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Bondi Surf Club & Wayside Chapel Christmas Appeal

Dec 06, 2016

Bondi Surf Club & Wayside Chapel Christmas Appeal
Christmas is a fantastic time of the year for most of us, but some of us are far less fortunate. This Christmas, Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club want to give hope to those going through tough times in our community, by partnering with The Wayside Chapel, more specifically The Wayside Chapel Bondi. The donations and items we collect will go directly to the people that need it most.

What can you do?

We will be running a collection of Christmas items starting today running up to Christmas Day! We have set up a collection point (a decorated table) in the Main Hall of the Bondi Surf Club.
Members can drop off anytime, non-members feel free to ring the doorbell during office hours or ask a friendly member to let you in.

What are is being collected?

  • Men’s and women’s underpants of all sizes – these need to be new and unworn
  • Men’s and women’s socks of all sizes – these can be new or used but clean
  • Sample size toiletries like the kind you get in hotels – including shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, body lotion, deodorant
  • Non-perishable foods (ensure long expiry dates) Think Christmas: people will be receiving these packages as gifts. Buy brand-name products where possible, and maybe include some special items to help people celebrate on Christmas Day.
  • Toys – Please do not wrap toys and only donate new items
  • Razors
  • Gift cards
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery

Do you accept cash donations?

Yes, Wayside accepts cash donations via their website, click here for the link or visit Bondi Surf Club’s donations page, where possible please reference “BSBLSC Xmas”.
Donations mean that Wayside Chapel can offer shelter to people with nowhere to sleep, gifts for kids who would otherwise get none, hampers for people struggling to afford basic meals, and support for those struck by disaster.

Thank You!

Christmas is all about giving so be sure to make a small contribution or donation to help someone less fortunate this year!

Merry Christmas from…

& The Wayside Chapel

Bondi Surf Club & Wayside Chapel Christmas Appeal

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