Month: January 2017

Congratulations Reef-Raff!    

Jan 18, 2017 There are now 22 new lifesavers ready to patrol Bondi Beach. We welcome Bondi’s newest Lifesavers (above) who completed their final Bronze assessments last week. They all did an amazing job through their training and will be awesome assets on the beach. Thank you to the trainers who guided them through their 10 […]

1970s – “Jean Junction” and how the West was Lost

Jan 16, 2017 Back in the 70’s, the Bondi Club was struggling to get members, the suburb had changed and there were fewer young families living there. As well as that, members tended to drift away after their 10 years doing patrols and move to the burbs. There were no Lady members, no Masters competition […]

2017 – Celebration of Lee Bowman’s Life

Jan 05, 2017 Celebration of Lee Bowman’s life The service will be held at Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club at 3pm on Sunday 22nd January. This will be the only service for him officially. If you want to speak on the day please contact either Michelle Rogers or Jacob Waks. Due to the possible […]

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