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Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Intro & Welcome

See you on the beach!

Jacob Waks

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Community Talk – Careflight – 9 May, 7:00pm
  • Last ARTC of the Season – 6-10 May
  • Last Spinal Management course – 12 May
  • Presentation Night – 12 May
  • Last Silver Medallion Course – 12-28 May
  • Pilates – schedule in the Mind Body App

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

Summer Training Schedule

Presentation Night

Our Club’s Presentation Night will be held on Saturday, 12 May. We will be trying something different this year and holding it in the ballroom at Easts Leagues. Organise your tables, dress up and get ready to have a great night! Ticket cost covers 3 courses, and there will be a band. We expect the presentation part will be finished by 9.00pm, ensuring you have a few hours to let go and celebrate the end of the season.

Book tickets here


Patrols – Season End

Our thanks to Bondi’s Patrol teams for another season saving lives on the nation’s busiest beach. Time for a well earned rest.
See you next Season.

Marketing & Sponsorship

Member Benefits

The Annex Bondi

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Gallantway Digital Marketing Consultation

Matt Malcolm from Gallantway is offering club members a free consultation around digital marketing. Gallantway typically works with medium to enterprise-sized businesses, but Matt is happy to chat and answer any questions from club members.


Local business owner? Join our Member Benefits programme.

Siobhan O’Toole – Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise


Silver Medallion Beach Management

Dates: 21, 23, 28 May 6.30pm-9.30pm at Little Bay

Looking to step up next season on patrols and manage the beach? Aiming to complete your Gold Medallion? Get this course done in the off season.

Final course opportunities

Places are still available for the ART course being held on 6, 8, and 10 May at the Club.

We will be holding a Spinal Course on 12 May from 12:00-4:00pm.

We would like to know if anyone would be interested in a First Aid course held over the winter, in July or August.

If interested in any of these courses, please email the Office.

Surf Sports

Aussies 2018

Bondi captures Masters National Title again

Congratulations to Team Bondi for winning the Australian Masters Surf Life Saving Championships for a second year in a row!

The team made the trek cross-country to Scarborough Beach to compete in the Surf Lifesaving National Championships from 14-22 April. The week started off with the 2k ocean swim, with Bondi claiming 6 medals, including a bronze for Cormac Guthrie in Under 19, and gold for Dori Miller and Simon Nothling in their masters age groups.

By the conclusion of the Masters competition on Tuesday afternoon, Bondi had accumulated 26 gold medals, 26 silver medals, and 13 bronze medals. The local clubs fielded strong teams, but in the end, Bondi’s masters team sealed their victory by 151 points.

Standout performances included Laura Thurtell’s 9 gold and 2 silver medals, Dori Miller’s 6 gold medals, and Fiona Nay’s 3 team gold medals (her first in national competition). Simon Nothling took the gold in the tube race and the short board, bringing his total to 3 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal.

There were many outstanding races and results. Bondi’s Champion Lifesaver team showed its all-round talent coming home with it’s first ever Champion Lifesaver medals. Kirsty McIntyre won a silver medal in the 30-39 age group and Chris Cooper was 4th in the Open age group.

Our board riders brought home the Masters Champion Club Board Riding trophy. Congratulations to Anthony Carroll, Simon Nothling, and Chris Wight.

A special thanks goes to Ryan Jenkin, Gary Emmerton and the construction crew who built the fit out for the container. There were many who came to help with loading the container even though they weren’t competing. It’s great to have your support.

Congratulations to everyone who competed this season.

Masters Championships point score

Bondi — 398 points
Trigg Island — 247 points
North Cottesloe — 239 points
Northcliffe — 215 points
North Bondi — 200 points
Sorrento — 161 points
Kurrawa — 153 points
Coogee — 131 points
City of Perth — 114 points
Queenscliff — 105 points

Gold medalists

Simon Nothling: 35-39 Male Rescue Tube Race, 30-39 Male Surf Board Riding, 30-39 yrs Male 2km Ocean Swim, 35-39 Male Surf Race
Chris Wight: 30-39 Male Malibu Long Board Riding
Anthony Carroll: 40-49 Male Malibu Long Board Riding
Dori Miller: 45-49 Female Surf Race; 45-49 Female Rescue Tube Race, 40-49 yrs Female 2km Ocean Swim
Laura Thurtell: 50-54 Female Surf Race, 50-54 Female Rescue Tube Race, 50-54 Ironwoman, 50-54 Female Single Surf Ski
Robyn Hill: 40-44 Female Rescue Tube Race
Noelene Young: 60-64 Female Surf Board
Lea Hill: 70 yrs and over Female 1km Beach Run

110 yrs Female Surf Team: Fiona Nay, Fiona Tschaut, Robyn Hill
150 Yrs Female Surf Team: Christie Kernels, Dori Miller, Laura Thurtell
110 Yrs Female Taplin Relay: Dori Miller, Fiona Nay, Fiona Tschaut
130 Yrs Female Single Ski Relay: Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell, Fiona Tschaut
150 yrs Female Taplin Relay: Christie Krenkels, Laura Thurtell, Louise Santos
45-49 Female Surf Board Rescue: Dori Miller, Louise Santos
50-54 Female Surf Board Rescue: Christie Kernels, Laura Thurtell
60-64 Female Surf Board Rescue: Lea Hill, Noelene Young
45-49yrs Female Double Ski: Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell
55-59yrs Female Double Ski: Roxanne Green, Noelene Young

Silver medalists

Simon Nothling: 30-39 Male Malibu Long Board Riding
Chris Wight: 30-39 Male Surf Board Riding
Anthony Carroll: 40-49 Male Surf Board Riding, 40-44 Male 2km Beach Run
Robert Chapman: 60-69 yrs Male 2km Ocean Swim
Cyril Baldock: 70 yrs and over Male 2km Ocean Swim, 70 yrs and over Male Surf Race
Fiona Nay: 35-39 Female Surf Race, 30-34 Female Surf Board Rescue, 30-39 yrs Female 2km Ocean Swim
Robyn Hill: 40-44 Female Surf Race
Christie Krenkels: 50-54 Female Surf Race, 50-54 Female Rescue Tube Race
Lea Hill: 70 yrs and over Female Rescue Tube
Fiona Tschaut: 35-39 Ironwoman
Laura Thurtell: 50-59 yrs Female 2km Ocean Swim
Emily Gillies: 30-34 Female Surf Board Rescue
Noelene Young: 60-64 Ironwoman, 60-64 Female Single Surf Ski

110 Yrs Male Surf Team: Simon Nothling, Simon Watkins, Chris Wight
110 Yrs Male Taplin Relay: Will Hardman, Ryan Jenkin, Simon Nothling
130 Yrs Male Taplin Relay: Calvin Brodie, Anthony Carroll, Simon Watkins
150 Yrs Female Surf Board Relay: Louise Santos, Laura Thurtell, Noelene Young
170 yrs min Female Taplin race: Lea Hill, Virginia Pope, Noelene Young
35-39 Male Surf Board Rescue: Ryan Jenkin, Simon Nothing
35-39 Female Surf Board Rescue: Robyn Hill, Virginia Pope
30-34yrs Female Double Ski: Emily gillies, Virginia Pope
30-39 Female Champion Lifesaver: Kristy McIntyre

Bronze medalists

Cormac Guthrie: Under 19 Male 2km Ocean Swim
Simon Nothling: 35-39 Male Surf Board
Iain Macfarlane: 35-39 Male Beach Sprint
Fiona Tschaut: 35-39 Female Surf Race, 30-34 Female Surf Board Rescue, 30-39 yrs Female 2km Ocean Swim
Lea Hill: 70 yrs and over Female Surf Race, 70 yrs and over Female 2km Ocean Swim
Christie Krenkels: 50-59 yrs Female 2km Ocean Swim
Louise Santos: 45-49 Ironwoman
Lia Trebilcock: 30-34 Female Surf Board Rescue

170 yrs min Female Surf Teams: Lea Hill, Kristy McIntyre, Noelene Young
110 yrs Female Single Ski Relay: emily gillies, Robyn Hill, Virginai Pope

Blue Room Surf Races

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Photo: a fond farewell to Peter and Raewyn from the Surf Race team

Week 32 – 29 April

Fellow Surfers,

We finished the season with some 34 members making the trek down to the beach and enjoying a final swim of the season. The sun was out; the wind made it a lot colder than protected areas. The sea was a mixture of good, bad and ugly, with the occasional marine creature lurking. There were a couple of blue bottle stings (although only very minor).

It was good to see the Mighty Joe down on the beach. He was off to play Aussie Rules in the arvo. We look forward to seeing him next season, more often, at the races.

It was a fun morning. It was great to see a decent crowd come down to enjoy the camaraderie and say farewell to Raewyn and Peter. Raewyn and Peter have been a feature on the beach for almost twenty years. We will certainly miss them both.

Our next get together will be at Presentation Night. I look forward to seeing you all participating in what, from my perspective, has been a pretty good season.

Don’t forget, we will be doing it all again next season, so stick 10.30 on a Sunday morning from mid September as a date with the beach, water & mates at Bondi, where surf racing has a history as long as the Club itself.

September we start it all over again, with the first week of patrols.


Community Talks

Did you check the airway?

Proper airway management can mean a difference between the life and death of a patient.

Join us on 9 May at 7:00pm
to hear Jessica Smith
Specialist Anaesthetist at Prince of Wales and Children’s Hospitals
and Patient Retrieval Specialist with Careflight

She will discuss and demonstrate airway management, the options that the Ambulance or Helicopter bring with them.

This is the second in our series of guest speaker events and is free to all.

Click here to register or see more details or email Yon with any questions


Office Hours

The Office will be operating on a winter timetable from this week, with Sunday dates and opening times to be confirmed.


If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to digital

Photo submissions: ​photos

Phone: +61 2 9300 9279
Fax: +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers 2017-2018

  • President Jacob Waks
  • Deputy President Josep Font Sadurni
  • Director of Administration Jim Kornmehl
  • Secretary Marissa Saunders
  • Deputy of Administration Leo Hyde
  • Director of Education Brent Jackson
  • Deputy of Education Kristy McIntyre
  • Director of Finance Alex Nothling
  • Deputy of Finance Jonathan Fyfe & Manuel Vlandis
  • Director of Junior Activities Scott Ryan
  • Deputy Director of Junior Activities Jason Juma-Ross
  • Director of Lifesaving James Rogers
  • Captain of Life Saving
  • First Aid Officer Shauna de Launey
  • Gear Steward Mason Kemeny
  • Radio Officer Dan Gillespie
  • Director of Mkt & Sponsor Siobhan O’Toole
  • Deputy of Mkt & Sponsor Andrew Hoggett
  • Surfer Editors – Thrusie Maurseth-Cahill & Barclay Rabbidge
  • Director of Surf Sports Dave Auckett
  • Deputy Surf Sports Nick Nezval
  • IRB John de Launey
  • Handicapper Peter Quartly
  • Member Services Holly Joshi
  • Welcoming Officer​Gary Emmerton
  • Masters Captain Gary Emmerton
  • Ski Captain Greg Byrnes
  • Board Captains Ryan Jenkin & Jason Taylor
  • R & R Captain Scott Ryan
  • Swim Captain Dori Miller
  • Surf Boat Captain Alexis Bell
  • Beach Events Iain MacFarlane
  • Ocean Events Organiser Dori Miller
  • Archives Officers Allan Scott & Leo Hyde
  • General Manager Helen Jenkinson
  • Senior Club Office Admin Louise Santos & Mac Navarrate Balart
  • Facilities Manager Pat Moore
  • Youth Captains Steven Hackers & Louise Santos
  • Nipper Secretary Narelle Moore
  • Nipper Finance Manuel Vlandis
  • Nipper Admin Netra Maharaj
  • OH&S Officer Leo Hyde
  • Publicity Officer John Blanch
  • Higher Awards Damon Somerfield
  • Social Secretary Joanna Robinson
  • Chaplain Marty Nezval
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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi

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