Nipper’s Sponsor Day Photos

Dec 08, 2016

Last Sunday we held the annual sponsors day and to say it was a huge success would be an understatement. The weather was perfect, the Sponsors were there set up ready to go and the kids were pumped. Finz had their marque there with all their fine merchandise and Joes Boes as usual was his happy and helpful self (thanks to John and his team). The roosters were set up at the front of the club and were giving away all sorts of great stuff like headphones, jerseys and wrist bands. two of the roosters players came down to join in the activities with the kids and as usual did it with a big smile and absolute professionalism, they did the club proud (thanks to Helen and Manual and the roosters team). My hoops were absent due to injuries sustained to two of their team….but don’t worry they will be down this weekend to shoot some hoops and give away loads of Merchandise and some special offers for their holiday camps, you won’t be able to miss them they are the really tall dudes. All in all it was a hugely successful day for all concerned and lots of fun for the kids…a special thanks to the committee and George Sabados for helping on the day…..regards  Brett Sponsorship manager  

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