Bondi Surfer No. 96

Bondi Surfer No. 96

Photography: Paul Howard

Intro & Welcome

Thanks to the 202 people who took the time to update us on how the Club is performing.  This represents over 18% of our membership and is a great response rate, so thank you all.

The Net Promotor Score was +67 (up from +64 in 2016) – this is generally considered “Excellent” but not yet “World Class”, so we know we have more to do to ensure everyone recommends the Club.

The demographics of the survey reflect our overall membership by category, age, etc so it’s a reasonable approximation of member thoughts.  The high level summary is here (note: the summary is only accessible online to those who completed the survey – there will be a paper copy on the noticeboard for all those who did not complete survey).

One interesting statistic was that while 51% of people read the “Bondi Surfer”, 6% of people were unaware of our primary, official communication from the Club.  To ensure that everyone is aware of key Club events we have added all members to this newsletter unless you had ticked to “do not send” email in SurfGuard.

If you have ticked “do not send” in SurfGuard, and would like to subscribe, please use the sign-up form here. If you start getting the Surfer and don’t want it after all, please use the unsubscribe function in the newsletter.

Some key items we will be working on based on the Survey feedback below include:

– reworking the Surfer into a large monthly update and a short weekly brief, including more section, history and member articles. Any budding journalists, please make contact to support this.

– showers are our most used facility and over 100 people use the steam room at least once a month, but only 44 people use the gym at least monthly – we will work to increase the classes and access to get value from the gym.

– the Club is considered clean by most, but only 7% think it’s spotless – we will work to improve this and you can help by advising the office of any items that need attention.

– 70% of people visit the website, mostly for news and the shop – we will work to increase the news being presented by the website and allow this to be accessed by RSS feed.

– Members also requested that we make key documents available on website – we will add these.

– Facebook gets positive and negative feedback, but is a clear channel preference for many members.  That said, people would like the documents and information provided on Facebook to also be accessible from the website.

– Club merch – lots of possibilities, keep cups seemed popular, many other good ideas that will be reviewed by the Marketing team.

– 25% of people were unaware of the training schedules – these are available here and on the noticeboards. People would also like some afternoon alternatives to the early morning sessions.

– Some other items we will consider from the lists of possible improvements include: coffee bar, shorter patrols, freshen the gym, afternoon training, bringing non-members to Bottles (just do it …), community space for youth/patrol/relaxing.

– And of course renovating, expanding or rebuilding the clubhouse.

People value the safe, inclusive environment, the sense of history, community and purpose.  A good example was this comment from a new member:

  • I like that the people who put in at the Club are proud, and in turn the kids will be proud
  • I like that the people who put in at the Club are obvious
  • I like the Club’s inclusive nature
  • I like its history
  • I like its commitment to producing lifesavers, not elite athletes
  • I like its position
  • I like its hot showers
  • I like that my son likes it
  • I like meeting friends in a busy part of the world that isn’t too busy (i.e. the Club)
  • I like a sausage sandwich on a Sunday morning with a short queue
  • I like going home and not having to worry the place won’t exist tomorrow

Thank you all for taking the effort with your input. The Board is reviewing all comments made and we will do what we can, with your help, to continue to make this the leading surf club in Australia.

Brent Jackson

This Week’s Patrols and Proficiencies

Saturday 26 October
8:30am-1:15pm       Meagher
12:45pm-6:30pm   Hutchings

Sunday 27 October
7:30am-1:15pm       Douglas
12:45pm-6:30pm   Fullwood

On Saturday there’s a Bronze/SRC proficiency at 9am. ART proficiency is on at 10am in the Clubhouse. On Sunday, at 9am, there’s a Spinal proficiency.

All the dates and details for proficiencies can be found here and you can sign up here.

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Bondi to Rose Bay Ocean Race – 26 October
  • Jack Cox Memorial Surf Race – 27 October
  • Bottles “Life Application” Talk with Marty Nezval – 27 October
  • Surf Sports Meeting Proficiency and Social – 3 November
  • Freshwater Masters Carnival – 9 November
  • Cronulla Short Course Carnival – 16 November
  • Ron Turner Memorial Surf Race – 24 November

Find more information on the Club Facebook page.

Clubbie of the Month

Our October Clubbie of the Month is Gary Emmerton for his continuous contribution to the Club by driving all our equipment to competition. This month he drove the trailer for the sixth time to the Coolangatta Gold as well as managing and supporting all the competitors. In addition to this, Gary started the “Love Squad”, an ocean swimming squad that welcomes people from all clubs and abilities. The first Love Squad session last Friday morning had more than 40 swimmers. Well done Gary Emmerton.

Catching Up

Vale Russell King, Rest Well

It is with sad heart that we let you know of the passing of former Nippers Age Manager, Russell King.

Russell was a valued member of our Nippers team as the Age Manger of the Red Caps until 2015. Russell’s daughter Keriana completed her SRC with us in 2017 and the family were a wonderful part of our community here at Bondi Nippers.

Russell was the CEO of WAYS Youth at Bondi Beach. He was a generous and passionate leader with a 30-year history of service to our community, helping countless adults and children find their way in this world.

Russell was recently awarded with a NSW Premier’s Community Service Award to recognise his lifelong achievements.

A huge loss to his family and our community.

The flag at the Surf Club was lowered in Russell’s honour.

Beach Visitors

Bassingthwaite was host to some extra special visitors on their Sunday afternoon patrol. There have also been spottings of dolphins by those training in the evenings in recent weeks. And Love Squad was joined by a dolphin on Friday morning, providing extra incentive to get out past the break for those who turned out for a challenging session.

Bondi Members Celebrate in Honolulu

“A number of long time Bondi members made the trip to Honolulu in early October to celebrate a big birthday for Linda and Ted Baldock (brother of Cyril  and uncle of Grant).

A great series of events occurred with the Party at the Outrigger Canoe Club. Those representing Bondi Surf Club were Life Members Cyril Baldock, Keiran Speed and Bob Leitch; Long Service Members Ted Baldock (obviously), Martin Greenberg, Graham Sellars, John Larsen and Grant Baldock.

Keiran Speed took the bus to Point Panic with his flippers but fortunately for the locals the surf was flat!

A great trip by all concerned for the ‘Can’t buy Memories’ events.

Memories of Beach and Bronze

Staff in the Club Office often get requests from past members’ families looking for history on their relatives. One such was this July, from Guy Martin whose father Terry was a Bondi lifesaver in the 1960s.

Guy explained that his father has Motor Neurone Disease and increasingly talks about his proudest moments, lifesaving at Bondi being among them. He was hoping to get a copy of the Bronze Medallion that Terry had lost many years before.

After tracking down Terry’s records – he gained his Bronze in 1963 – his medallion was reproduced and the Office sent it to Guy.

“Thank you so much for helping us with the Bronze. We gave it to Dad yesterday with the family. Plenty of tears, as you can imagine,” Guy wrote in response.

“Thanks again for all your help. It was a very memorable day.”

Guy also attached pictures of Terry with his Medallion (above left) and in the ’60s (Terry is second from the left) with Hollywood actor Rod Taylor (above right).

Talking About It

Following the success of last year’s events, the Club is pleased to announce five more “Life Application Talks” hosted by our Chaplain Marty Nezval with guest speakers.

Invite a friend or bring a club mate and enjoy the hospitality of the Blue Room. The first talk is on this Sunday from 5.00pm

Marketing & Sponsorship

The latest sponsor to get on board with the Club is Will & Co.

The coast coffee brand’s first concept store and boutique roastery will open on the corner of Gould Street and Beach Road in early November, 2019. It will be a hybrid space used for training and education, roasting and retail as well as a place for the local Bondi community – a place to explore the flavour profiles of different coffee origins and experiment with alternative brewing methods.

“We are a country of coffee snobs which is fantastic as it means we are well educated, know
what a good coffee is and have an opinion on favourite brands and blends. So with all these
changes we decided now is the optimum time to open a concept store, a place where we can
continue to work closely with our clients to enhance the coffee experience in their venues and further educate the broader community,” Josh Passaro said.

The Will & Co team plan on hosting latte art smack downs, barista competitions, home barista courses and educational talks with the aim to further educate the local community on coffee culture and the science of coffee.

The space itself will feature murals by WA-based illustrator Chris Nixon and is described by the architect as being familiar but having a sense of the new and unexpected – its “unapologetic, direct and charismatic. Like Will & Co.”

Commercial television network Channel 10 has announced its partnership with Bondi Surf Bather’s Lifesaving Club  with a reminder to everyone to Swim Between the Flags during its news bulletin.

Earlier this month weatherman Tim Bailey gave a shout out to all members when he announced that Network 10 was “proud, pumped and privileged” to be in partnership with the Club.

“We love what you do, keeping Australians safe. We love your work Bondi,” he said.


Life Members on Patrol

Our Life Members have been awarded such after giving many, many years of service, as active members, board members, trainers, competitors and much, much more, to both our Club and Surf Life Saving Australia. Many have direct ties to those who established Bondi SBLSC and have helped shape surf life saving and what we do today.

This season we’re continuing our Life Members on Patrol prograrnme with the following Life Members excited and looking forward to re-connecting with patrols!

  • Baldock – Cyril Baldock
  • Bassingthwaite – Bob Leitch
  • Besomo – Harvey Barratt
  • Craven – Leo Hyde
  • Douglas – Keiran Speed
  • Fletcher – David Hoggett
  • Fullwood – Scott Laney
  • Hutchings – Rod Harvey
  • Jeppeson – Andrew McEncroe
  • McDonald – Jacob Waks
  • Meagher – Peter Stapleton
  • Nightingale – Adam Nezval
  • Ormsby – Peter Quartly
  • Walsh – Nick Nezval

Patrol In Focus – Craven – Baguettes & Brie at the Beach

By Sean Murphy

Sacre Bleu. It’s a French invasion at Craven patrol.

Well, not exactly, but newly appointed Vice captain Nicolas Eulry is one of four members of the patrol team from the nation built on liberty, equality and fraternity.

The 32-year-old engineer with communications giant Ericom  joined the Club four years ago as a way to keep fit and meet new friends. He’d emigrated from Paris two years earlier.

“I was looking basically for some training and I like water so, you know, it was a good opportunity for me to do this and also I found a great community,” Nicolas said.

“It’s really hard for us when we are foreigners to make friends with some real Australians, to bond with them, so being part of the surf club meets all this criteria and that’s why I kept  on doing it.”

Nicolas said he hoped to train for his Gold Medallion this season but was still recovering from a recent holiday back in France.

“I ate a lot so I’m out of practice, out of good shape,  so I really need to train hard and hopefully I can do my Gold this year.”

Thomas Wetula, 37, also joined the Club to keep fit and make friends but mostly to give something back to Australia after becoming a citizen four years ago.

“I  wanted to give back to the community and give back to Australia because it’s given me a lot. Also my mum actually used to be a lifeguard back in France so it’s perpetuating the tradition.”

Although he is from Saint Nom La Breteche near Paris, Thomas’ family spent summer holidays on the Atlantic coast at Arcachon where his mother was a  lifeguard.

“As a kid I was a self-taught swimmer and did a lot of body boarding and surfing but never really got into lifesaving; there’s no tradition in France,” Thomas said.

Here in Sydney he is an infrastructure  director with the Cimic Group, working on some of the city’s largest projects such as the WestConnex and Sydney Metro.

This season he has volunteered his skills as a board member at BSBSLC. He’s also a keen member of the IRB team.

“I love the fact you can keep fit, be on the beach and meet a lot of people from overseas but also locals. To me that was a very important part of lifesaving; the social impacts, the ability to make friends outside of work.”

The French connection was a bonus, he said.

“To be honest I wasn’t looking for that, but it’s a nice thing to  have and be able to share culturally with other members.”

For Craven’s first patrol of the new season another two French stalwarts, Abril Vitte and Fred Olive were away competing in and supporting Bondi’s contingent at the Coolangatta Gold.

Patrol Captain James Stewart said the French flavor added a lot to the patrol and to the Club.

“We just happen to have an awful lot of French on this patrol. It’s just coincidence but I think they add a great deal. It’s good fun,” James said.

Craven now celebrates its Gallic connection with an annual French patrol.

“Usually we have a crepe station. We start with a picnic ahead of time. We’ll have some croissants and baguettes and cheese and we try to do the radio locations in French for that patrol. Everyone seems to enjoy it. It’s good fun,” James said.

“We aim to be a very inclusive patrol. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what personality type you are – introvert, extrovert, old, young, don’t care. We just want people who are dedicated to helping people on the beach and want to be part of the team. They’re all very welcome.”

Craven Patrol Team: James Stewart PC, Nicolas Eulry VC, Glen Carlson IRBD T, Thomas Wetula IRBD, Thomas Shaw IRBC, Adam d’Angelo IRBC. Members: Juan Antic, John Haire, Adrian Jessup, Tim Lindop, Tim Marcot, Alex Mars, Gabriella Martyn, Nicholas McGowan, Thomas Nguyen, Abril Vitte, Kim Wright, Michael Barry, Amy Cartwright, Aurelien Soupart, Sheridan Lee Currey, Rohan Ball, Jack Mars. Life Member on Patrol: Leo Hyde.

Craven is named after William “Bill” Craven who was a Life Member of Bondi SBSLC and one of the Club’s great Chief Instructors. Bill was a member of many Instructional Teams, which assisted new lifesaving clubs up and down the coast. It was often said, “No sacrifice for Bondi Surf Club was too great for Bill Craven”.


Update from Director of Education Amber Jones

Hi All, I realise I was remiss in my duty to introduce myself in the last edition of the Surfer so here goes. This is my eighth season with the Club and I’ve participated in training six Bronze courses including two as Mentor Trainer.

My focus is on creating a safe and supportive learning environment that turns out top-quality, beach-ready Bronze members. Bondi Education Team is in good shape to do this, the best in NSW in fact and I can say that with confidence as we did win Services Team of the Year at the 2019 SLSNSW Awards of Excellence. This is a direct result of the efforts of previous Directors especially Leah who wrote our curriculum and Brent (now our club President) who vastly expanded our programs.

Damon Somerfield, Brent Jackson, Amber Jones and Neil Collins accept the Services Team of the Year Award on behalf of the Bondi Education Team at the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence held at Darling Harbour.

The season is really heating up for Education with BM1’s graduation on 3 November and BM2 halfway through. The Waverley College boys are underway and soon St Catherine’s girls will be our second school program. Jeremy and Sam are working hard with a massive SRC group of 34. We are also one of 16 clubs nationwide to be conducting a pilot of new course materials provided by SLSA for BM3. Some new elements of the pilot are ideas already implemented at Bondi, like shadow patrols. The end goal is a more consistent approach to Bronze courses across the country and we are proud to be helping in this effort.

Finally the next big difference we’ll be seeing this season is greater interaction across the Waverley clubs as the other three CTO’s and I combine our efforts when it comes to First Aid courses, higher awards and general use of resources.

Thanks to all the trainers for getting on board with “Proficiency on Patrol”. We have dozens of people who have completed the process. Brilliant start! I’ll give another update in the next monthly Surfer.

That’s all from me. See below for some updates from the Education Team and I’ll SYOTB.

BM1 – Icebreakers – Wrap-up

In their quest for the Bronze Medallion, our brave ladies and knights of Icebreakers 2019 continue to boldly brave the skies, the cold and the elements – although to be fair the number of elements to be boldly braved is decreasing as the season kicks in.

The Icebreakers are now tantalisingly close to glory with their mock assessments this week. They will soon be joining the hordes of Ormsby patrol, as well as perhaps one or two other patrols still to be announced.

Mark Sunday 3 November in your diaries and come down to Bottles to meet our valiant warriors and celebrate with them at their presentation.

They are: Sir Charlie (Watts) The Young – Young he may be, but he is paddling from Coogee to Bondi for charity this Sunday. GoFund him!; Sir Charlie (Willis) the Dislocated – Not to worry, just one tiny part of him is; Lady Caitlin The Swift – Swift by name, swift in the water, swift at putting her PPE gloves on; Lady Laura Of The Iron Fist – Boards everywhere – beware; Sir Daniel The Polyglott – In addition to all those human languages, we suspect he can also talk to fish; Sir Errol The Maverick – He can be our wingman anytime; Sir Bart The Simpson – OK sorry, couldn’t resist; Sir Lukas the Rocketman – Wait. Where did he go?; Lady Gabby of The Merch – Someone give this woman a Love Squad cap please; Sir Victor of The Big Goggles – we rely on him for marine life spotting; Sir Rob The Man on The Run – Shares his name with a known criminal. Fun fact: he was a pool lifesaver already. We just added water; Sir Matt of the Deathly Shallows – He now has a lightning scar on his forehead. Accio Bronze Medallion!; Sir Justin Of The Timber Lake – Yes this was a really easy joke. And somehow that is why it is appropriate; Sir Coen The Bondi Veteran – He may be new to life saving, but he is no stranger to Bondi; Sir Alexis, Chevalier de l’Ordre de Planchon – I think “planchon” has something to do with boards. Enough said; Lady Jordan the Also Very Young – … And I’m feeling very old at this point.

Thanks go out to their trainers – Olivier Brisse, James Stewart, Charlie Allen, Gwen Cavrois, Natasha Payne, Joseph Couzens, Thomas Nguyen, Michael Barry and Daniel Rosado.

BM2 – The Hoff Squad – Update

The second group of Bronzies for the season (they started their training at the end of September) are now half way through their course.

Look out for them flexing their Baywatch muscles on the beach every Sunday morning. You can expect to see them doing their shadow patrols in coming weeks with their presentation set for November 17 at Bottles.

BM3 – The Big Lebronzeski – Kick Off

Induction for the third Bronze course of the year was held on Saturday at the Club. These guys will be completing their training just before Christmas, ready to patrol over the busy holiday period. Best of luck to all of them.

Higher Awards Upcoming Courses

First Aid – 27 October
ARTC – Starts 9 November
SM Aquatic Rescue – Starts 19 November (Registration closes tomorrow. Look out for swim trials)
Spinal Management – 23 November
ARTC – Starts 24 November
SM Beach Management – 25 November (Registration closes tomorrow)
Gold Medallion – 30 November (Registration closes tomorrow. Look out for swim trials)

Book into courses by following this link and clicking on “book in here now”.

What’s Been Happening at the Club

Making Space for Youth Mental Health

Headspace Bondi Junction had a great day on Saturday 12 October, with a free barbecue and activities at the Surf Club.

Remember that all young people are welcome and celebrated at Headspace Bondi Junction, 20 Bronte Road.

A number of Club members have also been attending the Youth Mental Health First Aid course run by NSW Health at Headspace this week. The course is run over four evening sessions and teaches adults who who work with young people aged 12-25 about some of the common mental illnesses, signs to recognise when something may not be right with a young person, ways to approach them, and how to deal with some of the possible mental health crises.

Pilates and Paddle for Sick Kids

On Monday 21 October, Harries’ regular Pilates class at 7.15pm was held in support of Charlie’s Coogee to Bondi Paddle, with all money going to the Intensive Care Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Fifteen-year-old Bondi patrol member Charlie Watts spent five days in ICU earlier this year after fracturing his skull while skating down a hill. He is planning to paddle from Coogee to Bondi this Sunday 27 October (weather permitting) with support from the Club to raise funds for the Hospital and Harries’ Pilates fundraiser was part of those efforts. If you’d like to hear more about Charlie’s story and support the hospital, go to Charlie’s GoFundMe page.

MP Backs Bid for Building Funding

On Friday 11 October our local NSW Member of Parliament, Gabrielle Upton (pictured above far right with – from left – Narelle Moore, Dori Miller and Brent Jackson), was given a guided tour of the clubhouse by our President to help her see the needs of our growing membership. At the end of the tour she offered to help us get State government funding towards the new building. She also met Narelle Moore, Director of Junior Activities and Dori Miller, Director of Surf Sports.

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

In past years, accessing Bondi’s sands has proven difficult for those in wheelchairs but that’s changed with a number of initiatives led by the Club. The “mobi”chair was rolled out three times last weekend including Sunday afternoon by Bassingthwaite patrol (pictured above).

The “mobi” chair is brought out every patrol and can go in the water in the baby pool at the north end of the beach. There are also two adult and one paediatric sand chairs (donated by Bondi) that can be loaned through the Council website.

Last year, Club Captain’s award winner Felicity MacArthur led the campaign to improve disability access to the beach further with matting so that those in their own wheelchairs can make their way to the water’s edge.

“From November, after work on the access ramp at North Bondi is completed, we plan on rolling the beach matting out as part of patrol setup every weekend,” said Felicity.

Calendar Girls and Guys

Pictures for the Club Calendar have now been taken. All patrols joined in the fun with themes ranging from Surfsports and the Spring Racing Carnival to Valentine’s Day and Naidoc. Thanks to Laurie Young who is now collating the pictures and getting the calendar ready to send off to the printers.

Thanks also to Adam D’Angelo whose company, Niche projects, is sponsoring the calendar


The Nippers are Getting Bigger

With registrations now finalised for the 2019/2020 and our Nippers hitting the beach over the past few weeks, we are happy to have the largest group of Bondi Nippers and SRC members to date. With many smiling children and parents engaged in our programme, this season we are sure to have a great summer.

Please ensure you have downloaded Team App and joined Bondi Nippers for the latest news and information on our programme.

Surf Sports

Summer training kicked off last week. We will be running weekly swim, board, ski, beach sprints and soft sand running sessions. Champion Lifesaver training starts mid-November.

Download the training schedule.

Surf Sports Pre-season Meeting, Proficiency and Social

All Club members (and parents) who are competing or interested in competing are invited to attend our Pre-Season Surf Sports Meeting to learn about training, carnivals and meet the coaches.

Sunday 3 November
Pre-season Competitors’ Meeting: 10:00am (Main Hall)
Proficiency: 10:45am
​Barbecue Social: 12:00pm

If you’re interested in competing, make sure you’re signed up to the Bondi Surf Club Training Squad Facebook group where you’ll get all the information on training, events and carnivals.


Upcoming Events

Trivia Night

Friday 15 November
Doors open 7pm for a 7:30pm start
$60 a table (teams of 6 people) or $15 for a single ticket
Tickets go on sale next week. Visit the event Facebook page for more information.

Beach Tech 4

Saturday 7 December
Main Hall, Bondi Surf Club
BSBLSC is holding the fourth installment of Beach Tech! Eight Surf Lifesavers will present their work for 10 minutes with a five-minute audience Q&A. Any lifesavers who would like to present on their work in tech/digital companies and/or startups should contact James Stewart.

Inter Surf Club Bar Hop

Sunday 8 December
We’ll be strolling along the coast path from Coogee to North Bondi, stopping at each Surf Club’s bar, (per the timings below):
Coogee 1200 -1300
Clovelly 1330 -1430
Bronte 1500 – 1600
Tamarama 1630-1730
Bondi 1800-1900
North Bondi 1900+

Cash bar at each club. Join or drop out at anytime. Visit the event Facebook page for more information.

SAVE THE DATE – Christmas Party

Saturday 21 December
BSBLSC invites its members and their families to the Christmas party!!
The celebrations start from 6pm in the hall. Kid and family friendly


And, of course, Bottles every Sunday from 5pm in the Blue Room. This week Club Chaplain Marty Nezval will be hosting the first of a series of five “Life Application Talks”. Check Surfer Briefs each week for special events and presentations.

Anyone wishing to help with social events is encouraged to contact Anna Darby.

Surf Race

Memorial Events Dates

Round 1
27 October          Jack Cox
24 November     Ron Turner
15 December       Mick Shearman

Round 2
2 February          Jack Cox
9 February         Ron Turner
22 March            Mick Shearman

Round 3
29 March            Jack Cox

Race Report – Week 4 – 20 October

A great morning with a couple of waves coming though and making things interesting. The Patrol set up the race area and had the buoys in place for an on-time start. Our biggest problem at the moment is ticking members off prior to the race, with many cutting it fine. I continue to be lucky with the number of members who assist me. Once there was only Raewyn; now we have a team of helpers. Sounds a bit like Rugby Australia, but we get results.

Testing conditions meant we saw some very good demonstrations of surf swimming. It was good to see Mr. Bondi on the beach after a break in Hawaii. Paul, who has a brush with the sun and still has a couple of stiches for his pains, came down and is hopeful that he will return to his rightful place leading off B Grade each morning.

A Grade saw Kristy blow the competition away, much to the chagrin of Mark (who is still coming to terms with his abilities, as enunciated via his handicap). Alan was not far behind and is showing the skills that saw him win last season’s point score. James, in his first swim of the season, without a care in the world looked impressive in placing third ahead of a strong converging field which included a fast-finishing Dori.

B Grade saw Cadet winner Jana time trial in the race and swim an exceptional time which showed that she is fearless and already has a lot of surf skills (let’s keep her out of the Ducky for as long as possible) that bode well for future races. Our winner Caitlin, off an impressive handicap, caught the pack and a wave to pound up the beach and take gold and the “Blue Room” voucher. Second was Laura, who is also swimming well and held out Amy, who in her previous swim took out the top honours.

Unfortunately due to trying conditions we couldn’t lay the buoy for the time race. Hopefully we will have better luck next week which will make Jessie, who is passionate about doubling up for this race along with many others, a happy man.

Good numbers, however, we can do much better with your help. So come down and enjoy.

A Grade Handicap
1st Kristy McIntyre 0.55
2nd Alan Williams 1.30
3rd James Rogers 2.15
Number of starters 31

B Grade
1st Caitlin Swift 2.50
2nd Laura Brady 2.00
3rd Amy Cartwright 2.15
Number of starters 18

C Grade
1st Jana Kowalski 2.20
Number of starters 1

S Grade
Number of starters 3

Total number of starters 53

Race Report – Week 3 – 13 October

The surf was, well, a nightmare and we moved the races down towards North’s where there was an alley to get out between the breaks. A big thanks to the Patrol and Ducky for getting the buoys out, which was no small effort, and placing them so they were not washed in which meant it was a long race.

Sam showed all her skills to navigate the bank going out and then coming across it on a very heavy wave to keep out Ziggi, who always tries his heart out each week. Courtney, off a high handicap, showed that was no barrier to placing with another nice shoot to round off the A Grade results.

B Grade had a huge turnout, with Allison showing how a back marker can still win through
judicious use of her surfing skills. Long-time racer Paul P enjoyed the challenge and got himself a good ride in to beat out Patti who was just happy to enjoy the swim.

The surf was just far too big to hold Tube Races and, much to Jessie’s dismay, we did not.

A Grade Handicap
1st Sam Wolf 1.40
2nd Ziggi Legins 1.55
3rd Courtney Date 3.00
Number of starters 16

B Grade
1st Allison Legg 3.00
2nd Paul Pickering 1.40
3rd Patti Stein 1.35
Number of starters 24

S Grade
Number of starters 1

Total number of starters 41

Race Report – Week 2 – 6 October

Daylight savings is back and Ormsby Patrol has been resurrected (with the re-honouring of our first Club Captain). Tom provided the leadership along with Sam and JP was the IRB driver.

The early morning was cold but improved by the time the races commenced, with small surf again running out a very long shallow bank that resembled a Council road with potholes everywhere.

First up, Juliann asked for her handicap to be reduced from 2.25 due to her growing concern which would not have looked out of place at an old-time Bottles. I agreed subject to her not winning which she promptly did with hardly a puff. Brent was on her toes, coming in close behind and refused oxygen, although he kept his seat for a very long second (shades of Phil E). Brett was not that far behind to round off the placings in A Grade, with Jessie in the middle.

B Grade had smaller numbers with a couple of first timers including Jordon L and Garret O, who did their handicaps no favours. Amy got the money with a strong swim to hold out Felicity and a fast-finishing Bruce, who without his camera is not a bad surfer.

Our two Cadets had a great tussle and it was an interesting race with Zoe just beating out Declan.

Tube Races were back on with two heats, with Jessie and Michael taking out the honours.

A Grade Handicap
1st Brent Jackson 0.45
2nd Jessie Lockhart 1.50
3rd Brett Patterson 2.10
Number of starters 19

B Grade
1st Amy Cartwright 1.35
2nd Felicity MacArthur 2.50
3rd Bruce Wynne 2.35
Number of starters 9

C Grade
1st Zoe Fletcher 2.00
2nd Declan Fletcher 1.00
Number of starters 2

S Grade
Number of starters 1

Tube Races
1st Jessie Lockhart and Michael Hallam
2nd Callan Jones and Neil Collins
3rd Anthony Williams and Edward
Number of starters 8

Total number of starters 39

PS: Bondi Amateur Swimming Club started its 127th season on 7 October and has races from 25m to 400m from 9am each Saturday morning. This includes form strokes and is spread over a two-week cycle. Attending will certainly sharpen your times and improve your surf race abilities. This weekend we’ll be finishing with a 400m dash. There are free learn-to-swim classes for members from November and some stroke correction. If you have any queries, please speak to me or the Hallams for further information.

See you all soon on the beach

Member Benefits

Shuk Pop up at Bondi Beach is offering a 10% discount to members.

The Israeli bakery’s pop-up on Campbell Parade has a selection of breads and pastries on display at the counter. The rest of the menu is designed to be eaten on the go with sandwiches, baguettes, hummus bowls with flatbread and, on weekends, shakshuka.

They’ll be open until at least the end of February, possibly longer.

When asked why they said “We think it’s super important to be close to our locals and build local bonds!”

For other great Clubbie discounts, look out for the Bondi sticker at friendly local businesses!

Clubbie Discount participating businesses post this sticker

Don’t forget to check out the Member Benefits poster in the Club to discover new businesses supporting us.

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