on Christmas day and relaxing with their family a group of special people are preparing for their busiest day. It has become the tradition for large numbers of tourists (30,000 plus) separated by distance from their families, to congregate with their countrymen on Bondi Beach. A dangerous mix of hot Australian sunshine, cold beer, and the lure of refreshing surf, provides a dangerous scenario. In 1992 the lifesavers arrived at 7 am and worked through to 8pm at night, rescuing 243 people, many other years the count is well over 100 rescues. While moves are afoot for this event to be made safer with police/council intervention unfortunately it is our lifesavers who bear the burden of this duty each year rather than celebrating a quiet Christmas with their loved ones.

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