Bondi Surf Club’s Ocean Surf Race results (week 21) February 5th 2017

Feb 05, 2017

It was a beautiful day with a small surf due to a low tide.  Patrol Captain Charles Cotton had the buoys organised for us.  Due to one buoy being misplaced for a time, Noah Jenkins went out on a board to be the second buoy and provide water safety along with the IRB.
A Grade saw Fiona returning for a win for the first time this season with Kirsty (a cadet) following in close behind.  Jill came in for a great third.
B Grade saw Christian come in well in front of the pack.  He caught a good wave to come through.  We saw Patti come in amongst a group of new bronzes with Siobhan a well placed third.  Both ladies were not happy to place but accepted that the bronzes don’t get placings on their first swim.
Next week is meant to be the second round of the Cox Memorial event.  Unfortunately, I am not sure what this entails so if Peter Q is unable to attend, this and all the other memorial events will have to be postponed until Peter is back (sunless someone can help me to hold the events?).
Raewyn Tippett

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