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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Media at lifesaving incidents

The media is often very interested in the activities at Bondi Beach.

As one of the most internationally known locations in Australia, and with so many tourists every year, Bondi regularly features in new reports on the weather, the surf, Christmas, Australia Day and hot days.

Generally these reports can be managed by the Patrol Captain or a club spokesperson.  It tends to be a discussion of the surf, how many people are on the beach, and a general “People are having a fun day but please remember to swim between the flags” messaging.

It changes when there has been a major incident on the beach; this could include shark attack, a major rescue or resuscitation, or a fight on the beach.  When these types of events occur, the SLS NSW Media Manager needs to be advised and they will develop a media approach with the relevant club, Branch and State resources.

The guide below assists to understand what matters can be covered by Club and Branch.


Media at lifesaving incidents

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