Bondi Surf Race Report

The Bondi Surf Race Report

Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Surf Race Report

Week 26 – 24 March 2019

Fellow Surfers

Back to another great morning at Bondi. The sun was out; the beach was alive with Nippers (last day) & the public. The surf had dropped & was small to nothing, but very very warm.

We set a long race & the surprising thing was both races were close.

Last week I omitted to mention our Victorian visitors, who came down to the patrol around 9 & all went out the back & caught some good shoots. Two came back in the rain & competed with those who made the trek down in the rain. The Cadets were Holly & Johanna McKenzie. It’s a shame our Cadets do not show the same spunk.

A Grade, what a thrilling race, with the first two swimmers really pushing each other & just beating out the pack. Ten metres from the shore, it could have been anyone of half a dozen members, taking the podium. Third place was also hotly contested & saw a good contest up the beach.

B Grade again saw one of our favorite people come up a winner, for the third time this season. Needless to say their handicap is headed towards back marker status. Second placer was on patrol & started in his first race of the season. He was the thorn between two roses, with regular swimmer coming off some good swims on Saturday in the second round of the Bondi ASC Champo’s.

Again with using Jacob’s good will, we held two good tube races over seventy metres, that was a couple of upsets.

Next week, is a week closer to the end of the season & the start of Nipper free parking. So there is no excuse to not coming down & having a go. I look forward to seeing you



PS I have included last week’s results, which were not published last week.

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Bondi Amateur Swimming Club

BONDI AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB – Is always looking for new members, irrespective of their ability. We can promise two things; you will improve over the season & have a lot of fun doing so. If interested, please come down by 9.15 Saturday morning & see what it is like. They also have “learn to swim classes” for any member who cannot swim & this has been extended to adults. Should you want more info, please speak to me or Sandra Hallam, at the races or whenever.

Correct web address is

Bondi Amateur Swimming Club Website

A big thanks to THE BLUE ROOM for their outstanding support.


phone (02) 9300 9279


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Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
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Bondi Surf Race Report

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