SURF RACE (week 7) 6th November 2016

Nov 10, 2016

Fellow Surfers’,
Another fantastic morning, with a heavy angry swell, pumping into the Bay, with the odd pile driver coming through. The sun was out with a strong breeze, which tore up the swell to make it that more challenging.
Pep was the Patrol Captain & James was on the beach, as was Charles. Pep had the IRB working well; thanks to the driver & crew, who stood behind the buoys & picked up the odd straggler, who make it around & enjoyed a quick lift back to the beach.
It was decided to only have the one start with results being recorded for each group.
Our Editor Siobhan O’Toole was awesome in getting around the buoy.
A Grade had a strong field & the conditions were perfect for the back markers, with Dorri coming in very strongly. She hit the beach before we realized we did not have the cameras in place which was a pity, however, there is always next time. Simon, as Mr. Cool sauntered up the beach, with not a care in the world, as if he had been for a slow warm up, came second & the last of the beach Peter, picking up third & running away with the point score so far.
B Grade saw Doug make it back in, a little worse for ware, having spent more time under the water, than on it. Bruce was a good second with Bronte pipping the old man.
Unfortunately, Anthony did not have any competition in C Grade. I was told afterwards that we have some 60 cadets, so let’s get them into the Club culture & down on the beach.
Next week another memorial event & I look forward to so more exiting racing & just as importantly your company.
Results Nov 6
First Round of memorial events:
Turner 13/11
Shearman 20/11
Second Round of memorial events:
Cox 12/2
Turner 19/2
Shearman 5/3
Third Round of memorial event:
Cox 4/4
SURF RACE (week 7) 6th November 2016

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