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2016-17 NSW CHAMPIONSHIPS, Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea-Belmont

Mar 15, 2017

NSW State Championships 2017- Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea/Belmont
Opens Pointscore – Bondi-22nd from over 75 clubs,
Masters Pointscore -Bondi-3rd from over 80 clubs

Last week saw massive seas hit the coast causing dangerous surf conditions and the suspension or cancellation of some water events for the Masters and Opens Surflifesaving Titles. Well done to all who competed in challenging 3-6 ft surf and thanks to our racing board legends who told of epic rides on 8 ft right handers peeling flawlessly off the groyne & island 100’s of meters off shore.
Bondi’s women outshone its men, winning 28 of the club’s 39 top-three placing medals. Bondi finished third in the Masters overall point score after winning it for the first time last season.
2016-17 NSW CHAMPIONSHIPS, Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea-Belmont
Bondi’s medal winners were:
GOLD (16): Quinn Darragh, Dean Gladstone, Simon Nothling (men’s 110 years combined minimum age surf teams race). Iain Macfarlane (men’s 35-39 years beach sprint). Keiran Speed (men’s 70 years and over beach run). Harvey Barratt (sweep), Elyse Yardley, Alexis Bell, Terrena Kolster, Lara Drabsch (women’s reserve boat). Rhianna Burke, Kirra Burke, Ella Marshall, Luke Ryan (mixed under-19 five-person R and R). Dori Miller (women’s 45-49 years surf race). Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years ironwoman). Dori Miller, Andrea Miller, Fiona Tschaut (women’s 110 years surf teams race). Emily Gillies, Laura Thurtell, Lea Trebilcock (women’s 110 years taplin relay). Andrea Miller, Virginia Pope, Fiona Tschaut (women’s 110 years board race). Caroline Mackley, Robyn Merritt, Laura Thurtell (women’s 130 years surf teams). Robyn Merritt, Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 130 years taplin relay). Emily Gillies, Virginia Pope (women’s 30-34 years double ski). Lilli Gladstone (women’s 35-39 years surf race). Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years surf, ironwoman and single ski races).

SILVER (11): Grant Baldock, Darrin Jones, Simon Watkins (men’s 130 years surf teams). Greg Byrnes, Anthony Carroll, Dean Gladstone (men’s 110 years taplin relay). Blake Francis (men’s 40-44 years single ski). Anthony Carroll (men’s 40-44 years board). Iain Macfarlane (men’s 35-39 years beach flags). Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years surf race). Lilli Gladstone, Fiona Nay, Virginia Pope (women’s 110 years surf teams). Virginia Pope (women’s 35-39 years ironwoman). Fiona Nay (women’s 35-39 years board). Caroline Mackley (women’s 45-49 years beach run). Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years board).

BRONZE (12): Calvin Brodie, Greg Byrnes, Rob Harvey, Ryan Jenkin (men’s 140 years beach relay). Anthony Carroll (men’s 40-44 years 2km beach run). Calvin Brodie (men’s 45-49 years single ski). Rhianna Burke, Kirra Burke, Avani Jagavkar, Ella Marshall, Abigail Vaughan (women’s five-person R and R). Lilli Gladstone, Caroline Mackley, Fiona Nay (women’s 110 years board). Emily Gillies, Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 130 years board relay). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years ironwoman and board races). Fiona Tschaut (women’s 35-39 years ironwoman). Virginia Pope (women’s 35-39 years single ski). Lea Hill (women’s 70 years and over 1km beach run). Jan McCloskey (women’s 70 years and over beach flags).
Pictures by Oliver Hackers on our facebook page
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2016-17 NSW CHAMPIONSHIPS, Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea-Belmont

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