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2016 Bondi to Watsons Bay Ocean Paddle Event Results

Oct 28, 2016

Bondi to Watsons Bay Ocean Paddle Race

The Bondi to Watson Bay Ocean Paddle Race was held on the 22nd of October.
The race was won by club member Tom Woodriff for the 2nd year running !!
Congratulations Tommy- lets hope its the start of a great competition year for the club.
Over 100 entries completed the course in bumpy conditions from Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay- 10 km.

Tom Woodriff two times winner at the Bondi to Watson Bay Ocean Paddle Event
Tom Woodriff two times winner!
Thanks to all the club volunteers who helped make this race a success in 2016. IRB crew, the registration ladies, the organisers, first aiders , finish line experts and those cheering on with a huge thanks to Greg Byrnes and Calvin Brodie for organising and the sponsors Harris Farm MarketsEpic Kayaks AustraliaThink Kayak AustraliaSurfski Australia and Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel
Full results are here:
Wentworth Courier Article Provided by John Blanch.
Back-to-back triumphs for Bondi ski paddler
Tommy Woodriff last Saturday chalked up his second consecutive win in the 12km Bondi to Watsons Bay ocean ski race and then declared his next step would be to challenge the world’s best paddlers.
The 45-year-old Bondi lifesaver will travel to Hong Kong next month and attempt to qualify for the 2017 world championships in the same city.
His partner when he switches from the single to double ski will be Waverley Council’s head lifeguard Bruce Hopkins.
Woodriff’s time for the 12km journey was more than three minutes faster than the previous year despite encountering a strong southerly cross chop in inclement weather.
“I tried to keep up with the young ones at the start until I got ahead of the field after a couple of hundred metres,” he explained.
Second across the finish line, a little under a minute behind Woodriff, was the mixed double ski crew of Dean Gardner and Yanda Nossiter from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Then followed another Northern Beaches paddler Mark Anderson and Newcastle’s Sam Djodan, who was overall winner of the under-23 years race.
The first woman to finish was North Bondi surf club’s Elizabeth Wise, who came in 41st overall in 53 minutes and 45 seconds.
Only two of the 94 entries did not finish the race, which was a stand-alone event staged by  Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club and placings will be included in the 2016-17 Paddle NSW Ocean Series.  JOHN BLANCH
BONDI TO WATSONS BAY 12KM OCEAN SKI RACES (staged by Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club)
SKI PADDLING (92 finishers from 94 entries): Open men’s: Tommy Woodriff (Bondi, 43min 15sec) 1, Mark Anderson (Northern Beaches, 44:25) 2, Sam Djodan (Redhead, Newcastle, 44:49) 3. Under-23 years:Sam Djodan (44:49) 1, Luke Gosling (47:47) 2, Brodie Schott (48:45) 3. 23-39 years: Mark Anderson (44:25) 1, Sasa Vujanic (45:60) 2,  Wayne Dunbar (47:15) 3. 40-49 years: Tommy Woodriff (43:15) 1, Jim Walker (44:55) 2,  Cad Barnes (45:26) 3. 50-59 years: Brett Greenwood (48:57) 1, Gary Henderson (50:11) 2, Michael McKeogh (51:08) 3. 60 years and over: Gary Hancock (53:10) 1, Tom Jones (59:15) 2, Mark Gillett (59:17) 3. SLSA under-18 years: Noah Harvard (48:11) 1, Zach Harvard (48:33) 2, Jeremy Heys (51:17) 3. SLSA under-18 Spec ski: Luca Ekins (58:37) 1, no second and third. SLSA under-23:Samuel Morgan (53:40) 1, no second and third. SLSA 23-39 years: Istvan Domokos (50:26) 1, Jonathan Dowling (54:50) 2, Pep Font (55:01) 3. Open men’s double ski: Luke Horder and partner (52:18) 1, no second and third. Open mixed double ski: Dean Gardner and Yanda Nossiter (44:09) 1, Carey and Brock Mel (56:37) 2, no third.
Open women’s: Elizabeth Wise (North Bondi, 53min 45sec) 1. Under-23 years: Cat O’Leary (1hr 02min 55sec) 1, no second and third. 23-39 years: Elizabeth Wise (53:45) 1, Heidi Carlyle (1:00:08) 2, Suzie Rhydderch (1:04:33) 3. 40-49 years: Sarah Davis (1:09:27) 1, Tara Lai (1:26.28) 2, no third. SLSA 23-39 years: Fiona Tschaut (1:00:21) 1, Amy Teale (1:02:04) 2, no third. Open women’s double ski:Isabella Kristensen and partner (52:07) 1, no second and third.
STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD: Open men’s: Andrew Christopher (1hr 26min 04sec) 1, Nick Malloch (1:37:23) 2, no third.

2016 Bondi to Watsons Bay Ocean Paddle Event Results

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