SURF RACE (week 5) 23rd October 2016

Oct 28, 2016

Fellow Surfers’,
Another great morning, sounds too good to be true& it was.  The wind was howling from the south & the sea was breaking everywhere & up to ten foot in front of the patrol (who had not put up the tent of the sides due to conditions) with a channel about a metre off shore that was running at speed to north’s.
I knew as soon as I hit the bridge on the way down that it was not going to be a goer this was confirmed by every patrol member I spoke to, before I could even get a hi.  Donna was on the beach & we all agreed to come back next week & hopefully it will be a different story.
My son Keiran is back from Finland unemployed & enjoying the good life, but at least the fridge is cleaned every time he opens the door, as he leaves it spotless & needless to say empty; the Hallam’s have refused to adopt him, I can’t understand why.
To those who got down we have given you 2 points for making the effort.
Next week is a whole new ball game & hopefully I will see you on the sand & in the water.  Remember it is the last race of the month, so if you have not swum so fare come along & mark the effort, to keep on track for at least a swim a month.

SURF RACE (week 5) 23rd October 2016

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