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12 July 2018

Intro & Welcome

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Qualifying Swim Tests – 14 July, 12:30pm
  • NSW Pool Rescue Championships – 14-15 July
  • Early Bird Membership Fees End – 15 July
  • Annual General Meeting – 22 July
  • Next Silver Medallion Course Begins – 23 July
  • Next First Aid Course Begin – 24 July
  • Non-Renewed Memberships Archived – 31 July
  • Nipper Registration Open for 2018/19 – 1 August to 22 September
  • Australian Pool Rescue Championships – 3-5 August
  • Pilates – schedule in the Mind Body App

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

SLSA Strategic Plan

SLSA has worked over the past few years to create a clear plan to achieve the overall vision of

Zero preventable deaths in Australian waters

This ties in very neatly with Bondi’s vision of “No Lives Lost”.

To achieve this goal, SLSA aims to:

  • Extend lifesaving coverage to match community needs
  • Develop our people
  • Ensure a growing and relevant movement
  • Engage the community to participate & donate

You can see the strategies and measures of success in the SLS2020 Strategic Plan

2018/19 Season Membership Fees

Membership fees should be paid before our AGM on Sunday, 22 July 2018. Memberships not renewed by 31 July 2018 will be archived and access tags deactivated.

This Season, fees allow for reduced gym fees for active members. To alleviate some of the burden of a slight SLSA membership increase, the Club will subsidise part of the cost, if you renew membership on or before 15 July 2018. Click on the button below for details of our Early Bird pricing and a guide to the renewal process!

2018/19 Membership Details


Want to be a Lifeguard on Bondi Beach?

Are you interested in patrolling Bondi Beach as a Lifesaver this summer?

Coming soon is a great chance to try out for the qualifying swim test. 400m in under 9 minutes (8 minutes preferably) is the pre-requisite.

Saturday, 14 July, 12:30pm
Bondi Icebergs

Come and qualify early, or give yourself a benchmark until the next swim test.

(Please note wetsuits are not allowed – and don’t forget to bring warm gear for after your swim.)


Silver Medalion Beach Management

Registrations are open for interested and eligible Club members who wish to attend this course. Priority will be given to members with a minimum of three years patrolling experience, or persons assuming Patrol Captain responsibilities for next season.

Please sign up for these courses through the higher awards page – but please recognise there are limited places and the courses close fast.

SMBM2 – Award Course July – 23, 25, 30 July 2018
SMBM3 – Award Course August – 20, 22, 27 August 2018

Both courses will be held at Branch Office, 16 Murra Murra Place, Little Bay

NOTE: if you are contemplating this course please first complete the Online theory course accessible through the portal – this is a mandatory pre-requisite to register.

First Aid

Does your First Aid expire next Season? Get it done over winter. All Patrol members should have this. It’s also great for parents, or anyone seeking first aid and resuscitation skills.

Tuesday 24 July (Full day)
Saturday 28 July (Full day)
Location: Bondi Surf Club

Courses 2018-2019

We need your interest and registration now for courses over winter and next summer, so book now below!

Book Now for Winter and Summer Courses

Marketing & Sponsorship

Member Benefits

Great discounts from our lovely local businesses

Check out all the businesses offering Bondi Members’ discounts here.

Local business owner? Join our Member Benefits program.

Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise

For Allan Scott

Following the passing of Life Member and Bondi Blogger Allan Scott, several members have asked Tim Read and The Surfer to share this eulogy, which Tim read at Allan’s funeral.

The Last Wave

A last and lethal tidal wave has claimed our friend
And cruelly swept him to an untimely end.
He had caught the first wave, the ominous one before
And against the odds had ridden it safely to the shore,
This last wave was unforeseen and therefore unexpected,
It was not a wave any surfer would have selected.
There is no rhyme nor reason for this turn of fate,
Nowhere does it say, our destinies are written on a slate.
It is the law of nature that gives and takes without a master plan
That has removed this husband, father, friend and gentle man.
We mark his passing with expressions of grief and sorrow,
There is no logic here for us to follow,
Let us therefore celebrate the man and his life
Which was fulfilled and greater than the final strife.
Fulfilled with family, the guiding compass of all his days
Fulfilled with surf club, the bond with mates that stays
Fulfilled with business, a brotherly enterprise of great success
Which of course he was far too modest ever to profess.
A tireless worker in the Surf Club throughout his years
A painter to delight our eyes: a ukulele for our ears,
He was a master of trivia and the writer of Christmas cheer,
Send ups and satire, the funniest one liners you’ll ever hear,

And his memory was like a perfectly accurate log
That later he used to write his famous Bondi Blog
He was a witty man and wise, a sage
Whose good works and writings now fill history’s page,
And though both his clothes and hair were always like unmade beds,
His brain was sharper than is found in fancier heads,
And for those of us called early morning swimmers
Who rallied to his call long before dawn glimmers,
This cosmetically challenged old man of the sea,
Always enjoyed our unquestioned loyalty
There is a swell in the lives of men,
Which taken at the full leads on again
To perfect waves that take you to the beach
And puts the best of life within your reach,
Alan read that swell and caught that wave,
And so in life he had nothing more to seek or save,
Family and friends were his abundant wealth,
He gave his all to others, never to himself,
And so the many memories of him and much more
Will roll in forever like waves upon the shore
Keeping him with us here and now at Bondi Beach
As well as elsewhere, somewhere in another sky beyond our reach.

Tim Read
June 2018


Nippers Essential 2018/2019 Season Information

Save these dates in your diary!

2018/2019 Season Nippers registration: 1 August to 22 September

Swimming Proficiency Information
Yes another friendly reminder that there’s an increase in proficiency swim qualifications for next season.

Every child must attend one of two available proficiency swim dates, so please add them to your diary now.

Here’s a helpful proficiency criteria information. Use it as a guide for the level of swim competency your child will need to achieve to qualify for their age group.

Saturday 8 September – 1.00-4.00pm
Sunday 23 September – 9.00am – 1.00pm

Bookings open in tandem with registration in ​August. You’ll find all the details in the registration information.

NB. We do not accept swim certificates as proof of competency, and there will be NO other swim dates arranged. Save the dates now!

​At this stage ​we expect that EVERY child is enrolled in and attending swimming lessons as swimming competency is an extremely important part of the safety of your child when in the surf.

​Other dates to add to your diary now:

Sunday, 14 October – First Day 2018/2019 Season​
Thursday, 18 October – 6.00pm- Parent Induction ​Meeting

All enquires to nippers

Nipper Administration Position (Part Time)

We are currently seeking an organised, motivated and experienced person to support our Nipper program at Bondi Surf Club.

This is a part time, paid position, with an average of 25hrs/week. Hours increase in summer months, including some Sunday mornings and some weekday evening meetings.

Flexible working conditions, including working from home.

Strong administration and office support skills required, including Google systems.
Paid WWCC required.
Experience working with sporting clubs an advantage.

Immediate start preferred.

Email CV including experience and referees to

Applications close 30 June at 5.00pm

Community News

The NSW Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) is recruiting for the 2018/19 season

The ALS encourages Club members to apply. There will be more than 330 positions available across all contract areas:

  • Lifeguard Supervisors
  • Seasonal Staff
  • Casual Staff

Information regarding all positions & qualifications is available online at the Australian Lifeguard Service website. Applications close Friday, 10 August 2018.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Australian Lifeguard Service on (02) 9471 8000 or via email:

Find Available Positions and Forms



If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to digital

Photo submissions: ​photos

Phone: +61 2 9300 9279
Fax: +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers 2017-2018

  • President Jacob Waks
  • Deputy President Josep Font Sadurni
  • Director of Administration Jim Kornmehl
  • Secretary Marissa Saunders
  • Deputy of Administration Leo Hyde
  • Director of Education Brent Jackson
  • Deputy of Education Kristy McIntyre
  • Director of Finance Alex Nothling
  • Deputy of Finance Jonathan Fyfe & Manuel Vlandis
  • Director of Junior Activities Scott Ryan
  • Deputy Director of Junior Activities Jason Juma-Ross
  • Director of Lifesaving James Rogers
  • Captain of Life Saving
  • First Aid Officer Shauna de Launey
  • Gear Steward Mason Kemeny
  • Radio Officer Dan Gillespie
  • Director of Mkt & Sponsor
  • Deputy of Mkt & Sponsor Andrew Hoggett
  • Surfer Editors – Thrusie Maurseth-Cahill & Barclay Rabbidge
  • Director of Surf Sports Dave Auckett
  • Deputy Surf Sports Nick Nezval
  • IRB John de Launey
  • Handicapper Peter Quartly
  • Member Services Holly Joshi
  • Welcoming Officer​Gary Emmerton
  • Masters Captain Gary Emmerton
  • Ski Captain Greg Byrnes
  • Board Captains Ryan Jenkin & Jason Taylor
  • R & R Captain Scott Ryan
  • Swim Captain Dori Miller
  • Surf Boat Captain Alexis Bell
  • Beach Events Iain MacFarlane
  • Ocean Events Organiser Dori Miller
  • Archives Officers Leo Hyde
  • General Manager Helen Jenkinson
  • Senior Club Office Admin Mac Navarrate Balart
  • Facilities Manager Pat Moore
  • Youth Captains Steven Hackers & Louise Santos
  • Nipper Secretary Narelle Moore
  • Nipper Finance Manuel Vlandis
  • Nipper Admin
  • OH&S Officer Leo Hyde
  • Publicity Officer John Blanch
  • Higher Awards Damon Somerfield
  • Social Secretary Joanna Robinson
  • Chaplain Marty Nezval
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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi

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Your Bondi Surf Club Surfer – 12 July 2018

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