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7 December 2018

Intro & Welcome

The next fortnight will be one of the busiest of the season.

Before the next Surfer, the Education section will have 1 SRC class and 3 Bronze classes pass their assessments, Surf sports will have Club Championships, Nippers have their emergency evacuation drill, Social is running the Christmas function, Marketing have two activations and Membership-wise we have our annual Veteran’s day! Our Lifesaving section is coming into the busiest time of the Season. If you are proficient, then feel free to come down to any Patrol to volunteer a few hours. (See below for details on all.)

As well as organising the Christmas function, the Social team has been busy organising an End of Season Black Tie Ball for May. Start organising your tables, as these events often sell out. Details out soon …

See you on the beach!

Jacob Waks

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • The Clubbie Classic – 9 December
  • SRC Graduation – 9 December
  • Lightning Bronze Course – 10-15 December
  • First Aid course – 11 December
  • Last Proficiency at – 16 December
  • Club Championships – 16 December
  • Christmas Bottles and THREE Bronzies graduations – 16 December
  • Patrol for Pacific Palms Club at Elizabeth Beach – 5-6 January, 2019

Find more information on the club Facebook page.

Christmas Bottles - December 16th 2019

Club Christmas party!

Come down Sunday, 16 December, to celebrate Christmas AND see the Lightning, BM3, and Waverly Boys Bronze groups triple-sized graduation.

With live music and a raffle.

Dress up is encouraged.


Upcoming Patrols

Saturday, 8 December
8:30am – 1:15pm – Douglas
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Fullwood

Sunday, 9 December
7:30am – 1:15pm – Besomo
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Nightingale

Saturday, 15 December
8:30am – 1:15pm – Hutchings
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Jeppesen

Sunday, 16 December
7:30am – 1:15pm – Meagher
12:45pm – 6:30pm – Craven

Below are links to the patrol rosters and a swap document where you can swap patrols with other members if you are unable to make a particular patrol:

2018/19 Season Patrol Roster

Patrol Swap Sheet

Marketing & Sponsorship

Member Benefits

It’s officially summer and time to get this silly season in full swing!

Get down to The Corner House or Trattoria for a bit of a party with your Patrol. Keep it local and get a great deal for your Christmas celebrations!

And if you find yourself stuck with all those Christmas presents, take a look at the other local businesses supporting Bondi Surf Club, for some inspiration and some great discounts offered to our Clubbies!

Don’t’ forget to check out the Member benefits poster in the Club to discover new businesses supporting us.

Important note: to access these discounts you must have an up to date Member Badge with the current (2018/19) season date. If you don’t already have one, follow the link and find out how to get your 2018-19 year tag.

Local business owner? Sign up here to offer a Clubbie discount

Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise

Book your team here

Surf Sports

First Club event of the Season — The Clubbie Classic

The Annual Bondi Surf Club Clubbie Classic is on 9 December. Get there early to claim your FREE limited edition Clubbie Classic t-shirt.

Register at 7:00am.
Races start at 7:30am.

The event features fun board races, including Dash for Cash, Mega Relay, M Shape Course, and the big favourite from last year the My Wave-scored wave event (we will have spare race boards). Join us for a BBQ afterwards. Come down, have a go and have fun. Open to all club members.

Club Championships

This year’s Senior Club Championships will be held on Sunday 16 December. This event is open to all proficient Bronze and SRCs in the Under 15, Under 17, Under 19, and Open categories. Masters will compete in the Open age group.

The events start 7:30am and include 2K run, beach sprints, beach flags, surf race, board race, ski race, and iron person. The morning will conclude with the chariot race. The swim race will be a trial for the Stan & Basil McDonald relay in March.

Blue Room Surf Races

Week 11 – 2 December Results are here.

Fellow Surfers

A lovely morning after a mixed week of big and small surf, Sunday the sun was shining on a very placid Lake Bondi. Nippers were having their Championships and unfortunately there was a hiccup over buoys. Hopefully, we can now get over this.

On a lighter note, I’m always on the lookout for a good read and I recently picked up an interesting book of poetry. This verse reminded me of the last race I was in:

“I remember very little, a lingering fear that I was drowning
my mouth was open and I was mumbling. ’No please” –
but what it might mean”

We had Castanovian visitors, with the Tippett’s returning to the scene of what they were so much a part of for sooo long. Raewyn helped out and – as always – did a fantastic job, including taking the photos.

The numbers were down, and this was the first Round of the Mick Shearman Memorial.

A Grade saw father and son fight it out. As so often happens, the son Tom relegated dad Stephen to second place after a great tussle. Jessie was not far behind.

B Grade saw Adam beat out Anna, with Kim (who promises to be a more consistent starter, which will be great). Stu Spencer after a number of impressive starts, has been moved to A Grade. It was good to see Peter T once again hit the water with a credible swim, although he declined going in for a second time around the buoys.

Next week, we do it all again and I look forward to your company.


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Proficiencies: Last Chance

We are in the final month for proficiencies and time is running out.

There is only one more general Club proficiency on Sunday, 16 December at 9.00am. You must attend this!

Bronze courses

Bronze group 3 and the Lightning course

BM3, SRC and Waverley Bronze held mock exams this week.
SRC Graduation is this Sunday at Bottles, followed by a triple graduation ceremony for BM3, Waverley and our upcoming Lightning course on 9 December.

Soeaking of which, our Lightning Bronze starts next week. If you are looking for something to do during the week, come on down and help out!

Higher Awards

New Courses for Higher Awards have just been released for November, December and 2019. To registersimply go to this webpage and click on the “book in here now” option.

Please ensure if register for a course you are able to attend, failure to attend puts the course at risk of not running due to numbers required for assessment.

Download all course dates here.

Gold Medallion

Challenge yourself, increase your skills, fitness and abilities as Australia’s highest awarded Surf Life Savers.

Gold Medallion Assessment
2 February – Bondi

To be assessed for the Gold Medallion members must be proficient in:

  • Bronze Medallion
  • First Aid
  • ART
  • Silver Medallion Beach Management (non proficiency based)
  • Complete a higher awards approved 800m swim time trial (dates below)
  • Be over 17 on the day of assessment

Your Gold Swim Time Trials
Friday, 14 December, 6.00pm at Waverley College Pool with Nez Swim
Friday, 11 January, 6.00pm at Waverley College Pool with Nez Swim
Saturday 12 January, 12.30pm at Icebergs

Your next course opportunities

First Aid – 11 December, 13 January
Advanced Resuscitation Training – 16, 19, 21 March (3 dates to be attended)
Silver Medallion Beach Management – 14, 17, 21 January evening sessions (Little Bay)

Youth Mental First Aid Course: Advance Notice

2 Day Accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid Course
Waverley Park
2 and 3 March

Designed for Patrol and Vice Captains, Trainers, Assessors, Nipper/Age Managers, this course teaches first aid skills for helping youth experiencing mental health problems, in a mental health crisis situation, or in the early stages of mental illness.

If you have questions regarding Higher Awards, speak to Damon on 0414 571 448 or email higherwards

Book 2018/19 Higher Awards courses Now

Upcoming features on Vic Besomo

The Surfer has received this advance notice of Peter Quartly’s articles in Surf Race reports on the late Vic Besomo. Sign up for a surf report above, and/or look for these historical notes in future Surfer editions.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will provide copies of some historical photos from the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club that include the late great Vic Besomo. Most also include leading competitors of that era, who were also Clubbies. Cheers, Doc

Community News

Early invitation: SurfAid 2019

SurfAid helps to bring clean water, sanitation, nutrition and health centres to remote island communities in Indonesia – primarily in Nias, Sumba, Sumbawa and The
Mentawais; places we love to surf world class breaks.

The SurfAid Cup series are fundraising surf competitions which comes to Bondi on Friday 3 May.
Teams of 4 surfers enter a tag-team style competition. There is no set entry fee, but instead the challenge for each team to raise $5,000.

To enter, set up a team and contact Claire:

Read more here.

Competition: Best Patrol Photo

Sydney Branch is pleased to present ‘2018 Best Patrol Photo Competition’.

Photos are to be emailed to lifesaving by 9.00am Monday, 17 December 2018.

A Great Prize for the winning Club Photo has been donated by Surf Safety Australia.



If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to digital

Photo submissions: ​photos

Phone: +61 2 9300 9279
Fax: +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers 2017-2018



  • Handicapper Peter Quartly



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Your Bondi Surf Club Surfer – 7 December 2018

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