Bondi Surf Club Surf Race Report

The Bondi Surf Race Report

Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Surf Race Report

Week 29 – 7 April 2019

Fellow Surfers

Daylight saving ended & the patrol started at 8.30 & not 7.30, which meant a coffee or two & plenty of time to enjoy the beach. It was crowded, but there were waves everywhere & they were being worked over by boardies & body bashers alike.

The patrol set up the buoys & due to the crowds we swam left to right, with nearly everyone using the bank to advantage. Some really long rides were being taken, especially Luke’s, which was almost from the buoy.

Numbers were not great, due to the Aussies, however, the enthusiasm was just great, it brought back memories of the old days, which Martin reminds me were not the twenties, but the sixties & seventies, he remembers both.

We all know a good General leads by example & a better one leads from the front. Our President does just that & won the race & the “Blue Room” voucher for A Grade. He nearly made it double in the Tube Race, by following Jesse’s judicious use of the bank (but be ran out of height) & he still needs a little more practice in setting up the tube (in the water would have been advantageous). It was very close for the minor places with Kristen & Ziggi fighting it out, with a great run up the beach.

Gabrielle in B Grade caught the pack & got a little help on the way in, to overcome Luke’s efforts, with Courtney a close third. Courtney next season will be moving to A Grade with a couple of others, as the way he is performing, his handicap will coincide with the changing of patrols.

In B Grade we have seen the return of Sarah “Shakira” from the Gallagher clan, under the wing of Siobhan (which is not a bad place to be) & her enthusiasm was great to see, both in this & the Tube race. Another first up starter was Jack Fingleton, named after a very famous member of our extended family. Let’s hope his career is just as industrious.

It was a perfect morning for the tube race & it is worth hanging around to see the efforts of those involved. They are always close & tactics play a big part in the result. Jesse & Louise were our winners.

You will notice that in the full Surfer some of the report is missing & we double up on the following week. I am assured that it will be resolved by next season. Maybe we need to get Raewyn more involved.

Three more races until we are banished for another season. Next week is the final round of the Jack Cox, so come down & join in. I look forward to seeing you all.



PS I have included last week’s results, which were not published last week.

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Bondi Amateur Swimming Club

BONDI AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB – Is always looking for new members, irrespective of their ability. We can promise two things; you will improve over the season & have a lot of fun doing so. If interested, please come down by 9.15 Saturday morning & see what it is like. They also have “learn to swim classes” for any member who cannot swim & this has been extended to adults. Should you want more info, please speak to me or Sandra Hallam, at the races or whenever.

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A big thanks to THE BLUE ROOM for their outstanding support.


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Bondi Surf Club Surf Race Report

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