Month: April 2018

Surf Race Week 31

The Bondi Surf Race Report Bondi Surf Race Report Week 31 – 22nd April 2018 Fellow Surfers’, Another day on patrol at the beach, with a great group of patrolling members, who had to work hard to keep the beach safe. And at the same time they helped with setting a near perfect course, kept […]

Your Bondi Surf Club Surfer

Intro & Welcome Our lifesavers patrol Australia’s busiest beach and every summer. We perform more preventatives and rescues than any other club in Australia. Our club alone performs approximately 10% of the NSW total. A fortnight ago our lifesavers on Meagher patrol performed multiple rounds of CPR and used the defib for two rounds on […]

Your Bondi Surf Club Surfer

The Bondi Surfer – Bondi Surf Life Saving Club Your update on all things Bondi Surf Club! Simon Nothing finishing ahead of Sam Annear for Bondi during the Stan Mac relay. Photo: Tim Reid Intro & Welcome Our Club’s Presentation Night will be held on Saturday, 12 May. We will be trying something different this […]

Surf race 8th April

The Bondi Surf Race Report Bondi Surf Race Report Week 29 – 8th April 2018 Fellow Surfers’, Another week in the bleachers, with the sun burning away, small seas & a long bank. It was great watching & enjoying those out in the water doing their best. The buoys were again set a good distance […]

The beginning of Bondi Surf Club

Bondi Surf Club was founded on 21st February 1907.  It is clear that thoughts were turning to surf safety by the turn of the 20th century, but as it was illegal to swim during daylight (due to the Police Offences Act of 1838) there had been no need to start formal organisations to protect the […]

2016 – Harold William Pearce – Mick – RIP

Nov 20, 2016 Harold William Pearce ‘ Harry’ also, known as ‘ Mick’ was an active member of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club from 1948 to 1959. Mick was a country boy from Dubbo, who moved to Sydney for a new life and work opportunities. He loved every aspect of the surf club […]

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