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2017 – Celebration of Lee Bowman’s Life

Jan 05, 2017

Celebration of Lee Bowman’s life
The service will be held at Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club at 3pm on Sunday 22nd January.
This will be the only service for him officially.
If you want to speak on the day please contact either Michelle Rogers or Jacob Waks. Due to the possible number wishing to speak we will limit it to those closest to him.
Please send through any photos or videos that you have to bondileebowman@gmail.comso we can add it to the screen while the service is on
There will then be a paddle out in memory of him, feel free to join on a board or watch from the shore. Everyone is invited after the service to the club where drinks and food will be available. If you have any questions let me know

2017 – Celebration of Lee Bowman’s Life

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