SURF RACE (week 4) 16th October 2016

Oct 28, 2016

Fellow Surfers’,
Another great morning, sounds too good to be true, however, it was.  The only down side was for the first time in yonks, Raewyn was not well & missed it , but Peter, her not so better half, filled in, although there were rumblings about his not hitting the water, however, he argued he was filling her shoes for the day.
Patrol Captain James had the buoys out & Paul & Alec did a great job in the duck, providing water safety & adjusting the buoys as required.
The surf was not much chop; however, the odd wave did barrel through.  The water definitely not 20, BUT it is getting there.
The Tube races saw only one starter & not being a pot hunter, I abandoned it, although it would have been perfect with the buoy set at 50m.
A Grade nearly saw Peter get a double, although after a herculean struggle he had to settle for second with the big winner being Oliver, with Will getting a credible third.
B Grade saw the biggest break in our history by Jonny A, who crashed through the field & beat everyone, although not much was left in the tank, when he restarted in A Grade. Patti was the winner, continuing her strong swimming in the Amateurs, with our Editor finishing strongly & Sarah, a little further back.
It’s been a good start to the season & the only thing that would improve the situation, would be to see a few more faces.  To all those who crowded the bar, how about developing a thirst, by swimming in the morning.   Make Sunday, a Bondi must.

SURF RACE (week 4) 16th October 2016

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