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Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Simon Nothing finishing ahead of Sam Annear for Bondi during the Stan Mac relay. Photo: Tim Reid

Intro & Welcome

Our Club’s Presentation Night will be held on Saturday, 12 May. We will be trying something different this year and holding it in the ballroom at Easts Leagues. Organise your tables, dress up and get ready to have a great night! Ticket cost covers 3 courses, and there will be a band. We expect the presentation part will be finished by 9.00pm, ensuring you have a few hours to let go and celebrate the end of the season.

Book through this link:

We are also only a few weeks away from the end of our financial year (30 April). We are looking for more people to assist in a range of areas at the Club. We will be sending a separate email with a range of different roles, and would love to see a few new faces getting involved.

Our competition team is heading over to Aussies in Perth next week. It’s the last comp of the Season. We wish our team the best of luck over there!

See you on the beach!

Jacob Waks

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Jack Cox Memorial Event – 8 April
  • Australian Championships, Scarborough, Perth – 14-22 April
  • Last First Aid Course of the Season – 15 April at North Bondi
  • Emergency Medicine Lecture for Lifesavers – 17 April at North Bondi
  • Gold Medallion Course at Cronulla SLSC – 28 April
  • Surf Races – Sundays at 10:30 am
  • Last ARTC of the Season – 6-10 May
  • Presentation Night – 12 May
  • Pilates – schedule in the Mind Body App

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

Summer Training Schedule

Warning: Men’s locker room security

There have been a spate of thefts in the men’s locker room. For the time being, the door leading from the men’s change room to the boat shed will be out of action. Please do not use this door, unless there is an emergency. Please also ensure the door from the wet entrance to the men’s change room is closed properly on entry and exit.

Report any suspicious activity to info and keep your valuables locked away.


Upcoming Patrols

Saturday, 7 April
8:30am – 1:15pm – Meagher
12:45pm – 4:30pm – Nightingale

Sunday, 8 April
8:30am – 1:15pm – Hutchings
12:45pm – 4:30pm – Fletcher

Saturday, 14 April
8:30am – 1:15pm – Walsh
12:45pm – 4:30pm – Bassingthwaite

Sunday, 15 April
8:30am – 1:15pm – Fullwood
12:45pm – 4:30pm – Besomo

Below are links to the patrol rosters and a swap document where you can swap patrols with other members if you are unable to make a particular patrol.

Marketing & Sponsorship

Member Benefits

Half-price massage and more

Sharon Neal, local holistic consultant and practitioner, offers Bondi members 50% for all services she provides, during weekday appointments. The offer does not apply on weekends or to product purchases. Find out more by contacting Sharon at the details above.

50% off your meal at Bondi Tony’s

Bondi Tony will take half off the price of each member’s meal. The offer is valid for each member’s personal meal, in all of Tony’s Service areas, but you’ll have to show your member’s badge!

Local business owner? Join our Member Benefits programme.

Merch: Get them now!

Limited edition ecto handboards are for sale at the Office.

Retail price $219; Members only price just $189.

Siobhan O’Toole – Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise


Bronze Courses

Congratulations graduates

Great work from the Bronzed and Beautiful, who all graduated on 25 March. They performed strongly on the day and got straight into rescues. Well done to Amber Jones, Mason Kemeny, Pablo Schmidt, Nicola Watkins, Michael Delaney, Sarah Ando, Patrick Webb and Olivier Brisse for training this team.

Higher Awards

Last First Aid course this season

Check when your certificate expires now for next season, as they are valid for 3 years. Our course is aimed at any member who is seeking proficiency after 3 years, or non-members who would like to gain First Aid for work or family. It’s ideal for parents.

Final date: (please note this is a full 1-day course)

  • Sun 15 April – North Bondi Surf Club


There will be one more ART course this Season. This will take place on the 6 (8.00am-4.00pm), 8 (7.00-9.00pm) and 10 (6.00-9.00pm) May in the Blue Room. If you are interested in attending this course, please sign up here.

Gold Medallion

Assessment on 28 April.

For any questions on prerequisites or details on our courses, please contact Damon Somerfield: higherawards or 0414 571 448.

Surf Sports

Stan Mac Relay

Stan Mac presentation (from left): Bondi Ocean Swim Events Organiser Dori Miller, Club President Jacob Waks, North’s Team Captain Talbot Henry, Ashleigh McDonald, daughter of Stuart McDonald and a fourth generation of the family, and North’s President Mark Cotter hold a photo of Stan McDonald in a boxing tournament in South Australia. Photo: Tim Read.

Stan Mac 2018

After an exciting and friendly competition, the 76th Stan and Basil McDonald Relay resulted in the coveted trophy remaining with North Bondi. Large crowds of supporters from both Clubs were on the beach to cheer on the relay teams. Thanks to all who came down.

2018 NSW Championships Top-three placings – CORRECTIONS

We are reprinting the NSW Championships placements to reflect Keiran Speed’s gold medal result in the 1km beach run. Apologies and congratulations go out to Keiran.

Apologies to Life Member Harvey Barratt for our prior misspelling of his name.

GOLD (27): Robert Chapman (men’s 60-64 years surf race). Quinn Darragh, Dean Gladstone, Simon Nothling (men’s 110 years combined minimum age surf teams race). Dean Gladstone (men’s 35-39 years rescue tube race). Robert Chapman (men’s 60-64 years ironman). Keiran Speed (men’s 70 years and over 1km beach run). Fiona Nay (women’s 35-39 years surf race). Dori Miller (women’s 45-49 years surf race). Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years surf race). Robyn Hill, Dori Miller, Fiona Tschaut (women’s 110 years minimum age surf teams). Christie Krenkels, Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 150 years minimum age surf teams). Robyn Hill (women’s 40-44 years rescue tube race). Dori Miller (women’s 45-49 years rescue tube race). Christie Krenkels (women’s 50-54 years rescue tube race). Leah Trebilcock (women’s 30-34 years ironwoman). Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years ironwoman). Dori Miller, Fiona Nay, Fiona Tschaut (women’s 110 years minimum age taplin relay). Christie Krenkels, Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 150 years minimum age taplin relay). Robyn Hill, Samantha Wolf (women’s 35-39 years board rescue). Dori Miller, Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years board rescue). Christie Krenkels, Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years board rescue). Harvey Barratt (sweep), Alexis Bell, Amanda Cuss, Elisha Single, Elyse Yardley (women’s 120 years minimum age surfboat race). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years single ski). Fiona Tschaut (women’s 35-39 years single ski). Emily Gillies, Robyn Hill, Louise Santos (women’s 110 minimum age single ski relay). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years board race). Fiona Nay (women’s 35-39 years board race). Robyn Hill, Fiona Nay, Leah Trebilcock (women’s 110 years minimum age board relay). Emily Gillies, Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 130 years minimum age board relay).

SILVER (27): Ryan Jenkin, Simon Nothling (men’s 35-39 years board rescue). Blake Francis (men’s 40-44 years single ski). Calvin Brodie (men’s 45-49 years single ski). Greg Byrnes, Will Hardman (men’s 40-44 years double ski). Calvin Brodie, Rob Harvey (men’s 45-49 years double ski). Ryan Jenkin (men’s 35-39 years board race). Iain Macfarlane (men’s 35-39 years beach sprint). Calvin Brodie, Iain Macfarlane, Jason Taylor, Simon Watkins (men’s 140 years minimum beach relay). Fiona Tschaut (women’s 35-39 years surf race). Robyn Hill (women’s 40-44 years surf race). Christie Krenkels (women’s 50-54 years surf race). Jan McCloskey (women’s 70 years and over surf race). Rozanne Green, Fiona Nay, Samantha Wolf (women’s 110 years minimum age surf teams). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years rescue tube race). Fiona Nay (women’s 35-39 years rescue tube race). Laura Thurtell (women’s 50-54 years rescue tube race). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years ironwoman). Robyn Hill (women’s 40-44 years ironwoman). Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years ironwoman). Emily Gillies, Fiona Nay (women’s 30-34 years board rescue). Leah Trebilcock (women’s 30-34 years single ski). Laura Thurtell, Leah Trebilcock, Fiona Tschaut (women’s 110 years minimum age single ski race). Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell (women’s 45-49 years double ski). Jan McCloskey (women’s 70 years and over beach sprint). Jan McCloskey (women’s 70 years and over beach flags). Jan McCloskey (women’s 70 years and over beach run). Kristy McIntyre (women’s 30-39 years champion lifesaver).

BRONZE (21): Alex Nothling (men’s 30-34 years surf race). Chris Wight (men’s 35-39 years surf race). Cyril Baldock (men’s 70 years and over surf race). Grant Baldock, Will Hardman, Simon Watkins (men’s 130 years minimum age surf teams). Robert Chapman, Mark Jackson, Darrin Jones (men’s 150 years minimum age surf teams). Cyril Baldock, Gary Emmerton, Blake Francis (men’s 170 years minimum age surf teams). Darin Jones (men’s 50-54 years rescue tube race). Rob Harvey (men’s 45-49 years single ski). Calvin Brodie, Robert Chapman, Rob Harvey (men’s 150 years minimum single ski teams). Blake Francis, Ryan Jenkin (men’s 35-39 years double ski). Ryan Jenkin, Simon Nothling. Chris Wight (men’s 110 years minimum age board relay). Grant Baldock, Greg Byrnes, Rob Harvey, Colin Thackeray (men’s 140 years minimum age beach relay). Iain Macfarlane (men’s 35-39 years beach flags). Mark Fabik (men’s 40 years and over champion lifesaver). Emily Gillies (women’s 30-34 years surf race). Fiona Tschaut (women’s 35-39 years ironwoman). Emily Gillies, Robyn Hill, Leah Trebilcock (women’s 110 years minimum age taplin relay). Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years single ski). Robyn Hill (women’s 40-44 years board race). Louise Santos (women’s 45-49 years board race).

GOLD (3)
: Cormac Guthrie (men’s open 2.5km ocean swim). Jack Armitage, Oliver Hackers, Karli Musarra, Alex Schacht (under-17 mixed patrol competition). Kirsty Beattie (women’s under-17 2km beach run).
SILVER (1): Dori Miller (women’s open 2.5km ocean swim).
BRONZE (3): Dori Miller (women’s over 24 restricted surf race). Chris Cooper (men’s open champion lifesaver). Lucinda Alder, Katharina Arms, Madigan Fray, Sam Walsh, Maisie Wilmer (under-15 five-person R and R team).

Full results on Surf Life Saving NSW

Blue Room Surf Races

Sign up here for our full weekly Race Reports

Week 28 – 1 April

Results here.

Fellow Surfers,

I am back in the land of the living and was watching from the bleachers. The buoys were set out a good distance, with most swimmers happy with same. What a great day! Let’s hope the last couple of weeks are just as good.

Everyone, the Jack Cox is on this Sunday (3rd & final round). Come down and give Dori some competition.

For those who were wondering what had happened to Johnny Coop, he’s fine. He was participating in an Easter Egg hunt with his grandchildren. I’m reliably informed that there were eggs enough for all.

Come on; let’s all get down whilst this wonderful weather lasts.

A Grade
…was not as exciting as B Grade. However, it still produced a lot of fine surfing, with John showing that the distance was not all that bad. Oliver came in second, a few feet behind, and held off Ziggi, who always puts his heart and soul into the race.

B Grade
What a close race, with three swimmers swimming neck and neck. The only difference was when they hit the beach, they came up together from north to south, with Beth the winner, followed closely by Kim (whom we have not seen enough this season) and Peter (who tries as hard as Ziggi, but does not quite have his stamina or for that matter his knees). I suppose it all got down to surf awareness where they got out. The swells helped with the odd push. However, they did not form any waves for them.
C Grade
Anthony was back swimming against himself.

Tube Race
Not held due to the crowds in the water.

Club Memorial Events: remaining rounds

8 April – Jack Cox (round three)

Community News

Untreated wastewater outfalls: consultation

Sydney Water has conducted research into three outfalls that are discharging untreated wastewater into the ocean at Vaucluse and Diamond Bay. Their report is now available online.

Water quality at swimming beaches, including Bondi, remain ‘good’ or ‘very good’, but they recommend that people avoid fishing, swimming or coming into contact with water near the three outfalls.

Community consultation on the risks and solutions is starting this month.

Vaucluse & Diamond Bay Water Report and Factsheets

Managing traumatic events from rescues

At the Australian & New Zealand Search & Rescue Conference, Superintendent Cameron Edgar from NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopters will offer insights from his personal perspective, with his presentation “One of your own: Lessons from an incident”.

Cameron’s presentation will provide an insight into how people can react and discuss practical considerations for managing traumatic events.

23 May 2018
The Star Gold Coast

Early bird registration by Monday 9 April receives a $100 discount and a chance to win a Mavic Pro Platinum Drone (worth $1699).

Full conference details

Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience is administering scholarships on behalf of the Australian Government for emergency management volunteers to undertake accredited emergency management vocational or higher education.

Scholarship applications opened 2 April 2018. Australian citizens or permanent residents who are volunteers in an emergency management agency can apply.

This is your chance to secure up to $12,000 towards your vocational training or up to $25,000 for higher education.

For details on who is eligible to apply and how to prepare your application find out more at the AIDR website.

Australian Lifesaving Boat Emergency Rescue Training

Surf Life Saving Lower North Coast Branch and Forster SLSC are holding an ALBERT Power Craft Training weekend starting today, 6 April to Sunday, 8 April 2018 in Forster, facilitated by the Far North Coast Branch.

The ALBERT program is recognised as a means of developing additional skills, practicing rescue training, refining emergency response capabilities using multiple rescue resources and increasing volume of active IRB teams.

For more information get in touch with Julie Wilcox:
bjwilcox or 0413 187 367


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-3:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-12:00pm


If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to digital

Photo submissions: ​photos

Phone: +61 2 9300 9279
Fax: +61 2 9300 9596
Email: info

Office Bearers 2017-2018

  • President Jacob Waks
  • Deputy President Josep Font Sadurni
  • Director of Administration Jim Kornmehl
  • Secretary Marissa Saunders
  • Deputy of Administration Leo Hyde
  • Director of Education Brent Jackson
  • Deputy of Education Kristy McIntyre
  • Director of Finance Alex Nothling
  • Deputy of Finance Jonathan Fyfe & Manuel Vlandis
  • Director of Junior Activities Scott Ryan
  • Deputy Director of Junior Activities Jason Juma-Ross
  • Director of Lifesaving James Rogers
  • Captain of Life Saving
  • First Aid Officer Shauna de Launey
  • Gear Steward Mason Kemeny
  • Radio Officer Dan Gillespie
  • Director of Mkt & Sponsor Siobhan O’Toole
  • Deputy of Mkt & Sponsor Andrew Hoggett
  • Surfer Editors – Thrusie Maurseth-Cahill & Barclay Rabbidge
  • Director of Surf Sports Dave Auckett
  • Deputy Surf Sports Nick Nezval
  • IRB John de Launey
  • Handicapper Peter Quartly
  • Member Services Holly Joshi
  • Welcoming Officer​Gary Emmerton
  • Masters Captain Gary Emmerton
  • Ski Captain Greg Byrnes
  • Board Captains Ryan Jenkin & Jason Taylor
  • R & R Captain Scott Ryan
  • Swim Captain Dori Miller
  • Surf Boat Captain Alexis Bell
  • Beach Events Iain MacFarlane
  • Ocean Events Organiser Dori Miller
  • Archives Officers Allan Scott & Leo Hyde
  • General Manager Helen Jenkinson
  • Senior Club Office Admin Louise Santos & Mac Navarrate Balart
  • Facilities Manager Pat Moore
  • Youth Captains Steven Hackers & Louise Santos
  • Nipper Secretary Narelle Moore
  • Nipper Finance Manuel Vlandis
  • Nipper Admin Netra Maharaj
  • OH&S Officer Leo Hyde
  • Publicity Officer John Blanch
  • Higher Awards Damon Somerfield
  • Social Secretary Joanna Robinson
  • Chaplain Marty Nezval
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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi

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