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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Bondi rescue

Bondi Rescue is a show on Channel 10 that has been running for over 10 years.  It documents the activity at the beach over summer, through the eyes of the lifeguards.  This show does a lot to raise awareness of the dangers of the beach.

The lifeguards are paid professionals provided by the council that protect the beach all year around.  We work closely with the lifeguards and our lifesaving services supplement their resources on the busy weekend and public holiday periods.

You can see the show here

Many club members over the years have held a summer job as a Lifeguard.  To become a lifeguard, members first get their Bronze medallion, and then can do the courses needed to gain a Gold Medallion.  You can then apply for a role as a Lifeguard with the Council – see here for more information

Bondi rescue
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