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Bondi Lifesavers and Bondi-Bronte Lifesavers Rugby Clubs reunion

Oct 11, 2016

50 years ‘Rebirth’ celebration
Former players and supporters are invited to attend a Reunion of the Bondi Lifesavers and Bondi-Bronte Lifesavers Rugby Clubs to be held at the newly renovated “Blue Room” (formerly the Scenic Lounge) at the Bondi SBLSC on Saturday afternoon 19th November 2016, commencing at 1.00pm.
Cost is $70 per head (includes food and unlimited drinks). The event will be catered for by the highly rated Grand Pacific Group, the Club’s new function managers. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance and payments can be made through the Surf Club Office.
This will be a fabulous afternoon of memories and good times. The Bondi Lifesavers Rugby Club was first born in 1927, playing in the Sub District Rugby competition, and after some excellent premiership results over the years, its activities were curtailed with World War II and the Club eventually ‘folded’ in 1948.
The Bondi Lifesavers Rugby Club (BLRC) was reborn in 1966 (fifty short years ago) and continued with the successes of the ‘early days’, including wins in the Senior Division of the Kentwell Cup and other Cups. Like its predecessor, the BLRC provided activities for Bondi Surf Club members during the winter months, and also proved a successful recruitment opportunity for new surf club members.
Player numbers started fading in the late 1970’s so the BLFC amalgamated with members of the Bronte SLSC, which like other surf clubs in years gone by, also had its own football teams. So the Bondi-Bronte Lifesavers Rugby Club emerged, and with history repeating itself, they also won premierships in the Sub District Rugby competitions, including again the Kentwell Cup Division.
If you are interested, please join us for a wonderful afternoon. Saturday 19th November 2016.
Remember – pre-event bookings essential via the Bondi Surf Club office.
Principal Organiser : John Patrick 0413 754448.
(Assisted by Rod Harvey, David Hoggett, Peter Stapleton.)
Or on Facebook : Bondi & Bronte Rugby Reunion @Bondibrontelrcreunion

Bondi Lifesavers and Bondi-Bronte Lifesavers Rugby Clubs reunion

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