Bondi Surfer No. 98

Bondi Surfer No 98

Intro & Welcome

It was so good to see the Surf Rescue Certificate team graduate last weekend.  Along with the Shark Baits and Lightning Bronze this means we now have over 500 active lifesavers with 35% under the age of 18. This means the Youth section of the club is strong, but it needs help, organisation and leadership to grow and deliver for our young members. I am so happy with the work that Nicola Watkins is doing as Youth Captain, supported by Captain of Lifesaving Michael Hallam, to build this area of the club. I ask that any 13-25 year olds who would like to help arrange social events, gatherings, barbecues, trips or other activities to make contact with her.

You will be aware we are now at Stage 2 water restrictions.  The Club has taken a series of steps to comply with this (see the article further below), but I do ask that you restrict shower time as a primary way of reducing club water use. Warm up in the steam room, don’t rinse wetsuits in the showers and try to get most of the sand off boards in the sea.

Coming up in March is one of the clubs most important days.  Make sure you block out Sunday 29 March 2020 from 2pm to 4pm in your calendar to come down to the beach and cheer our team to victory over North Bondi in the Stan Mac race (see more on the MacDonalds below).  We will be holding a swim trial for the Stan Mac on 5 January 2020 and I would like all Gold Medallion holders and all swimmers with sub six-minute 400m times to try out.  This is an event that needs the 20 fastest swimmers (and subs/reserves) in the Club and we need your help to bring back the Mac.

On behalf of the Board I wish you all a wonderful, safe and peaceful Christmas and new year.  I look forward to seeing you all on the beach over the summer.

Brent Jackson

This Week’s Patrols and Proficiencies

Saturday 21 December
8:30am-1:15pm       McDonald
12:45pm-6:30pm   Ormsby

Sunday 22 December
7:30am-1:15pm       Jeppeson
12:45pm-6:30pm   Meagher

Christmas Day – Wednesday 25 December
7:30am-1:15pm     Nightingale
12:45pm-6:30pm Baldock

Boxing Day – Thursday 26 December
7:30am-1:15pm     Walsh
12:45pm-6:30pm  Fletcher

There are no proficiencies this weekend.

The Last Chance Bronze/SRC proficiency is 9am on Saturday 28 December.

There’s also a bonus final ART proficiency being run by Marissa Saunders on 31 December, starting at 9am.

These are your last opportunities to gain your proficiency before the 31 December deadline, so sign up here.

Events & Reminders

Key Dates

  • Club Christmas Party – 21 December
  • Club Office Closed – 23 December 2019 to 2 January 2020
  • Final date for Proficiency – 31 December
  • Stan Mac Relay Swim Trial – 5 January 2020
  • Stan Mac Relay – 29 March 2020

Find more information on the Club Facebook page.

Clubbie of the Month

Our December Clubbie of the Month is Adam D’ Angelo

Adam has been a busy member of the Club since getting his bronze on 28 October 2017.  He has gained his IRB crew certificate, his Offshore Rescue Boat crew qualification and is a SLSA-qualified UAV (drone) pilot. On 21 September this year he participated in a Rescue of the Month with Surf Rescue 30 assisting in the search for a lost kitesurfer.  In the Club he has worked closely with Marketing and Laurie Young to develop, and then sponsor, the production of the Club calendar that is a fantastic Christmas present.  Thanks Adam!

House Rules

Water Restrictions

The Club has taken a range of steps to limit water use including:

  • Flow restrictors have been installed in all showerheads
  • Showerheads will be gradually replaced on breakage with low flow heads
  • Shower spindles will be replaced for any leaking showers
  • There are high-quality trigger nozzles on all hoses (please don’t remove these)

The Club has a Sydney Water exemption for washdown of craft and rescue equipment,
Permit ID: 400136
Exemption category: Special Exemption
Effective date: 10 December 2019
Permit conditions: For Level 2 Water Restrictions only.

Can all members please try to:

  • Do board washdowns over the grassed areas
  • Try to wash craft in the sea or remove sand with your hand to reduce wash time
  • Advise the office if you see any water wastage/loss

Hall Housekeeping

The Hall is very busy over summer, and used for many activities.

We have been getting a larger and larger collection of bikes and surfboards left around the Club and especially in the hall.

The damage to the walls and doors from bikes and the increase in water and sand from boards impact not only the look of our Hall, but also its maintenance and repair. Our Hall of Champions is a heritage item and subject to conservation protection under the Bondi Beach Conservation Management Plan, so we need to treat it better.

There is a set of bike racks behind the duck shed on the left hand side of the Club. These should be used and, if they get filled, we will install more.

Please be aware that all bikes and boards left in the Club’s Main Hall will be taken out to the duck shed by the caretaker, office team, or Board/Committee members as they are NOT allowed in the Hall. Currently we have four surf boards and two bikes that have been left for more than a week. The Board has decided that all bikes and boards left in the Club on 1 January will be sold on ebay. After 1 January, any bikes or boards left in the hall will just be put outside.

Any items of clothing left around in the Hall are taken to the “Lost and Found” crate behind the wet entry door. The Lost and Found is emptied to the rubbish bins on Monday and Friday by the cleaner.

For the benefit of all the members of the Club, please keep our hall clean and free of bikes, boards, clothes and junk.

Catching Up

Let’s Here It for the Girls

Congratulations to Lea Hill Bondi Icebergs Club’s newest Life member for 2019. The yes vote is not only a well-deserved accolade for Lea (pictured above by Eve Wheeler and in a group photo at the Clubs Veterans’ Day lunch – see more below), who was one of the first females to join the Icebergs when it was opened to women in 1995, but a win for women.  Lea is the first female Life Member in the Club’s 90-year history!

Next year, on 1 July, Surf Life Saving will mark the 40th anniversary of women as active surf lifesavers. Surf Lifesaving NSW is calling for stories, photos and video of our trailblazing women to help celebrate.

G’Day Mates

Two more of our members gained their Australian citizenship in the past month. Congratulations to Felicity MacArthur and Natasha Payne.

A Visit from the Family

McDonald patrol had a visit from two generations of the McDonald family late last month.

The Patrol is named after father and son, Stanley and Basil McDonald.  Stan was the first appointed chief beach inspector for Waverley Council at Bondi and, known as “The King of Bondi”. He is a key part of the Bondi legend and set the pattern for beach inspectors. Stan is still rated as having the highest rescue count in Bondi history. His son Basil was a Bondi Life member, worked at Bondi for more than 50 years and was known as “Mr Bondi”. He was awarded the Order of Australia in 1980 for his services to the community and Surf Lifesaving. He was also recognised for his bravery for his involvement in the “Black Sunday” mass rescue.

Stuart (Basil’s son) and his daughter Ashleigh visited the patrol on Sunday 24 November and shared stories of the family’s long association with the Club.

“It was amazing to hear about this amazing family and the long history they have had with Bondi Surf Club,” said Patrol Captain Simon Smith. “So proud to be part of McDonald patrol and associated with the family!”

The hotly contested 20-person “Stan Mac” (also named after Stanley McDonald) is a 20-person 400m relay race between North Bondi and Bondi held in March every year. Next year it will be on 29 March, so mark it in your diary and get down to the beach to support Team Bondi on the day.

Mos Revisited

In case you were wondering … the men behind the mouths in our Movember Gallery of Mos are: 1. Damon Somerfield, Director of Lifesaving and Meagher Patrol Captain; 2. Brendan O’Mahony, Thunder Bronze 2018/19 and Ormsby Patrol; 3. Mason Kemeny, Proficiencies and Hutchings Patrol; 4. Geoff Sumner, Assessor and Walsh Patrol Captain; 5. Ed Oakden, BM1 2018/19 and McDonald Patrol IRB Crew; 6. Daniel Tovar, BM1 2019/20 and Ormsby Patrol; 7. Will Mitchell, BM5 2018/19 and Ormsby Patrol; 8. Peter Quartly, Surf Race Handicapper and Ormsby Life Member on Patrol; 9. James Stewart, Bronze Trainer and Craven Patrol Captain; 10. Andrew Le Breton, BM3 2019/20 and Fullwood Patrol; 11. Neil Collins, Higher Awards and McDonald Patrol Vice Captain; 12. Rex Hatton, Yellow Boards Trainer. Thanks to all those who donated to Neil’s Movember fundraising.

Helping Kids Survive and Thrive

The Chaplaincy department is partnering with Autism Swim to provide an inclusion program for autistic children for five weeks in March (every Sunday – 1 March to 29 March).

Bondi Dippers is kicking off in 2020, and is a modified nippers and surf awareness program for
children with autism and other abilities, run by Autism Swim.

Each participant is allocated two volunteers:

  • A primary helper – These are helpers who are able to commit to all or the vast majority of Sundays, and will be allocated to one participant in particular. A lot of the participants have difficulty with change, so being able to stay as consistent as possible is required.
  • A Water Safety helper – Each participant also has one allocated Water Safety in addition to their primary helper (some require two helpers). This suits volunteers who aren’t able to commit to the majority of sessions, however would still like to help out. *Bronze Medallion is the requirement for this.

Training will be provided ahead of the program. We believe everyone has the right to survive and thrive in the water and we hope you do too.

Expressions of interest are now sought for those wishing to be involved. This will be a highly rewarding program guaranteed to bring much satisfaction to anyone who participates.

For further information or any questions please contact Club Chaplain Marty Nezval.

Marketing & Sponsorship

Club Calendars on Sale

It’s here – the Club calendar has arrived in time to help you tick off your gift-giving list, spend more time at the beach and less at the shops in the lead up to Christmas. The Marketing team did a roaring trade last Saturday, selling them at the Bondi Markets.

Calendars will be available at the Club Christmas Party this Saturday night and at the end-of-year Bottles on Sunday.

If you’re not down at the Club, they can be purchased online for collection from the Club, for delivery within Australia or internationally.

Order your calendars online by clicking here. 


Bondi Patrols Holiday-Ready

As we come to the busiest time of the year for our Club and our beach, we would like to say a huge thank you to all members who have trained and worked long hours behind the scenes to ensure we are rescue ready as the large crowds join us during the Christmas holidays.

The start of the season saw our patrols grow from 12 to 14, now our Bronze groups have come through to patrols our numbers are growing well to see us at full strength for the holidays.

Michael Hallam our Captain of Lifesaving has been busy working with our Bronze group trainers on patrol allocations which will see our 14 patrols grow and develop further with fresh talent.

With our key holiday dates of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, the weekend of 28-29 December and New Year’s Day approaching, we ask that any proficient members who are available put in some extra volunteer hours to support our patrols on these busy days.

Alex Ayscough, our IRB captain, and her team have again managed to support our growth by starting a crew course which will increase our numbers on patrols for this and next season.

Nicola Watkins, our Youth Captain, hosted the first successful Youth Movie Night. While there was an overwhelming request for a horror film, we watched Star Wars Rogue One. Pizza and soft drink were provided. A good time was had by all, so stay tuned for the next edition in January.

Youth Engagement Cards have rolled out across patrols for anyone under 24 years of age. It’s our programme to enable Bondi SBLSC’s youth to understand their options for progression within the Club and for their patrol captains to guide them to potential pathways. If you’re yet to get yours, please enquire with your PC.

Nicola Watkins, our Youth Captain, has been working with our cadets and assisting in our SRC allocations who join patrols ready for Christmas. She was lead trainer for the Waverley Bronze group, who all graduated successfully at the end of November.

Simon Smith our First Aid Officer and Dan Gillespie our Radio Officer have asked us to remind all members to leave the first aid room and radios ready for the next patrols, We have had a number of Saturday morning patrols coming down to find issues with radios and first aid items. If something is wrong report it via email to Simon for First Aid and Dan for Radios.Our Gear Steward Michael Delaney has been busy keeping on top of board repairs, an occupational hazard with our yellow board training numbers being so high each week. We again remind members at training and when using our yellow rescue boards to report any damage to via email.

Our Destination PC Felicity MacArthur is off to Pacific Palms with more than 30 Patrol members to manage their beach on 5-6 January. The group will travel four hours north to the sandy shores in the Booti Booti National Park, just south of Foster. This Club has fewer TOTAL members than we will be taking up to patrol with for the weekend! They are delighted to host us, letting us loose on their gear, bar and barbecue, We’re looking forward to setting the flags ourselves, enjoying the big surf if it sets in, and sunsets/sunrises on the beach. There’ll be morning yoga, inflatables, hikes into the National Park, beach volleyball and obviously keeping the beach safe. Bondi SBSLC kindly supports this Destination trip by providing the two minibuses and we will proudly show off our Bondi skills, enthusiasm, and “no lives lost” motto. Our favourite part of last year’s trip was meeting all the local clubbies as they opened the bar to us to show their thanks and we shared many stories over a drink. Stay posted next month to hear how we get on.

As the holidays start, keep safe and stay vigilant, and a Merry Christmas from the Lifesaving team!


Standing room only at Bottles on 15 December for graduation of the Lightning and Shark Bait Bronze groups.

97 Awards and Counting

It’s been an exciting season so far for Education. We have added 73 new Bronze Members to the beach including a new pilot course for SLSA. A further 30 SRC’s are also welcomed on to Bondi’s golden sand. We also added 12 new ART awards, 12 new spinal awards. More ART courses will be run next year and I strongly encourage everyone to get this valuable award.

We still have approximately 100 members who are not yet proficient. There is a proficiency on the 28th at 9am being run by Mason and Amber. THIS IS THE LAST BRONZE PROFICIENCY OF THE YEAR! Marissa has kindly offered to do a final ART proficiency on 31 December, starting at 9am – thank you Marissa.

We also need trainers for the Thunder course that starts on 11 January. It’s an abridged course for participants that are already fit covering full days across three weekends. So far we have 21 sign-ups and no trainers! If you’re interested in training please let Amber Jones or Alex Lincoln Dodgson know.

See below for updates on our recent courses – BM3 (aka Shark Bait), Typhoon, Lightning, Waverley and our SRC’s

Lightning Bronze

Bring the Lightning!

Our one-week intensive course (9-14 December) has delivered more than 30 great new lifesavers who will be a significant addition to patrol strength over summer.

Thanks to Jack Jackson for backing it up every day to train the new recruits, ably supported by Mary Taylor and Richie Campbell on a number of days. We also had training support across the week from Avani Jagavkar, Tom Hough, Veronica Fernandez, Louise Santos, Sarah Forde and John Wilcox. And water safety support from Tim Putt and Chris Ha – your efforts really helped with such a large group.

Well done to Dori Miller and Nick Nezval on getting the group together and logistics and Romy Meerkin for handling a complex admin and training program. Thanks also to Dori, Nick and Louise for a great end of course barbecue.

It was a large number of people to assess and Marissa Saunders on Thursday and Amber Jones on Saturday lead a team of assessors from many clubs (including Cronulla and Coogee) to help get the group properly tested.

Finally well done to the Bronzies themselves who spent a week in large waves, smoke haze, hot and cold days. You are all excellent new lifesavers – SYOTB!

BM3 – Shark Bait

Diving into the deep end with any ‘pilot’ can be a challenge and the Shark Bait Bronze Medallion team were not exempt from the trials that came with the SLSA Pilot. There were unusual teething problems such as the script (the app course work) being an elusive mystery for weeks, and the usual hurdles like the set (the ocean conditions) posing some obstacles on training days. However the cast of this Pilot, The Shark Bait team themselves, proved to be a determined, spirited bunch who worked together tirelessly and overcame each and every challenge to ultimately come out on top. Their tenacity to stick with it, band together and ‘just keep swimming’ was inspiring to see and for their trainers, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this Bronzie course. Not only is their performance throughout the course to be applauded, but the performance of their song at the graduation will be a hard act for others to follow too! Well done Shark Bait!

Waverley Bronze

The Waverley Bronze Medallion Course (Edition II) all successfully passed their exams at the end of November. A great achievement for them all and we’re lucky to have such a capable group of lifesavers joining our patrols. Please make them feel welcome.

SRC Training

Our Under 14 Nippers SRC team along with their Age Managers, John and Richard and their assistants, and trainers Jeremy and Sam assisted by Daniel R, Dan, Gary, Daniel B and Natalie did a fantastic job of getting through their assessment and completing their course. We are proud to have them on the beach this summer in their patrol uniforms.

Typhoon Bronze

Great work from the Typhoon Bronze team who completed their two-day course by passing their Part B in some big and challenging conditions on Sunday December 8. Thanks to all the trainers and assessors who helped with this course, especially Marissa Saunders who did a huge job bringing the team’s first aid, CPR and theory up to speed, Isabelle Ulliana for signals, Kristy McIntyre and Robert Chapman for boards, Jim Kornmehl for spinal and Geoff Sumner for assessing. Thanks also to Dylan Hackers, Liam Grebert and Xiang Ma for helping out with water safety. Well done to Nick Nezval and Dori Miller for handling all the set-up and logistics.

Bronze Training – Upcoming Courses

The next Bronze courses begin in the second week of January.

  • Thunder – an intensive course held over three weekends – will run on 11-12 January, 18-19 January and 25-26 January
  • BM4 will run on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11 January.

If you know anyone who’s interested in either course, get them to sign up at or email

You can get more info and dates on Bronze courses here.

Higher Awards – Upcoming Courses

Gold Medallion is being run at North Cronulla on 11 January. Registrations have closed and qualifying swim times must be submitted by COB 7 January.

There’s also a Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue course being run at North Cronulla starting on 14 January.

The next First Aid course at Bondi is on Sunday 2 February.

If you’re interested, enrol for Higher Awards courses by following this link and clicking on “book in here now”.

Patrol in Focus

Wild and Woolly for a League of Nations

By Sean Murphy

The face of modern Australia is on display at Ormsby patrol.

On the first day of summer when 10 freshly minted Bronze Medallion recipients reported for duty, just one of them was Australian born. Their number included Dutch, French, British, Irish, Belgian, Lithuanian and Canadian members.

The common thread of their membership was a desire to give something back to their newly adopted country and an opportunity to make new friends.

Ruth Goumans, 28, had signed up for her Bronze only a fortnight after arriving in Australia from the Netherlands  to live with her Sydney-based partner. The Amsterdam native graduated as a qualified lifesaver before she even had a visa to look for paid work as a brand management and marketing specialist.

“First of all I expect to be able to give something back to the community, hopefully not too many rescues but mainly preventing them,” she said.

“I already have a great experience until now meeting a lot of people, like locals. For me it’s another way to fit in the community in Bondi and it’s been great so far.”

Those sentiments are shared by 27-year-old Emily Plastow (pictured above right), who grew up in landlocked Nottingham, England.

“I think the social side is really great. That’s good for anyone who has moved here from overseas,” Emily said.

“Fitness is a big thing and just feeling more confident in the water. I love it, going out early in the morning mid-week as well.”

She said she was grateful for a quiet first day and was hoping she could build on her surf skills as the summer unfolded.

“We’ve not got any Christmas patrols but we have Australia Day afternoon so I think that’s going to be very different to today – quite hectic I imagine. I’m looking forward to it as well you know because  you’ve learned all these skills, you want to put them into practice, get better, improve. I am looking forward to it but, yeah, it is a bit nerve-wracking knowing there’ll be a really busy day coming up.”

Patrol Captain Tom Levi (pictured above right) said the morning’s strong southerly conditions and lack of many beachgoers meant his team could get to know one other without the pressure of a busy day.

“I think on a day like today where it’s a bit woolly and windy the main objective  is that everyone gets to meet each other, doesn’t just hang out in their Bronze groups  and gets to have  a chat about how to apply their skills on the beach,” he said.

The former lawyer turned management consultant is in his sixth season as a Bondi lifesaver and was promoted to patrol captain after serving as vice captain on Craven.

He said Ormsby had a good blend of youth and experience in its roster of 30 volunteers and he hoped to build an atmosphere of fun and professionalism.

“I’m  trying to get the right balance between enough seriousness on the beach that you’re doing all you need  to do, but recognising that everyone is a volunteer and wants to have a good time – so making sure it’s a fun environment for everyone,” Tom said.

As a personal goal he hopes to qualify for his Gold Medallion this year for a fourth time, a challenge he recommends to all members.

“I highly encourage people to push themselves further than they think they can go,” he said.

“If you told me seven years ago that I’d be a Gold Medallion surf lifesaver and Patrol Captain, I would have said ‘you’re joking’.”

It’s fitting that one of Bondi’s two new patrols this year  is named after the Club’s foundation captain Lyster Ormsby, who also designed Australia’s original surf rescue reel in 1906. The prototype surf line and belt was modelled on a cotton reel and hair pins and although it’s no longer in active service, it continues to be used in lifesaving competitions and was adopted as the Club logo.

Ormsby Patrol Team:  Tom Levi PC, Jeremy Davis VC, Samantha Wolf VC, Jean-Paul Buhagiar IRBD, John Macleay IRBC, Gwen Cavrois IRBC. Members: Luke Ryan, Caroline Pierce, Neil McVeigh, Brendan O’Mahoney, Giorgio Morazzano, Will Mitchell, Denise Meuldijk, Nicholas Smith, Simon Robson, Jeremy Munce, Charlie Willis, Lukas Krauss, Daniel Sanchez-Tovar, Matthew Werner, Bart Van Ooy, Errol Shedd, Robert Jackson, Ruth Goumans, Emily Plastow, Sophia Kent, Jasper Cately, Ryan Cussen, Mimi Worssam, Toby Ryan, Noah Paver, Ry Worssam. Life Member on Patrol: Peter Quartly.

Ormsby is named after Lyster Ormsby. Known as the gentle giant, Ormsby was a Foundation and Life Member of Bondi SBLSC. He was the first Club Captain in the year of foundation 1906. He was responsible for the formation of the Surf Bathers’ Association of NSW (the beginnings of the Surf Life Saving Association). Lyster Ormsby organised the first life saving duty roster for Bondi SBLSC members. 

Ormsby’s prototype model of the surf reel was made with a cotton reel and hairpins. It was first demonstrated on 23 December 1906 and allowed a swimmer to reach a patient, and then be assisted by the crew on the beach pulling them back to the beach. While lifesaving competitions still include the use of the reel, it was phased out of active service for rescues in 1994. 
Ormsby gained an Instructor Certificate from the Royal Lifesaving Society in March 1908. 

Positions Held in the Club:
Club Captain – 1906, 1908
President – 1921, 1922

What’s Been Happening at the Club

A Merry Boarding Wednesday

The Club’s board training groups paddlers and special guests got in early with Christmas cheer  on Wednesday morning (18 December). Santa hats, suits and beards, Christmas onesies, rashies and aprons were all donned for a morning of “races”, “competition” and fun. The comp boards definitely had the edge for races to the beach and out to the shark buoy but the yellow boards came into their own when it came to who could stand up and stay up the longest. “Santa Blake” won by a long margin. The images above, courtesy of Tim Read, Gary Beath and Adam D’Angelo tell much of the rest of the morning’s story.

Gold Medallionists

Congratulations to Simon Barbetti, Michael Barry, Mark Fabik, Pep Font, Dori Miller, Jonathon Potts, Damon Somerfield, Aurelien Soupart and Samantha Wolf who completed the first Gold Medallion assessment of the year on November 30 in testing conditions at Maroubra.

It’s a big accomplishment to get your Gold whether it’s your first or fifth time. Well done!

If you’re interested in the gold then get your swim time done and chat to one of this lot if you have any questions.

The next Gold Medallion assessment is on 11 January 2020. Swim time must be registered by 7 January. Gold training sessions are held every Wednesday morning.

Celebrating our Heritage

On Friday December 6 we celebrated Veterans Day in the Blue Room.

This event was originally set up in the mid-’90s by Life Member Kieran Speed and it is one of the standout events on our annual calendar, bringing together the people who represent the history and heritage of our great club.

Thanks to Cyril Baldock and Dori Miller for their hard work behind the scenes to make this year’s lunch a success. Thanks also to Tim Read for photos from the day.

A special treat was the attendance of our oldest member Peter McIntyre. He joined the Club on 12 May 1940 as a 16-year-old, gained his bronze on 1 March 1941 and received his 70-year service award in 2010. We look forward to presenting his 80-year award at the next lunch.

Our Patron, Peter Stapleton lead a minute’s silence for the eight member of our Club who passed away over the past year.

We provided some brief updates on the Club – winning Branch patrol of the year, State service team of the year for education, and being Branch, State and National champions for Masters competition for the third year in succession.

We also let members know that we have reformed Ormsby patrol and created McDonald Patrol, both with a strength of more than 20 lifesavers.

Our Nippers has grown 30 percent with 450 nippers taking to the sand and 34 SRCs will graduate next weekend – our largest contingent ever. When they graduate we will have around 500 active patrolling members with 35 percent between the ages of 15 and 18.

Members also heard from the Chair of our Fundraising Committee, Garrett O’Connor on the building progress. He asked for help from members who would like to help with the process and also introductions to corporate sponsors and benefactors who might be interested in supporting the new building project.

We presented 50- and 60-year service awards to members and heard a few stories from Bob Tate on past Christmas Cheer events … time has past but memories haven’t faded!

Celebrating Our Five-Year-Olds

More than 40 patrol members received their Surf Life Saving Australia’s Five-Year National Patrol Service Award at Bottles on Sunday 1 December. To qualify, members must complete 40 hours of patrol per season for five years.

A special thank you to Dori Miller and the office team who helped put the applications in with SLSA to make this happen.

Thanks for your service and all your hard work in Surf Life Saving over the years.

Beach Tech IV

For the fourth installment of Beach Tech, held at the Club on the afternoon of Saturday 7 December, we had some amazing talks from James Stewart, Gareth Robertson, John Haire, Mathew Werner, and Neil McVeigh.

Classic Sunday Fun

The Bondi Surf Club Clubbie Classic 2019, held on 8 December, was a great success.

We had the biggest number of starters yet this year. We also had bigger surf this year but that didn’t stop anyone, especially the young Bondi Nippers. Wow they were all very impressive! Well done to all the nippers who showed no fear in the pounding surf. It was also great to see a diverse mix of members – young and old, new and veteran – join in, have fun and race together.

The races consisted of a Dash for Glory (a sprint race from out the back), a mega relay with combined teams of all ages from nippers to masters, an M-shaped course which was reduced to a regular race due to the surf conditions and the crowd-favourite style-riding event.

Thank you to all members who participated on the day – there was definitely a great atmosphere. And thanks to those who helped out with the set up and pack up – Simon Watto, Pep Font, Rob Harvey, Nick Nez, Matty Malcolm and Stewie cooking the snags supplied by Harris Farm as well as the sponsors of the event Kinvel Projects and  R&W Bondi Beach.

Even though the day is about having a go and getting a taste of racing, congrats to those who took out the events – Oliver Hackers, Nicola Watkins, Felicity MacArthur and Jacob Waks. It was also great to see veteran Bondi competitor ‘Veg’ Rick van Kampen enter in the event from Queensland.

We hope you all enjoyed the day. Let’s do it again next year!
Jason Taylor & Ryan Jenkin

Coastal Walk Bar Hop

Also on Sunday 8 December, members of North Bondi, Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee Surf Clubs gathered at midday for the Inter Surf Club Bar Hop. Starting at Coogee, the Bar Hop spent an hour at each bar then enjoyed walking along the coastal walk with a cracking pace led by James Stewart (and his hat and whistle).

It was great spending time with fellow lifesavers and seeing the other Surf Clubs. The night ended on a high at North Bondi, joining in the celebration at the end of their Christmas Party. A huge thank you goes out to the Social Reps at each of the Surf Clubs and James Stewart for helping put on a great event!


A Well-Earned Holiday Break

We say farewell to 2019 this week as we take a break from our Nippers program over the holiday period.

It’s been a very busy end to the year, with the Waverley Shield, visits from sponsors, Under 13 Development camp, the Ohana Carnival and the completion of the Surf Rescue Certificate  (SRC) award as of 34 of our Under 14 team succeed in their SRC assessment.

We look forward to 2020 when we resume activities on 19 January at Bondi and send our competition team to the Manly Nippers Nats carnival to represent us in the Blue & White.

I take this opportunity to wish all our Nippers community and the wider Bondi Surf Club community a safe and happy holiday period.

Surf Sports

The full training schedule continues throughout the Christmas and New Year break.

Click here for the schedule of training times.

If you’re interested in competing, make sure you’re signed up to the Bondi Surf Club Training Squad Facebook group where you’ll get all the information on training, events and carnivals.


Surf Club Christmas Party

This year the Christmas Party will be held downstairs in the hall from 6pm on Saturday 21 December. This family-friendly event will include a barbecue, kids’ (and big kids’) activities and a visit from Santa! The bar will be open to buy drinks from 6pm. The Party Planners have also decided that the event will be FREE FOR UNDER 18s.

Tickets are on sale now through Try Booking!
Members: $20
Non-members: $25

If you have already purchased a family ticket, contact the office for a $10 refund.

For more information visit the Event Facebook page. Volunteers are needed to help out on the night and beforehand. Please contact Social Secretary Anna Darby. Discount on ticket and/or free drink for volunteers.

If you’re at the Club but not attending the Christmas Party, please use the wet entrance on Saturday evening.

See you on Saturday!!


This Sunday’s Bottles is the last for the year. The Blue Room will be open from 5:00pm.

Surf Race

Memorial Events Calendar

The season’s remaining Memorial Event dates are:

  • Jack Cox Round 2 – 2 February 2020
  • Ron Turner Round 2 – 9 February 2020
  • Mick Shearman Round 2 – 22 March 2020
  • Jack Cox Round 3 – 29 March 2020

Race Report – Mick Shearman Round 1 – 15 December

Fellow Clubbies

A great morning, with a couple of waves coming through and making things interesting. The Patrol (Besomo) set up the race area and had the buoys in place for an on-time start. We had a lot of competition with an SRC squad of around 30 doing their thing and a big proficiency, as well as the Nippers who had their final swim of the year. Hopefully this will now allow the older Nippers to come down and have a swim.

It was the first round of the Mick Shearman Memorial, which is a crucial part of gaining Club Patrol Proficiency. We saw only seven members stay around for the resus component, including Mark who got out of a hospital intensive care bed, came down and provided an inspirational display with his broken hand. Hopefully there will be more for Round Two.

Mr. Bondi (Keiran Speed) was down on the sidelines giving advice and taking it all in. A blast from the past in Uncle Charlie (a regular for many many years) was also there, coming down from Narrabeen to do his proficiency.

Back in the water was Bondi’s favourite mum Juliann, with her bub and wanting a
reduced handicap. Unfortunately for everyone motherhood seems only to have made her quicker and we look forward to seeing her again as a regular.

A Grade saw Michael, with a little judicious coaching from Dad hit the sand first after a bit of toing and froing in the break with his surfing skills not letting him down. It was great to see three generations of Coopers on the beach and knowing another generation of lifesavers are heading our way. Second was President Brent who, following in Jacob’s footsteps, is a regular on the podium. Kristin was third in what was a good race over a decent length with rips and waves thrown in.

I lead B Grade from the start and was swamped by a trio of female swimmers who powered past me as if I was standing still (which some kind members felt was a good word picture of my ragged finish). The ladies, who I could only stop and watch, were awesome. In order of hitting the line was Robyn, Gabriele and Annabelle.

Jessie set the buoy for the tube race. At first it looked like the distance the Nippers use to run
around the rope for the youngest kids. Two heats was not bad going and the support is great.

The Blue Room vouchers for this year have ended but I am assured they will continue to support the races in the new year. Their support is greatly appreciated. Whenever I get down for Bottles, it is always a great time and the food is fantastic.

We do not have a break and will swim right through the festive season. All we need for the races to be successful, is your continued support.


A Grade Handicap
1st Michael Cooper 0.50
2nd Brent Jackson 2.25
3rd Kristin Nagy 2.00
Number of starters 31

B Grade
1st Robyn Farmer 2.00
2nd Gabriele Lasauskaite 2.00
3rd Annabelle Marcot 2.00
Number of starters 13

C Grade
1st Laszlo Vodopivec  2.00
Number of starters 1

S Grade
Number of starters 3

Tube Races
1st Jesse Lockhart-Krause and Anthony Williams
2nd Courtney Date and Jacob Waks
3rd Karsten Jarke and Laurie Young
Number of starters 13

Total number of starters 61

Surf Race Images – Week 10 – December 1

Surf Race Images – Ron Turner Memorial Round 1 – November 24


Bondi Surfer No. 98
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