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Intro & Welcome

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the City 2 Surf BBQ. This raised over $12K for the Club and will help us buy the last few things needed to be ready for the start of season on the 28 September.  Lifesaving, Education and Nippers are in full swing for the season ahead, and the Surf Sports team has worked on a three year strategy for world domination successful and enjoyable competition.

Fundraising is a critical capability for the Club; it allows us to purchase and repair equipment, develop juniors, fix the Club and plan for the future.  We have now started a Fundraising Committee chaired by Garret O’Connor that will be looking to develop our funding plan for the renovation and anyone interested should touch base as we need help.

I would ask everyone to invite a client or friend along to the Legends Lunch coming up on 18 October. This will be raising funds for Nippers, Lifesaving, International Lifesaving and the Building. It’s run by Adam Nezval, Grant Baldock, Andrew Hoggett and Kieran Varcoe and its a great day with auctions and raffles.

This will be rapidly followed by the Bondi to Rose Bay Ocean Paddle on 26 October co-ordinated by Greg Byrnes.  Thanks also to Simon Smith, Veronica Fernandez and Emma Savage for volunteering to plan the Bondi Blue Water Classic Ocean Swim in February.  If you can help with out with any of these events, please let me know.

Finally, a thank you to our Facilities team (Pat Moore, Peter Saxton, Allan Hobbs) who are working though a list of fixes to improve the conditions around the club.  You may notice the steam room back in full operation and all the lights have been repaired.  Various areas are being cleaned up and reorganised and there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make this happen.  Please if you see anything that you think needs fixing or reorganising let me, the Caretaker or the Office know so it can be added to the maintenance list and dealt with.

Brent Jackson

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Bronze Medallion Induction – 7 September
  • Gear Inspection – 7 September
  • Patrol Captains/Vice-Captains Pre-Season Meeting an Bronze/ART Proficiency – 8 September
  • Nippers Registration closes – 22 September
  • Patrol Season starts – 28 September
  • Nippers Season starts – 13 October
  • Legends Lunch – 18 October

Find more information on the Club Facebook page.


We’re Looking for an Office Administrator

As an Office Administrator based in the Club’s main office, you will work in a close-knit team and undertake the administration for the operational functions for the Club. Working days will be Monday to Friday during the off season and then a flexible arrangement to include a Sunday roster during the Surf Life Saving Season.

Please forward to anyone who may be interested.

Past Due Membership Renewals and Payments

The 2019/20 membership renewals and payments are now past due. The security tags for members who have not renewed have been deactivated.

Members who are returning must renew memberships by 1 September to ensure our patrol numbers are allocated. If you have not renewed your membership please do so ASAP! 

Renew and pay your membership fees in your Members Area Account or contact the Office to arrange payment.


Patrol Rosters Are Out!!

Ormsby and McDonald Patrols are shaping up well. A big thank you to all members who have shown their support and put their hands up to join these new patrols. Remember, there is ice cream on offer!

Youth Captain 
Nicola Watkins will be taking over from Louise Santos as our Youth Captain. Her role be working with our Nippers, SRC and Cadets to develop a Youth Development plan. Nicola will be looking for support in this area, so please contact her if you are keen to be involved in Youth Development for 2019/20.

Drone Operations
Max Gonzalez will be leading and developing our Drone Operations team at Bondi. This is a new and exciting surveillance area for patrols coming in this season with support from Branch and State support services.

First Patrols

28 September – Nightingale/Fletcher
29 September – Bassingthwaite/Walsh


Bronze Training 2019-20 Kicks Off 7 September

The biggest thing you can do to help the Club right now is to refer a friend to do their Bronze. The first course starts on 7 September and is already half full, but we want a very big first group to help the two new patrols build their numbers.

So forward the invite to someone today, post it on your Facebook page, put a poster in your favourite gym/pool/office/uni to spread the word (we can print one for you if you need or send one electronically), check in with a poster in the picture at one of the sponsors’ locations and tag the 7 September info event invite if you can. It all helps to raise our profile.

Posters are at North Bondi RSL, Sejuiced and Icebergs so far and we want more so let us know if you can put one up somewhere.

To sign up register at or email You can also see more about the course and the Club here.

Surf Races

Race Season Starts 29 September

Fellow Surfers,

Last season we started with some 20 plus members who set their diary and alarm for 10:30am, got down to the beach, enjoyed the camaraderie and did not miss out on all the fun that happens every morning.  I’m getting in early, so put it in your diary. We look forward to seeing you all.

For those who haven’t swum in recent times, please come down and see what you’ve been missing.  The races can be swum as hard and competitively as you like. However, if you just wish to enjoy the sea and the mateship, that’s great too. Even if you don’t swim, we’d like to see you come down and cheer those who do.

We will again be running the Tube Race in which Jacob assures me he will be even a greater force with all the free time he has without his Presidential duties. Brent, we hope to see you on a regular basis with your Board in tow.

I’m back in the surf. The water is not so bad and it can only get better as we move towards summer.

If you wish to move to A Grade, please let me know.  Should you wish to move back to B Grade also let me know?  Remember, as a rule the best swimmers in B Grade are better than the slower swimmers in A Grade and it is a matter of whether you are competitive or not.

You’ll see I’ve given the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club a plug. I do so because I believe pool swimming is so important for developing stroke technique and speed.  It’s where our greatest competitor Hutcho started out  as well as many other Club Champions and members like me.

The Memorial event dates are currently being set. Once that’s done, I will post them.

Once again I’m optimistic that this will be our best season ever and that will be because of your assistance and contributions.

See you all soon on the beach,

PS: Bondi Amateur Swimming Club starts its 127th season on Saturday 5 October at Bondi Baths (Icebergs) with races from 25m to 400m starting at 9.15am each Saturday morning. This includes form strokes (including medley) and is spread over a two-week cycle.  Attending will certainly sharpen your times, improve your surf race abilities, and your confidence in the surf.  We have free learn to swim classes for members from November and we provide stroke correction to members as well. If you have any queries, please speak to me or the Hallams for further information.

PPS: Handicapping
1st = +40 seconds
2nd = +30 seconds
3rd = +20 seconds.

Should you win two races, the handicap goes up a minute or a minute plus depending on circumstances.  If you are the Shaggy Dog or his clone and again win three races, you will become the new back marker.

Three consecutive races and no placings = -15 seconds
5 weeks and three races and no placings = -10 seconds
More than 5 weeks and three races = -5 seconds

Attend and race cancelled = 2 points
On allocated special race days, everyone gets an extra point for starting


Register Now For Nippers

Registration for returning and new Nippers closes on 22 September. Places are filling fast so we encourage you to register your child now to avoid missing out.

Pay online, ensure you have a valid email address for payment confirmation and once you have paid don’t forget to renew or apply for membership via Surf Life Saving Australia.

Surf Sports

New Australian Pool Rescue Record

Congratulations to Rick Van Kampen for setting a new Australian record in the 50-54 yrs Mens’ 50m Manikin Carry in a time of 0:39.37 at the Australian Pool Rescue Championships, held a few weekends ago on the Gold Coast. In addition to his gold medal, Rick was also second in the 200m Obstacle Race and third in the 100m Manikin Carry with Fins.


The first Bottles of the season will be on Sunday 29  September from 5pm. Come along and celebrate.

Member Benefits

For great Clubbie discounts, look out for the Bondi sticker at friendly local businesses!

Clubbie Discount participating businesses post this sticker

Don’t forget to check out the Member Benefits poster in the Club to discover new businesses supporting us.

Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise


Winter Office Hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Closed weekends and public holidays.


If you have an interesting article concerning a member, past or present, please direct them to

Photo submissions:  ​

Phone:  +61 2 9300 9279
Fax:  +61 2 9300 9596

Office Bearers  2019-20


Bondi Surfer No. 94
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