Bondi Surf Club Ocean Swim Race (Week 10) 27th November 2016

Nov 27, 2016

Short but sweet update.
Meagher was on patrol with Roger Butler at the helm, supported by John Slack-smith as IRD.   The surf was messy with big sets coming through on a regular basis.
It was decided to not hold the race due to conditions so all who came down got two points.  A few went out in the flags and around an ” ol’ boy” whilst Jon Jon favoured a sand run to make up.   It was a busy day for the patrol with a few blue’s showing up and a few drunken tourist’s who were hell bent on not breathing.
A Grade 21 Starters
B Grade 11 Starters
S Grade 3  Starters
Big Thanks to Raewyn Tippett for standing in for Doc.

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