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The Bondi Surfer9 March 2018 – Edition 60

Bondi Bluewater Ocean Swim, 2018. Photo: Tim Read

Intro & Welcome

We hosted the Annual Bondi Blue Water swim on the the last weekend of February. Conditions were tough and got worse as the day progressed. However, it was great to see so many members come together to assist on a major Club day. Thank you to all members who helped on the day and in the lead up. Next year will be better weather…. we hope!

The first day of State Masters Championships have finished and Bondi is in first place in the point score! Good luck to all our competitors and be proud to wear the blue and white in competition. Thank you to all the officials, water safety, coaches and team management involved with our team.

Bottles is still on until the end of April. Bring your friends and family down to enjoy your Club.

See you on the beach!

Jacob Waks

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • REVISED OFFICE HOURS IN OPERATION (See below) – Until 11 March
  • BreastScreen NSW is at Bondi – 5-16 March
  • NSW State Open Championships – 9-11 March
  • Silver Medallion Course at Little Bay – 12 March
  • Australian Championships Entries Due – 16 March
  • Next ARTC – 17 March
  • Mick Shearman Memorial Event – 18 March
  • Final Gold time trial – 25 March, 2:00pm at Icebergs
  • 76th Stan & Basil McDonald Relay – 25 March, 2.00pm
  • Jack Cox Memorial Event – 8 April
  • Emergency Medicine Lecture for Lifesavers – 17 April, 8.00-9.00pm at North Bondi Surf Club
  • Gold Medallion Course at Cronulla SLSC – 28 April
  • Surf Races – Each Sunday at 10:30 am
  • Pilates – schedule in the Mind Body App

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

Bondi Blue Water Challenge 2018

The Bondi Bluewater Challenge, one of the Club’s major fundraising events, went ahead on Sunday 25 February in miserable weather. The ocean races were swum in a testing and choppy surf whipped up by gusty southerly winds, rain at times, and water temperatures much more comfortable than the wintery weather on the beach.

As a  Club, we made our presence felt among the 633 competitors!

The fastest overall time was registered by our own Dori Miller in the women’s 1km race; Dori had the second fastest time in the women’s 2.1km race (which was reduced to about 1.8km by the weather). Bondi also won four of the age category swims, Matthew Inness (men’s 2.1km 13-19 years), Alex Nothling (men’s 2.1km 30-34 years) and Dori Miller (women’s 1km and 2.1km 45-49 years).

RACE RESULTS: Fastest overall

2.1km ocean race (293 entered and reduced to about 1.8km by poor weather)
Men’s:  John McClelland 22:52, Talbot Henry (North Bondi) 22:53, Keith McDonald 22:58.
Women’s: Elisha Smith 22:51, Dori Miller (Bondi) 22:57, Victoria Trost 25:57.

1km ocean race (294 entered)
Men’s: Logan Kaye (Newport) 11:36, Jake Andrews 12:23, Illya Vashinsky 12:48.
Women’s: Dori Miller (Bondi) 13:10, Elisha Smith 13:14, Madeline “Maddi” Blomberg 13:30.

4km beach run (36 entered):
Men’s: Paddy O’Brien 19:56, Fernando Swett 20:14, Tim Marcot 20:32.
Women’s: Greta Truscott 20:05, Kirsty Beattie 20:34, Dearne Cooper 21:05.

Nippers Challenge: Nippers aged 9 to 12 competed in five fun and team events and no results were kept.

Stan Mac Relay is less than one month away!

Bondi and North Bondi surf lifesaving clubs will face off in the 76th annual Stan and Basil McDonald Memorial Relay, commonly known as the “Stan Mac relay”, on Sunday, 25 March.

The 20-person swim relay will be hosted by the Bondi club and a big contingent of supporters from both clubs are expected to cheer on the two teams at the beach from 2.00pm, and show their spirit at the post event celebration from 4.00pm at North Bondi Surf Clu.

Bondi has been set the task of returning to the winner’s circle for the first time since the 2011-12 season, with North Bondi winning the relay for the past four years.

First held in the 1942-43 season, the relay, a symbol of supremacy on the famous beach, has been won 42 times by North Bondi and on 33 occasions by Bondi.


Upcoming Patrols

Saturday, 10 March
8:30am – 1:15pm – Baldock/Ormsby
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Douglas

Sunday, 11 March
7:30am – 1:15pm – Craven
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Meagher

Saturday, 17 March
8:30am – 1:15pm – Jeppesen
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Besomo

Sunday, 18 March
8:30am – 1:15pm – Nightingale
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Walsh

Below are links to the patrol rosters and a swap document where you can swap patrols with other members if you are unable to make a particular patrol.

Marketing & Sponsorship

New Ladies Cossies in Stock

Navy with Navy/White Trim sizes 8-14. Lycra/nylon lining for extra support.

Price: $65

Various other styles in stock. 1 and 2 piece in sizes Girls 1 to Ladies 16

We encourage all patrolling members and all competitors to wear Bondi cossies. …Because you just never know when you will be in the background on the news!

Siobhan O’Toole – Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise


Bronze Courses

All courses for the season now underway! If you know anyone interested in joining the Club, please ask them to email for the next course in September.

Higher Awards for end of Summer

First Aid

Check when your certificate expires now for next season, as they are valid for 3 years. Our course is aimed at any member who is seeking proficiency after 3 years, or non-members who would like to gain First Aid for work or family. It’s ideal for parents.

Dates: (please note full 1-day course)

  • Sun 15 April – North Bondi Surf Club


You must have either the Bronze Medallion or First Aid (ideally both).
Dates: (Please note all 3 dates must be attended)

  • Sat 17 March 8:00am-4:00pm, Tues 20 March 7:00-9:00pm, Thurs 22 March 7:00-9:00pm – Bondi Surf Club

To book on the above, please email:

Gold Medallion

A big congratulations to James Burnard, Neil Collins, Sarah Forde, Nicola Watkins and Kristy McIntyre who have passed the 800m swim time trial for the Gold assessment in April.

The next and Final Gold time trial will be Sunday 25 March 2:00pm at Icebergs. Anyone who has not been added to the Gold Squad group on Facebook for April, who wants to aim for assessment, please contact Damon Somerfield ASAP.

Spinal Management Courses

A big thank you to those to attended the recent spinal management course and the trainers and assessors who made it possible. ​If we have interest we will put on more courses so look out for details.

For any questions on prerequisites or details on our courses, please contact Damon Somerfield: or 0414 571 448

Emergency Medicine Guest Lecture

Hear Prof. Gordian Fulde, Bondi resident and Director of Accident and Emergency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, talk about emergency medicine, trauma management and what happens once a patient reaches the Emergency Room.

This lecture is aimed at all active lifesavers, regardless of age, with a goal of improving context and promoting better patient outcomes for the people we treat.

North Bondi Surf Club 17 April 8.00-9.00pm (30 minute lecture, followed by an open Q&A session)

Gordian Ward Fulde AO is an Australian emergency medicine specialist, and the founder of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. He was Senior Australian of the Year in 2016.

Surf Sports

Bondi’s Champion Lifesavers pause for a team photo.

Bondi wins patrol competition gold

For the first time in our Club’s history, Bondi won a gold medal in the Patrol competition event at the NSW State Lifesaving Championships on 24 and 25 February. The Under 17 team of Oiie Hackers, Jack Armitage, Karli Mussara, and Alex Schacht proved that they were the best lifesavers in the state. Patrolling a busy beach like Bondi undoubtedly gave them the advantage of a lot of real life experience.

The Champion Lifesaver team also did an outstanding job in the Club’s biggest showing ever. Congratulations to Chris Cooper (3rd in Open), Karli Mussara (4th in U17), Tom Petkovich (5th in U19), Mark Fabik (2nd in 40-49), Kristy McIntyre (2nd in 30-39), and Sam Wolf (4th in 40-49).

A special thanks to Max Gonzalez for coaching the team to outstanding results.

“Three”-peat for Bondi: Sydney Branch Masters Championships

It’s official. Bondi has won the Masters point score at the Sydney Branch championships for the third year in a row. Congratulations to all competitors. The final scores were:

Bondi: 366 points
North Bondi: 280 points
Coogee: 202 points
South Maroubra: 95 points
Bronte: 62 points
Maroubra: 46
Clovelly: 38 points
Cronulla: 38 points

Australian Championships entries due Friday 16 March

The Australian Championships are at Scarborough Beach, WA this year. Entries are due by Friday 16 March. Email entries to Please include your individual events, vest size, and which personal craft is being transported to WA.

Blue Room Surf Races

Photo: The Nezval brothers

Week 24 – 4 March

Results here.

Fellow Surfers,

A not so nice morning with a howling gale, very washed out surfing condition and an air temperature that would have done August/September proud.  The water was warm and the only bluies that struck were to those who braved the conditions for a second dip.

Mike and the team set the buoys in a most interesting configuration, whilst Charles ran the show from the beach.

A Grade
The Three Bondi Amigo’s, the Nezval boys, took to the water together for the first time in a long, long time.  It was great to see and hopefully it will become a regular feature.  Nick had it in the bag with some great surfing, except for that crucial run up the beach when the young legs of Anthony passed him in the last stride, after beating the pack back to dry sand.  His competitive results so far are looking pretty good for Presentation Night. Jann was a good third.

B Grade
That HAWKER GIRL took her sunnies off just long enough to break the winners tape in a most unusual race, which saw the start and finish line a hundred yards apart. This led to a very good and close race. Although Siobhan kept that famous smile going all the way, Vera did everything in her power for her to lose it.  Beth did a great job in nearly catching them from a long way back.

C Grade
Still a small group with Anthony and Lucy having a good tussle.

Tube Race
Due to the conditions this race was not held.

Next week we are in competition with the State Titles, and as much as we wish them well, if you are not there, you should be competing at Bondi, so come down and have some fun and a swim.

Cheers, Doc

Club Memorial Events: remaining rounds

18 March – Mick Shearman
8 April – Jack Cox (round three)

Something for everyone in our Summer Training Schedule

An Unreliable History

Unreliable Histories will return soon. In the meantime, we are pleased to include the following guest memories …

Al’s blog is a collection of fuzzy memories by Al Scott. All errors are the result of an ageing memory and are unintentional.  All members are welcome to submit their stories, recollections and tidbits. Please do email any entries to or 

D’Arcy Jackson is heading to Europe for a few years

He has stepped down as Bassingwaithe Patrol Captain after 12 years.  D’Arcy got his 20 year Patrol Service award in 2016, and was perhaps always destined to be a protector of the waterline … as this early photo shows.

Few may know he originally got his Bronze in 1989 and spent many years as a boatie at North Cott in WA, a stylish club that enjoyed a premier position over Cottesloe SLSC (the first surf club in WA).  When he arrived in Sydney in 2003, luckily he came to Bondi, based on the likelihood of being able to do a rescue (he did think someone at North Cott had done a rescue the previous year).

He didn’t have to wait long for his first rescue. From memory it was on the first Patrol, but soon he got more than he bargained for: on Christmas day, with huge crowds of more than 30,000, lots of public drinking, partying and nudity.  The “Orphans Christmas” event had become a backpacker’s right of passage, so large that the “booze cages” were set up to channel all the drinkers into a pen between Ramp 1 and 2 – which mostly worked.  Over a period of 2 hours the Patrol completed 167 rescues – some people rescued more than once over the afternoon.

Patrol was meant to leave beach at 6.00pm but stayed on – finally leaving beach around 8.30pm.  The following year alcohol was finally banned from the beach at Christmas – the Council got called “wowsers” but there hasn’t been a series of rescues that large since.

Patrolling at Bondi has seen more than its fair share of rescues, spinals, bag snatchers, perverts and nudists over the years.  A couple of the more interesting days included:

  • Repatriating a sea snake to the deep ocean after it washed up on the beach unhappy (FYI – WIRES does not handle ‘maritime’ animals, and the Shovel is not an approved SLSA method of risk mitigation).
  • The Toilet Terrorist – As a Patrol was winding down on 4 January 2005 around 5:45pm after a hot, packed summer’s day, a loud “BOOM” was heard and people started running away from the Pavilion in droves. The Patrol deployed at speed with first aid gear to the Pavilion to discover that in the mens’ toilets a cubicle was destroyed, two windows were blown out and a man suffered minor cuts to his arm.  Some brief first aid and the scene calmed down, but the police and media swarmed. It was just a toilet bomb prank….or was it…

We look forward to D’Arcy returning to the beach, and attempting to add another win to the BassoBerg Cup in a few years time.

Community News

Thanks from CanToo

The Club has received a recognition award for our support to CanToo, which furthers the causes of cancer research and prevention.

BreastScreen Mobile Van is at Bondi

1 in 8 women in NSW will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, but early detection can save lives. BreastScreen NSW is bringing free mammograms to Bondi. Call 13 10 50 to book your appointment, or 13 14 50 if you need an interpreter…


Office Hours  

Please be aware we have slightly different office opening hours over the coming two weeks. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to and 

Photo submissions:  ​

Phone:  +61 2 9300 9279
Fax:  +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers  2017-2018

  • President Jacob Waks
  • Deputy President Josep Font Sadurni
  • Director of Administration Jim Kornmehl
  • Secretary Marissa Saunders
  • Deputy of Administration  Leo Hyde
  • Director of Education  Brent Jackson
  • Deputy of Education Kristy McIntyre
  • Director of Finance  Alex Nothling
  • Deputy of Finance  Jonathan Fyfe & Manuel Vlandis
  • Director of Junior Activities Scott Ryan
  • Deputy Director of Junior Activities  Jason Juma-Ross
  • Director of Lifesaving  James Rogers
  • Captain of Life Saving
  • First Aid Officer  Shauna de Launey
  • Gear Steward Mason Kemeny
  • Radio Officer  Dan Gillespie
  • Director of Mkt & Sponsor  Siobhan O’Toole
  • Deputy of Mkt & Sponsor Andrew Hoggett
  • Surfer Editors – Thrusie Maurseth-Cahill & Barclay Rabbidge
  • Director of Surf Sports  Dave Auckett
  • Deputy Surf Sports Nick Nezval
  • IRB John de Launey


  • Handicapper Peter Quartly
  • Member Services Holly Joshi
  • Welcoming Officer​ Gary Emmerton
  • Masters Captain Gary Emmerton
  • Ski Captain   Greg Byrnes
  • Board Captain  Ryan Jenkin
  • R & R Captain Scott Ryan
  • Swim Captain Dori Miller
  • Surf Boat Captain  Alexis Bell
  • Beach Events Iain MacFarlane
  • Ocean Events Organiser Dori Miller
  • Archives Officers  Allan Scott & Leo Hyde
  • General Manager  Helen Jenkinson
  • Senior Club Office Admin  Louise Santos & Mac Navarrate Balart
  • Facilities Manager Pat Moore
  • Youth Captains  Steven Hackers & Louise Santos
  • Nipper Secretary Narelle Moore
  • Nipper Finance  Manuel Vlandis
  • Nipper Admin  Netra Maharaj
  • OH&S Officer Leo Hyde
  • Publicity Officer John Blanch
  • Higher Awards Damon Somerfield
  • Social Secretary Joanna Robinson
  • Chaplain Marty Nezval
Bondi Surfer 60

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