Ocean Surf Race (week 9) 21st November 2016

Nov 24, 2016

Fellow Surfers’,
A great Sunday morning, with plenty of action within the patrol environment & in the surf.  Doing patrols over the last month, I can truly say our skill level is right up there.  The caliber & fraternity of our members is second to none & it’s a joy to be a part of the teams.  Which yesterday was lead by Siobhan, who certainly had a busy morning, taking over the role of IRB Crew at a critical time, with driver Christian Schoener.
The surf was a lot stronger than it looked & most of the waves came in on the way out, however getting through the churn & rips on the way back was just as challenging.   This saw the flags go south & then again moved, this time north into the Waverley Shield, which we hosted & seemed to rum like clockwork.  With a very impressive front man on the mike, no prizes for guessing the golden tonsils belonged to Nick.
This week was the first round of the Mick Shearman & the following finished the race & demonstrated their ability on the mannequin:
John Greaves
Bec Heron-Dowling
Dori Miller
Siobhan O’Toole
Paul Pickering
Stefano Redo
Logan Ryan & Bruce Wynne
 A Grade saw back markers have a good tussle with Matthew getting the gold after a hard slog, followed by Chris & Mark.  All three had to do it the hard way & swam the full distance.
 B Grade was similar, with no waves from the buoys, however, that old stager Paul, came in well north & pulled off a comfortable first.  Siobhan again showing considerable improvement was a well placed second, followed closely by Rebecca, who is back spending more time on the beach.
I was somewhat surprised when told the lounge had been renamed the “Blue Room”, however, I have eaten their on the last two Sundays, with the family & the food was great, as was the company & hopefully we will be back again next week, for another helping of great food & hospitality.
See you all on the beach.
Second Round of memorial events:
Cox             12/2
Turner          19/2
Shearman        5/3
Third Round of memorial event:
Cox             4/4
Ocean Surf Race (week 9) 21st November 2016

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