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22 November 2018

Photo: Bondi’s record breaking World’s team. Dori Miller

Intro & Welcome

Last weekend was the first competition for some of our younger members. Our Nippers competed in the Waverley Shield against North Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte. Congratulations to all that took part; there were some fantastic results.

Thank you to Helen from all of us on the Board. I have no doubt many members will miss you as you take on a new opportunity in the City. Personally, I had interactions with you often multiple times a day about matters going on at the Club, and I appreciate the assistance you always provided.

This weekend will be big! Apart from usual activities we have the skin checks in the hall on Saturday and there are still some spots left. Book yourselves in and please feel free to now book in your family into some of the spots available (see link below). Make sure you bring your credit card on the day.

On Sunday, we will have an activation at the front of the Club and inside the hall. Anaconda will be paying the Club for food given out at the BBQ and for the space they are using. Feel free to take part. In the afternoon the mighty Walsh patrol are hosting an afternoon for members on the beach with a range of activities from biathlons, a chariot race and more. Later Sunday afternoon, there is another one of our special community talks organised by Marty Nezval – see below.

Lastly, James Rogers our Club’s Director of Lifesaving and Club Captain brought out the brightest looking cossies possible to win the Club’s surf race. Congratulations! I haven’t seen him swim that fast before!

See you on the beach!

Jacob Waks

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Spaces still open at Skin Check Clinic – 24 November
  • Beach Day! – 25 November
  • Community Talk with Ian Zerna – 25 November, 5:00pm
  • First Aid- 25 November
  • Silver Medallion Course begins – 26 November
  • Mick Shearman Memorial Race – 2 December
  • Bondi to Bronte Swim – 2 December
  • The Clubbie Classic – 9 December
  • Lightning Bronze Course – 10-15 December
  • Club Championships – 16 December
  • Patrol for Pacific Palms Club at Elizabeth Beach – 5-6 January, 2019

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

Don’t Miss Out: Member Skin Checks

Be sun safe and get your skin checked regularly. The Club is offering financial members two skin clinics this month … bulk billed to ensure you are looked after.

At the moment we have spots free on 24 November.

Please click Skin Checksto book in.

Office Open this weekend

This Sunday, 25 November, the Office will be open from 9.00am-12.00pm for sales, general business and enquiries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get new merch and your 2018/2019 date stamp for your Bondi Surf Club key ring, so you take advantage of all of the amazing member benefits on offer.

SLSA Code of Conduct

There can be many instances where we feel stressed or annoyed about recent experiences whether at home, work or at the Club, and we may express ourselves differently than we otherwise would when we are not annoyed or stressed about something.

No matter how we feel, as members of SLSA, we must adhere to the policies of SLSA, namely the Clause 3.5 Code of Conduct in Appendix B of SLSA Member Protection Policy. Clause 3.5.1, reads as follows:

3.5.1 General Code of Conduct

Members and all people involved in any way with SLS will:

a) respect the rights, dignity and worth of others—treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
b) be ethical, considerate, fair, courteous and honest in all dealings with other people and organisations
c) be professional in, and accept responsibility for your actions
d) be aware of and follow—at all times—SLS’ standards, rules, policies and procedures and promote those standards, rules, policies and procedures to others
e) operate within the rules and spirit of the sport, including the national and international guidelines that govern SLS
f) understand the possible consequences of breaching the Codes and/or this Policy
g) report any breaches of the Codes or this Policy to the appropriate PPA
h) refrain from any form of Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation towards others
i) raise concerns regarding decisions of PPA through the appropriate channels and in a timely manner
j) provide a safe environment for the conduct of activities in accordance with any relevant SLSA policy
k) show concern, empathy and caution towards others that may be sick or injured
l) be a positive role model to all
m) respect and protect confidential information obtained through SLS activities or services; whether individuals and/or organisational information
n) maintain the required standard of accreditation and/or licensing of professional competencies, as applicable to the role(s)
o) ensure that any physical contact with others is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the person’s skill development
p) refrain from intimate relations with persons over whom you have a position of authority
q) agree to abide by the Codes
r) maintain a duty of care towards others
s) be impartial and accept the responsibility for all actions taken.

If at any time you feel stressed or you would like to talk with some confidentially about an issue you may be having at home, work or at the Club, we have a free Chaplain service for our members.

Please feel free to reach out to Marty Nezal via email:


Upcoming Patrols

Saturday, 24 November
8:30am – 1:15pm – Baldock
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Bassingthwaite

Sunday, 25 November
7:30am – 1:15pm – Hutchings
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Douglas

Saturday, 1 December
8:30am – 1:15pm – Walsh
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Fletcher

Sunday, 2 December
7:30am – 1:15pm – Craven
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Meagher

Below are links to the patrol rosters and a swap document where you can swap patrols with other members if you are unable to make a particular patrol:

2018/19 Season Patrol Roster

Patrol Swap Sheet

Bondi Surf Club on the road…all the way to Pacific Palms.

Time to sign up! Spots limited!

As part of our commitment to spreading the love, helping other Clubs in need, and giving our members the opportunity to explore, patrol and learn at other beaches, Bondi Surf Club will patrolling for Pacific Palms Surf Club at glorious Elizabeth Beach on 5 and 6 January, 2019.

If this sounds good to you, it’s time to commit so we can start sorting out the logistics – please do so via this form.

Some basics:
-Transport is provided for up to 24 folks (free)
– Max 30 people can attend
-Those driving themselves still need to fill in the form
-BYO bedding, staying in auditorium of surf club
– Cost is $40 pp (food – all meals)
– We patrol 9.00am-5.00pm each day (will be split – rest is free time)
– We need at least 2 x IRBD, 2 x IRBC, 2 x PC

This is going to be a wonderful weekend away – you don’t want to miss it! Any further questions (that aren’t answered in the Google form), just contact Belinda:

Marketing & Sponsorship

Disrupt is a ‘print on demand’ manufacture of sports equipment.

You can design your own surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, yoga mats and a number of other items. You can either use yourself or upload to your ecommerce store. When someone purchases, the Disrupt app pulls the data, Disrupt shapes it locally and ships to your customer.

There’re no set up fees, no minimum order, and it’s all made locally. You get your own line of gear and help develop your business, all with no risk or cost.

Member Benefits

A big thank you to Sharon Neal, Nutshell Café and VladSwim, who supported our Trivia Night on 9 November with some generous prizes. I hope you lucky winners are enjoying their massages, coffees and swimming sessions!

Sharon Neal

Remedial massage therapy, 10 Jaques Ave, Bondi NSW 2026

50% discount on week days and 25% discount on weekends to Bondi Surf Club members (when up to date member badge shown)

When we asked why she started and continues to support Bondi Surf Club, Sharon said:

‘Wherever possible I always endeavour to support the local community and their services. If we all support one another, we create a strong and healthy community for everyone’.


Café, breakfast, brunch, 1/57-59 Beach Rd, Bondi Beach 2026

10% discount to Bondi Surf Club members (when up to date member badge shown)

We asked why they wanted to support our Bondi Club members. Dasha said:

‘Our daughters are in Bondi Nippers, and we decided to use this fact to offer our service to the Club’s members. I am happy that my kids have the opportunity to be Nippers and learn the Australian style of life and values. So, we are glad to do benefits for Club’s members and of course to get additional customers from your legendary team.’


Fitness and swim coaching,

3 free swims to all new training Bronzies and free swims to Bondi Surf Club members who help out with water safety for events, Vlad organises these (when up to date badge shown)

Vlad has a long standing relationship with Bondi Surf Club, which is of great value to our Club and our members. He supports the development of novice to advance swimmers throughout the Club, to help improve swimming technique and fitness.

Vlad would love to see even more Bondi members at his squad training sessions.

Lots of businesses offer our Clubbies great discounts.
Not sure which ones? Look out for the Bondi sticker in shop windows.

And don’t’ forget to check out the Member benefits poster in the Club to discover new businesses supporting us.

Important note: to access these discounts you must have an up to date Member Badge with the current (2018/19) season date. If you don’t already have one, follow the link and find out how to get your 2018-19 year tag.

Local business owner? Sign up here to offer a Clubbie discount

Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise

Book your team here

Surf Sports

First club event of the season — The Clubbie Classic

The Annual Bondi Surf Club Clubbie Classic is on 9 December. Get there early to claim your FREE limited edition Clubbie Classic t-shirt.

Register at 7:00am.
Races start at 7:30am.

The event features fun board races, including Dash for Cash, Mega Relay, M Shape Course, and the big favourite from last year the My Wave-scored wave event (we will have spare race boards). Join us for a BBQ afterwards. Come down, have a go and have fun. Open to all club members.

Ollie off to a flying start

Local carnivals are underway, with Bondi competitors showing that the training over winter has paid off. Ollie Hackers competed in the Cronulla Carnival last weekend. The 17 year old won the Under 17 2km ski race and the Under 17 ski race, and finished second in the Under 17 board race. Congratulations, Ollie.

Bondi Meets World at Rescue 2018, set World Records

The Bondi Masters team had fabulous results at the International Lifesaving World Championships held this past week in Adelaide. Our overall medal tally from the pool rescue, ocean and beach events was 19 gold medals, 18 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals.

The week started with 3 days of pool rescue events. Dori Miller, Laura Thurtell, Christie Krenkels, and Louise Santos faced serious competition. Dori set a new world record in her age group in the women’s 200 meter obstacle race. Dori’s time of 2:25:41 obliterated Irish legend Norma Cahill’s long held world record of 2:28:01, set in Greece back in 2010.

For the first time, ILS recognised world records in the relay events. Bondi’s team of Laura Thurtell, Louise Santos, Christie Krenkels and Dori now hold the world record in the Women’s 200 years 4 x 50 meter obstacle relay and the 200 meter medley relay.

Competition moved to the beach on Monday, with individual events conducted in 35 degree temperatures, flat conditions, and a low tide at Glenelg. Juliann Desjardins showed her all round versatility by winning the women’s 30-34 years ski, board, ironwoman, and 2k run. Olympian Mal Allen won the 45-49 years surf race and Mark Norris won the 45-49 years ironman. Our other newest teammates Maddi Blomberg, Carolyn Macauley also brought home medals.

The weather did a complete flip and Tuesday was a mix of all weather conditions… pouring rain, cold temperatures, strong winds and sloppy surf. But Bondi had fun and enjoyed the camaraderie with competitors from all over the world.

Good luck to our men’s masters boat crew of Andrew Hogget, Pat Moore, Kieran Milne, Ryan Airlie, and Cameron James who are competing at time of writing onThursday.

Gold medalists
* Dori Miller, Laura Thurtell, Christie Krenkels, and Louise Santos – 200 years 4 x 50 meter obstacle relay (world record)
* Dori Miller, Laura Thurtell, Christie Krenkels, and Louise Santos – 200 years 4 x 50 medley relay (world record)
* Dori Miller – 45-49 years 200m Obstacle race (world record)
* Dori Miller – 45-49 years 100m manikin carry with fins
* Laura Thurtell – 50-54 years 100m manikin tow with fins
* Malcolm Allen – Mark Norris mens 45-49 board rescue
* Dori Miller – Emily Gillies – Juliann Desjardins – Women’s 110 years Taplin relay
* Laura Thurtell – Christie Krenkels – Robyn Hill – Women’s 150 years Taplin relay
* Dori Miller – Maddi Blomberg – Robyn Hill – Women’s 110 years surf teams
*Juliann Desjardins: 30-34 years Iron woman, Ski race, Board race, 2k run
* Laura Thurtell: 50-54 years Iron woman, Surf race
* Christie Krenkels: 55-59 years Surf race
* Dori Miller: 45-49 years Surf race
* Mark Norris: 45-49 years Iron man
* Malcolm Allen: 45-49 years Surf race

Silver medalists
* Kieran Speed – 70+ 1k run
* Dori Miller, Laura Thurtell, Christie Krenkels, and Louise Santos – 200 years 4 x 25 meter manikin relay
* Noelene Young – Carolyn Macauley – Louise Santos – Women’s 170 years Taplin relay
* Juliann Desjardins – Emily Gillies – Louise Santos – Women’s 110 years board relay
* Juliann Desjardins- Emily Gillies – Laura Thurtell – Women’s 110 years ski relay
* Louise Santos – Noelene Young – Robyn Hill – Women’s 150 years ski relay
* Christie Krenkels – Laura Thurtell – Carolyn Macauley – Women’s 170 years surf team
* Robyn Hill – Emily Gillies – Women’s 35-39 years board rescue
* Laura Thurtell – Christie Krenkels – Women’s 50-54 years board rescue
* Carolyn Macauley – Noelene Young – women’s – 60-64 years board rescue
* Laura Thurtell – 50-54 years 200m Obstacle race, 50 meter manikin carry
* Dori Miller – 45-49 years 100m manikin tow with fins
* Christe Krenkels – Women’s 50-54 years 100 meter manikin tow with fins, 50 meter manikin carry
* Laura Thurtell: 50-54 years ski race
* Carolyn Macauley: 65-69 years swim, board race

Bronze medalists
* Mal Allen – Grant Baldock – Mark Norris – mens 130 years surf team
* Mal Allen – Mark Norris – Greg Byrnes – mens 130 year taplin relay
* Dori Miller – Louise Santos – Women’s 45 – 49 years board rescue
* Juliann Desjardins – Maddi Blomberg – Women’s 30-34 years board rescue
* Maddi Blomberg – 30-34 years surf race, 2k run
* Christie Krenkels – 55-59 years 200m Obstacle race
* Louise Santos: 45-49 years iron women
* Emily Gillies: 35-39 years board race

Blue Room Surf Races

Week 9 – 18 November Results are here.

Fellow Surfers

This week, we shared the beach with a Proficiency and the Nipper Waverley Shield. This resulted in Norths coming down and racing beside us. This is something we will do again, especially as our start time now coincides.

What is interesting is that their race distance is constant irrespective of conditions and is fixed by a laser measuring device. Maybe we should investigate, as they seem to have far less squabbles over distances.

The Nippers will be back next week, which we look forward to.

A Grade saw James return to the winner’s circle with an awesome swim, that allowed for a photo shoot. Brook came in second & beat a very fast finishing Michael.

B Grade was a lot more hectic (but not for John, who had time for a little castle building at the end). Gwen came in very fast and beat the camera, so it was lucky it was not a photo finish. Ed was not far behind and the back markers came in third and fourth, with Stu just getting the money.

All in all, not a bad morning. The winners walked away with Blue Roomer vouchers. I know Keiran enjoyed the meal last week, and to top it off he shouted me a beer.

Please support Bottles and the Blue Room. It’s a great environment, where you can relax and enjoy the company of your fellow Clubbies.

I look forward to a bigger rollup for next week.


Sign up for the weekly Surf Race report



There are lots of proficiencies this month, so get this requirement out of the way now. You can see the latest details here.

Bronze courses

Rip Riders Presentation Night

​Last Sunday we welcomed Bondi’s newest Lifesavers from BM2 (Rip Riders) who completed their final Bronze assessments. They did an amazing job through their training, in easily and consistently the worst beach conditions to have ever trained a group in. They will be awesome assets on the beach.

Thank you to the trainers who guided them through their 8 week course – Sarah Forde, Mitch Daley, Carly Evans, Lyndsey Anderson, Mark Dodgson, Diana Kim and Toby Iemma. See you all on the beach in those bright brand new uniforms!

Bronze group 3 and the Lightning course

BM3 are a few weeks into their course and have had a mix of spectacular and windy conditions to practice with boards!

Places in our Lightning Bronze 10-15th December are filling fast – if you know someone who wants to do a summer course, sign up here.

Higher Awards

New Courses for Higher Awards have just been released for November, December and 2019. To registersimply go to this webpage and click on the “book in here now” option.

Please ensure if register for a course you are able to attend, failure to attend puts the course at risk of not running due to numbers required for assessment.

Download all course dates here.

If you have questions regarding Higher Awards, speak to Damon on 0414 571 448 or email higherwards

Spotlight on Spinal Management

On 1 December, learn how to apply advanced spinal management techniques to a patient in the event of a complex spinal injury.

This is the next step after the Bronze spinal training, and a must do for all Patrol Captains and Vice Captains.

The Gold Medallion is coming to Bondi

Due to a high level of interest in the Gold Medallion this season from our club, Higher Awards have managed to secure a rare opportunity to run a Gold Medallion Assessment at Bondi Beach.

Challenge yourself, increase your skills, fitness and abilities as Australia’s highest awarded Surf Life Savers.

Gold Medallion Assessment

1 December – Maroubra
2 February – Bondi

To be assessed for the Gold Medallion members must be proficient in:

  • Bronze Medallion
  • First Aid
  • ART
  • Silver Medallion Beach Management (non proficiency based)
  • Complete a higher awards approved 800m swim time trial (dates below)
  • Be over 17 on the day of assessment

Your Gold Swim Time Trials
Saturday, 8 December, 12.30pm at Icebergs
Friday, 14 December, 6.00pm at Waverley College Pool with Nez Swim
Friday, 11 January, 6.00pm at Waverley College Pool with Nez Swim
Saturday 12 January, 12.30pm at Icebergs

Book 2018/19 Higher Awards courses Now

Community Talk

From Suicidal to CEO

Bondi SBLSC is excited to welcome Ian Zerna on Sunday, 25 November.

Come along to bottles from 5.00pm to 5:30pm in the Blue Room to hear his incredible testimony. Ian survived three of his own suicide attempts, overcame depression and a plane crash to become a key community CEO across Australia.

He is a much sought after public speaker and his appearance with us is the second of several free community talks being run over summer as a service to members.

Ian is passionate about inspiring and equipping other volunteer organisations to grow to their best, and will provide a great example of a journey from hopelessness to hero.

Ian’s expertise is in leadership and community building projects, but his tale doesn’t stop there.

Save the date to come and hear his full story!

Community News

Support our own Siobhan O’Toole. Help cancer survivors.

Hi Everyone,

As many of you may know, I was diagnosed with non-genetic breast cancer in May. I am doing great and am so thankful for the support of my Bondi community!

During treatment, I was part of a trial of weight bearing exercise during chemo. This exercise program made all the difference for how I endured chemo. It is my belief that we can move the dial for others:
1) mentally – I was achieving a goal – doing weights 3 times a week and walking 8,000 steps a day. For a goal-orientated human like me, it was sometimes the highlight of my day to lift my weights and walk our epic coastal path.

2) physically – I lifted heavier weights at the end of chemo than before. It was 20 kilo’s off my PB but my PB was pre-my motorcycle accident. I also feel strong. I have managed a full push up which is a FIRST. I mean nose to the floor and if you have ever seen my body you will see that 99% of the muscle was in my legs. Not anymore!

3) post treatment – it is now 4.5 weeks since I finished chemo and 4 weeks since surgery. I have no feeling of lingering fatigue. I feel clear and focused and ready to do the last 28 radiation treatments. I feel like 80% of my usual self! Radiation will knock me about, but exercise will win.

So many of us know someone who is going through this really horrible disease, and I want to change how they endure it.

I will establish a FREE Exercise physiologist at St Vincent’s Sydney Cancer Centre – The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. This will enable everyone going through chemo to get support to complete the weights and walking program. (Note: most women have a $10-30K bill for the cost of breast cancer treatment and loss of income can cripple a families choices.) This will be a trial for 12 months before it would then roll out as a standard across Australia. I will not stop until exercise is seen as important as mental health during chemo.

We want to raise $5,000 so that I can establish a dedicated fund at St Vincent’s. I have some serious backers to get us to our goal of $100,000 by June 2019.

If any of your friends and family are diagnosed with cancer and you need info on exercise program, also email me It’s easy.

Click here to help Siobhan

Competition: Best Patrol Photo

Sydney Branch is pleased to present ‘2018 Best Patrol Photo Competition’.

Photos are to be emailed to lifesaving by 9.00am Monday, 17 December 2018.

A Great Prize for the winning Club Photo has been donated by Surf Safety Australia.


Job Vacancy: General Manager

We would like to advise that the General Manager Role has become vacant at the Club and we are searching for a qualified person to take over the role.

Operations and Club management background preferred.

Here are the role description and information for applications.


If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to digital

Photo submissions: ​photos

Phone: +61 2 9300 9279
Fax: +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers 2017-2018

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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi

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Your Bondi Surf Club Surfer – 22 November 2018

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