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New Digital radios

Nov 20, 2016

As of the next patrol (Saturday 12th November) radio communication to SurfCom (channel 3) can only be made using digital radios.

As such the club has purchased 5 digital radios which must be on every patrol starting this Saturday. Two of these radios are allocated to the IRB section and the remaining three will sit on patrol (PC, VC and one other station).
All of our existing analogue (Entel) radios can still be used on patrol but only for line-of-sight communication (channel 1 – Emergency, channel 2 – Patrol, channels 25/26 – Training).
You can no longer contact SurfCom (channel 3) on the analogue radios, it must be done using the digital radios (on channel 3).
The radios are not as tough as the existing radios (our Entel submersibles had the highest ratings available) so please take care of them and use the existing plastic covers to keep them dry.
If you have any questions please contact myself or Charles Cotton.
Toby Iemma
Radio Officer

New Digital radios

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