Surf Race Week 31

The Bondi Surf Race Report

Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Surf Race Report

Week 31 – 22nd April 2018

Fellow Surfers’,

Another day on patrol at the beach, with a great group of patrolling members, who had to work hard to keep the beach safe. And at the same time they helped with setting a near perfect course, kept the board’s way & provided extra water safety, a great team effort.

Next week is our last race of the season & let’s make it a big one. It will be the last time I can hide behind Raewyn & the last time, she will mark you off for starting & finishing. Peter & Raewyn will be moving to sunny Newcastle during the off season & as friends & help mates, they will be sorely missed.

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A Grade

ILouise has not done badly this season & in the small swell, used the cross currents judiciously to beat out a younger Anthony who always tries his hardest, with Oliver not that far behind. Martin hobbled out of the surf & finished fourth & I believe to improve his running, is having a knee replacement in the next couple of weeks. We wish him well & back into the swim of things in the near future.

B Grade

Another good race with a cluster of swimmers all in contention. Chris was just a little too good. Bruce, who seems to be always in the leading group, came in a strong second, just edging out Allison with a very youthful sprint up the beach.

C Grade

Anthony finished his last Cadet swim, where he started, a winner. Well done!

Tube Race

Not held.

Again, come on, let’s all get down whilst this wonderful weather lasts & celebrate a great season of good racing in a benign season, with your fellow Clubbies.



Upcoming calendar

Presentation Night.
September we start it all over again, with the first week of patrols.

Don’t missing anything.

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club

BONDI AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB – Is always looking for new members, irrespective of their ability. We can promise two things; you will improve over the season & have a lot of fun doing so. If interested, please come down by 9.15 Saturday morning & see what it is like. They also have “learn to swim classes” for any member who cannot swim & this has been extended to adults. Should you want more info, please speak to me, Raewyn or Sandra Hallam, at the races or whenever.

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club Website

A big thanks to THE BLUE ROOM for their outstanding support, over the last ten weeks.


phone (02) 9300 9279


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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
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Surf Race Week 31

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