Surf Race (week 8) 13th November

Nov 16, 2016

Fellow Surfers’,
We were blessed with another great morning; the surf could have been a little better, however, nothings perfect.
Firstly, I have two apologies from last week.  John Greaves did get to the buoys & go around them, which was a great effort, but better still, he still made it back for lunch, me I’m still swimming.  To Dori, who was so fast that I only saw her flash up the beach.  I have on good authority that she held back & waited for the second wave of the set (usually a lot bigger) & came down the mountain of froth & energy, without blinking, all the way to the beach.  It was certainly our biggest sea we have raced in for some years & I got a lot of positive feedback, for holding it.
D’Arcy the Patrol Captain felt he would have an easy morning, but with the Proficiency’s, Nippers & a million First Aid operations, that was not the case, however, D’Arcy handled it with his usual aplomb & with brother Brent running the ducky, the races went off, without a hitch.
A Grade saw Keiran showing his Viking skills & holding out two old stagers in Pat & Jason.  Hopefully they enjoyed it so much, they will both be back with a couple of mates..
B Grade was the Peter T gift, with his swimming efforts with Bondi ASC translating into the surf.  I’m not sure what Raewyn is feeding him, however, it is showing in all the right places.  Siobhan after her epic swim last week finished very strongly for second (take a look at the photo on page 56 of last year’s Annual Report & this may indicate why she is swimming so well), with Patti, another Amateur third..
A great morning, with next week being the first round of the Mick Shearman, so if you are an Active member get down for this important competition & even if you are not, come along for the swim.
Next week another memorial event & I look forward to so more exiting racing & just as importantly your company.
 First Round of memorial events:
Shearman        20/11
Second Round of memorial events:
Cox             12/2
Turner          19/2
Shearman        5/3
Third Round of memorial event:
Cox             4/4

Surf Race (week 8) 13th November

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