Surf Race 2018/19 Week 1

The Bondi Surf Race Report

Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Surf Race Report

Week 1 – 30 September 2018

Fellow Surfers’,

It was good to get down on the sand again & renew friendships, some of which are over half a century strong. Siobhan & others are assisting me, as I continue to suffer from Raewyn departure, for which I thank them.

25 members’ came down & swam. In what was not a bad water temperature, with inconsistent waves.

It was, as tradition dictates, a fun swim & was treated as such. Next week we start the competition in earnest & I look forward to some exciting results. But remember if you are no longer competitive, come down & get your toes wet or just come down & cheer & have a natter.

Our President, showing his continued involvement with the members on the beach; led the way & showed he is certainly not a spent force, when it comes to taking the lead.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 7th for week two.

I have left last weeks epistle, which some of you missed.



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Last week’s communications

Fellow Surfers’,

I have recharged my batteries, after visiting Canada to renew my roots. I’m looking forward to returning to a ritual of reinvigorating myself each Sunday morning; and I look forward to your sharing the joy with me.

Last season we started with some 20 plus members who did set their diary and made it down for a 10:30 am start and enjoyed the camaraderie and did not miss out on all the fun that happens every morning.

This will be the first time for many seasons when I have not had the pleasure of Raewyn’s invaluable assistance, something that I will miss, as I am sure you will too. Raewyn and Peter have settled into their new life style in Newcastle, however, I have on good authority they will get down a couple of times over the season.

Remember to those who have not swum in recent times, please come down & see what you have been missing. The races can be swum as hard & competitively as you like. Which means if you just wish to just enjoy the sea & the mateship, that’s great. We would like to see you even if you don’t swim, but cheer those who do on.


PS I still have it on good authority, the surf temperature is great & most inviting, invigorating.

PPS Bondi Amateur Swimming Club starts its 127 season on the 7th October & has races from 25m to 400m from 9am each Saturday morning. This includes form strokes & is spread over a two week cycle. Attending will certainly sharpen your times & will improve your surf race abilities. We have free learn to swim classes for members from November & we provide some stroke correction to members as well. If you have any queries re same, please speak to me, or the Hallam’s for further information.

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club

BONDI AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB – Is always looking for new members, irrespective of their ability. We can promise two things; you will improve over the season & have a lot of fun doing so. If interested, please come down by 9.15 Saturday morning & see what it is like. They also have “learn to swim classes” for any member who cannot swim & this has been extended to adults. Should you want more info, please speak to me, Raewyn or Sandra Hallam, at the races or whenever.

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club Website

A big thanks to THE BLUE ROOM for their outstanding support.


phone (02) 9300 9279


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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
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Surf Race 2018/19 Week 1

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