Bondi Surf Club’s Ocean Surf Race results (week 17) January 8th 2017

Jan 17, 2017

It was lovely to have Peter back for the day to start the races.  Unfortunately he has indicated that he will be unable to be on the beach for the next week or two but after that he should be back for the rest of the season.
A Grade saw Izzy come in behind a couple of first timers.  We saw a good run up the beach by Pat to just edge out Adam who came in third after going off at the wrong handicap.  He went off on 2 minutes instead of his actual time of 25 seconds.  Looks like the secret training is paying off for him.
B Grade saw another first time in Avanti come in ahead of young Zoe.  Marco swam well to beat out Paul, who came out of the crowds to just edge out Patti for third.
Over all, a good swim was had by all with the double sandbank helping out a number of people.

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