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Radio Procedures 2018

Radio Procedures have changed now that the new SLSA Operations App is available.

Radio Procedures for sign on

  • Ten minutes before SIGN ON, SurfCom will remind clubs to sign on via the Operations App.
  • SIGN ON with Patrol Bronze qualification numbers, Beach status and IRB status
  • Within 30 minutes of SIGN ON, SurfCom may conduct a radio check for clubs using the app.
  • Clubs that do not have access to the app will SIGN ON on as per their LSA’s.

Radio Procedures for Sign Off

  • Each patrol must SIGN ON and Off on the day. Afternoon PCs will have the ability on the App to sign off the morning patrol
  • Ten minutes before SIGN OFF, SurfCom will remind clubs to submit statistics via the SLSA Operations App
  • SIGN OFF with Rescue Statistics only
  • Patrols wishing to extend patrol times should notify SurfCom 15 minutes prior to scheduledSIGN OFF and provide revised finish time
  • Clubs that do not have access to the app will SIGN OFF as per their LSA’s.Always contact SurfCom if your patrol status changes (IRB, ATV, Bronze Numbers below 3) or the beach is closed.


Radio Procedures for Training channels have also changed, but this is only a renumbering of existing channels. All other channels remain as per prior years.

Radio Channel Summary

Channel 1

  • Emergency Channel
  • Line of sight only
  • Incident communications channel between Duty Officers, and all assets on scene (RWC,OSB or Helicopter)

Channel 2

  • Patrol “chat” channel
  • Line of site only
  • Internal patrol communications between beach assets only

Channel 3

  • Primary Repeater Channel
  • For all communications with SurfCom
  • Digital radios will roam for strongest signal
  • Analogue Radios need to manually switch channels

Channel 4

  • Scanning Channel only
  • Broadcasts all traffic on channels 1, 2 & 3 and secondary repeaters within range
  • Response will transmit on receiving channel if within 5 seconds, otherwise Channel 2

Training Channels

  • Labelled as “25 Train” & “26 Train” on older radios
  • Labelled as “58 Train” and “66 Train” on newer radios
  • Frequencies have not changed | 25 Train = 58 Train | 26 Train = 66 Train


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Radio Procedures 2018
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