Bondi Surf Race Report

The Bondi Surf Race Report

Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Surf Race Report

Week 24 – 10 March 2019

Fellow Surfers

Another great morning, that was made even better as the sun burned off the mugginess of early morning. Another good patrol, which is very much the norm these days, as our enthusiasm for lifesaving grows.

We raced at Norths, with Norths & we were widely welcomed with their organizer Raille, making us feel at home. The competition was great over a longer course than we normally set. They use a laser distance finder, so each week irrespective of the conditions, they race over the same distance. We are currently looking into obtaining a device for Education & once it is operational we should be able to use it. Another innovation they have introduced is an electronic recording device, similar to what is used for ocean swims, but using member’s security key as the identifier. Something that would speed up recording of starters & show who had not finished.

The end result was some good fun competition, in a friendly environment & we are looking to replicate it again next season. A big thanks to Siobhan for pushing the concept & bringing it to reality. Norths were very impressed with the BLUE ROOM vouchers.

A Grade was a well contested race with James getting the money for a second time this season. Jon who is always competitive, since his days with the Bondi ASC & competing in Royal Lifesaving carnivals as a young tike, beat out Jessie who is having a great season.

B Grade saw Amy first in, with an ever improving Siobhan not far behind & Tim a good third. Interspersed with this group was a half dozen time trailers who all swam well & this will be reflected in their handicaps next week.

We ran out of time & did not hold a tube race, which was a shame. Hopefully we will make amends this coming week.

The best photos taken today were taken by Bruce & Sandra, and there are not any copy write restrictions.

I look forward to seeing you all & remember it is the second round of the Mick Shearman.



PS I have included last week’s results, which were not published last week.

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Bondi Amateur Swimming Club

BONDI AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB – Is always looking for new members, irrespective of their ability. We can promise two things; you will improve over the season & have a lot of fun doing so. If interested, please come down by 9.15 Saturday morning & see what it is like. They also have “learn to swim classes” for any member who cannot swim & this has been extended to adults. Should you want more info, please speak to me or Sandra Hallam, at the races or whenever.

Correct web address is

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club Website

A big thanks to THE BLUE ROOM for their outstanding support.


phone (02) 9300 9279


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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
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Bondi Surf Race Report

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