Surf Race Week 6 30th October 2016

Nov 08, 2016

SURF RACE (week 6) 30th October 2016
Fellow Surfers’,
The best morning so far, some small waves, warm weather & clear skies.  I did my first patrol of the season under Siobhan O’Toole, who was filling in for Illya & did a great job.  She had the ducky & the buoys in the water & we started on time.
Les, before his ill health used to come down & watch the races, however, it has been a while since a Hawkins has been in the water & this all changed with David coming down & racing.  He assures me he will be a regular in the coming weeks, which we look forward to.
Last season most Sundays were a little boisterous & until Sunday this season has been a little flat, however, this all changed, with Jon returning for his maiden swim of the season.  He’s still looking fit & as mischievous as ever, welcome back.
Search parties are being organized to find our missing Cadet members, who seem to have gone missing in action.  Please remind them that the races are great fun & you get to meet our top members each week.
A Grade saw Peter get his second win of the season & he is definitely getting closer to being our back marker.  It was a great swim, with potential father of the year JP coming in second & Oliver not that far behind, third.
B Grade saw popular abs trainer Lee win his first race & hopefully it is the first of many, well at least swims.  Margaret was not far behind, with Patti on her heals.  Both ladies are members of Bondi Amateur Swimming Club & the assistance that regular Saturday morning racing provides is evident. If you want to try to beat them, come down at 9.15 to the Bath’s & speak to Raewyn, who will put you in a race.
The first round of memorial events kicks of next week & I look forward to seeing you all.
Next week is a whole new ball game & hopefully I will see you on the sand & in the water.

Surf Race Week 6 30th October 2016

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