Bondi Surfer No. 101

The Bondi Surfer No. 101

Photo: Christmas Day 2019 at Bondi with Baldock’s PM patrol.

Intro & Welcome

The Clubhouse has returned to normal after the high energy Bushfire Relief activities.  However, the Club is still committed to supporting the South Coast Surf Clubs in their community rebuilding activities. This will include:

  • providing relief patrols to the South Coast Clubs when requested to give the volunteers there time to focus on their rebuild while allowing holidaymakers to safely swim. This weekend, a patrol will look after the Malua Bay Beach for the Batemans Bay Surf Life Saving Club – see more below
  • encouraging tourism and business interaction with the South Coast
  • deploying funds and goods to South Coast Surf Clubs so they can hold community-focused events for tourism or community-building in their area
  • to support this, we are auctioning a spectacular hand-crafted kayak (see more below). Even if you cannot bid yourself, please share the information on this auction widely to maximise the funds we can send south

Lifesaving patrols are very strong at present and Education has put out a record number of new Bronzes. Teams will be starting planning for how we maximise the benefit of this next year.

Excitingly, the Competition team is now ramping up for the carnival season.  Large contingents have been training hard on board, ski, beach and swim.  Last week, 10 junior members started ski training and we have growing participation from junior and open competitors. If you can make it to a carnival, please come along to cheer the Blue and White.

All of this activity and growth demonstrates why we need to plan for the future with our new Clubhouse conservation and upgrade plan.  I am delighted to advise that the Club and Council have now agreed on the Architect and Lead Consultant who has already started teams working on developing the design for community consultation. We will provide members more information on the project and the case for change over the next month.

Brent Jackson


This Week’s Patrols


Saturday 25 January
8:30am-1:15pm      Baldock
12:45pm-6:30pm   Fullwood

Sunday 26 January – Australia Day
7:30am-1:15pm       Besomo
12:45pm-6:30pm   McDonald

Monday 27 January – Australia Day Public Holiday
7:30am-1:15pm       Walsh
12:45pm-6:30pm   Ormsby


Events & Reminders


Key Dates

  • Manly Open Carnival – 25 January
  • Freshwater Carnival – 26 January
  • Access Bondi Launch and Party – 1 February
  • Jack Cox Memorial Event – Round 2 – 2 February
  • Bottles Chaplaincy Talk #3 – 2 February
  • Trainers’ Mid-Season Meeting – 16 February
  • Bottles Concussion Seminar – 23 February
  • Stan Mac Relay – 29 March

Find more information on the Club Facebook page.


Clubbie of the Month

Clubbie of the Month

Our January Clubbie of the Month is the Bondi Community.

Over the past two weeks, more than 800 members of the Bondi community came to our aid when we called for assistance with our Bushfire Relief efforts. We will be developing a programme to recognise everyone who supported us, but we also recognised 20 people who worked tirelessly for many days and took on positions of leadership in our relief structure.

The Board recognised each of these 20 people with full honorary membership of the Club. They represent the selfless volunteer spirit and “can do” attitude that are hallmarks of the Bondi spirit.

  • Mal Odgers – Logistics Co-ordination
  • Gerard Needham – Loading, Warehouse Controller
  • Paul Wilson – Loading, Driving
  • Marcus Harrington – Forward Logistics Co-ordination
  • Josie Jakovac – Load Controller
  • Peter Davison – Donor support, Receipt, Sorting, Packing, Driver x2
  • Rosie Davison – Welcoming and Information, Receipt, Sorting, Packing, Driver x 2
  • Quentin Bacon – Packing, Loading
  • Natt Armstrong – Loading, Driver x 2
  • Jeremy Cocks, Woollahra Council – Forklift Driver
  • Colin Sutherland, Woollahra Council – Forklift Supervisor
  • Patrick Connor, Waverley Council – Delivery Coordinator
  • Léna Le Rolland – Sorting, Packing, Driving to Broulee SLSC
  • Kat Neylan – Sorting, Packing, Area Coordinator, Leader
  • Peta Estens – Sorting, Forward Logistics Coordinator, Loader, Driver x 2
  • Marnie Holden – Receipt, Sorting, Packing, Comms
  • Elif Aslan, Redfern Mosque – Special order acquisition
  • Paul Camugila – First load driven out, Driver x 2
  • Sally Betts – Coordination, Networks, Procurement, Receipting, Sponsors, Storage
  • Lorena Sígala – Phones, Logistics


Catching Up

Kayak for Auction

Photography courtesy of Tim Read.

Auction for Bushfire Relief

Over the past week you may have noticed that there’s been an exquisite hand-built kayak in the Main Hall. The builder (an ex-Nipper dad) spent over 600 hours crafting it but, as he lost his own house 35 years ago to fire, he felt it would be better used raising money for bushfire relief.

We will be auctioning the kayak to raise funds to support South Coast Surf Clubs as they help their communities rebuild. Your help, spreading the word about the auction amongst your friends and business contacts, will ensure its success. You can share the link here.

Bushfire Relief

Destination South Coast

Following our Bushfire Relief efforts at the start of January, we’ve been encouraging people to support the Spend With Them campaign and visit fire-affected communities to support local businesses as they rebuild their communities.

The Batemans Bay area was severely affected by the fires and the Surf Club was a centrepoint of safety for so many during that time. When the rain came late last week and the emergency situation abated, they issued a call for assistance from other surf clubs so their patrolling members could get much-needed respite.

Destination Captain Felicity MacArthur asked for help from anyone able to assist with a destination patrol on the Australia Day Long Weekend. The Surf Club has been the centre of the community in recent weeks down there, and understandably the members now require some time off from patrolling to recover.

“This is a chance to tangibly help out the community down there; even buying your coffees with the local businesses will help! Rest assured, the area is now entirely safe, their roads, businesses and infrastructure are all back up and running,” Felicity posted on the Club’s Facebook page.

A patrol team of 15 Bondi Surf Club members will set off tomorrow for the four-hour drive south, with many Nipper families heading down to spend the weekend camped out in the surf club, bringing money to the area as well as keeping their beaches safe. We look forward to meeting the locals down there and showing our support. I’m sure we’ll hear a few stories.

Bondi Clubbie spirit on show again!

Bottle Talks: Nicola Gibb

Bottles Talks Are Back

On Sunday 2 February, Nicola Gibb will be sharing her inspiring story at Bottles.

Nicola represented Australia in the World Diving Championships at just 11 years of age and was pursuing her dream to represent Australia at the Olympics when she had a major accident while diving off the 10-metre tower at the National Championships. The accident forced Nicola to give up her dream of diving for Australia. She suffered massive disappointment, enduring tremendous physical and emotional pain for 15 years.

Today known as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ Nicola is a fun, transparent, and an entertaining storyteller. She will be sharing with us an encouraging message to motivate people to pursue their dreams, but also telling her testimony of restoration to help others transform their lives.

Bring a friend, Club mate or neighbour to hear Nicola’s story of hope in the midst despair on 2 February.

Bad Behaviour for a Good Cause

Bad Behaviour for a Good Cause

The annual Gary Emmerton Classic, a “win at all costs” race across the bay for board paddlers was postponed before Christmas and will now be held on Tuesday 11 February.

The race has two categories – yellow boards and race boards. There are no rules. Anything goes. It’s win at all costs with a deep water start in front of Icebergs and a race to the finish line at the boat ramp at Ben Buckler.

The race was started by Gary to shine a light on heart health and there is always pretty fierce competition for the title of fastest and worst behaved.

Bottles’ Talking Heads

Dr Adrian Cohen will be our feature speaker at Bottles on 23 February, bringing everyone up to date on concussion and head injury research.

Adrian is an internationally acclaimed expert in remote area medical services, occupational medicine, international medical evacuation and emergency medical services. He has spent more than 20 years in Emergency Medical Services in Australia and abroad specialising in Medical Risk Management, pre-hospital care, helicopter and international retrieval with a special focus on preventable head and neck injuries.

As concussion became recognised as an important issue in its own right, he created the HeadSafe program in 2012. Check out their website for more information.

Bondi Patrol on Tour

Bondi Patrol on Tour

On the first weekend of the year, while Bondi Surf Club was packed to the rafters with donations for bushfire relief and volunteers helping to sort them and Bondi’s sands were packed with beachgoers, there was also a team patrolling at Pacific Palms SLSC. This club, bordering the Booti Booti National Park four hours’ north of Sydney, has 30 patrolling members, many of whom are also RFS volunteers. The 27-strong Bondi team camped in their Clubhouse, enjoying meals eaten on the balcony organised by Belinda Hartmann. We hiked through the national park to Seven Mile Beach, with Kristin Nagy performing a rescue of a young girl during our swim stop. We plaited hair. Donal O’Brien played the guitar. We danced as we washed up after dinner. We mermaided and rode a unicorn! We showed off our beach volleyball skills, AND we kept the beach safe giving their members the weekend off. We got to set the flags, play on the Jetski and IRBs and generally spread the Bondi spirit and love. The team up there love Bondi. They bought our calendar, and we bought their swimmers. They can’t wait to have us back next year and we can’t wait to be there!

Calendars to Help Rebuild

There are still some copies of the Club Calendar available.

All proceeds from sales will now go to the Trust Fund that has been set up to help South Coast surf clubs with the job of rebuilding their communities. So buy one (or more) to help fire-affected communities and spend time with your Surf Club friends all year round.

You can buy them through the office or online.

Access All Bondi Beach Areas

Access All (Beach) Areas

This project has been ongoing for Bondi Surf Club and Waverley Council for two years now! Why has it taken so long you ask? Well, Bondi is a difficult, sometimes dangerous beach with big surf and, as we know, thousands of visitors! Add the beach’s heritage status and some Council, legal and accessibility restrictions, and this means a big old project. After a grant of $30k+ was achieved last year, as well as donations from our own Jim Khormehl’s Projex and fundraising from our fabulous Clubbies, I was finally able to order 50m of beach matting, a roll’n’stow device and a paediatric sand wheelchair. We were donated a Mobi Chair by the MS Society that now can go in the water!

Part of the issue from Council getting this project going was community integration. At Bondi Surf Club, we should be proud that we are moving this forward and enabling this to happen. Putting the matting away will now be part of our pack-up duties on Saturday afternoons along with continuing to put the Mobi Chair out while patrol is on. Hopefully North Bondi are also going to help roll it out and pack it away on Sundays!

We should also be proud that there is only one other beach in the whole of Sydney Branch that has accessible access (Malabar Beach). The matting allows wheelchair users to get down into the sand to be with their friends and family, nearer the shore. Those wanting to head closer to the water can loan the Council’s sand chairs (available through their website), our use our Mobi Chair. We’ve already had lots of users of the chair this season – three in one weekend!

Please come down and support the Launch Day on Saturday 1 February, 11am-2pm  at the North Bondi grassy knoll / new ramp and pool. Sausage sizzle, speeches from Brent and the Mayor, and a great day for inclusivity! 🙌👌 – Felicity MacArthur

Bondi Dippers Volunteers Needed

Taking a Dip at Bondi

The Chaplaincy department is partnering with Autism Swim to provide an inclusion program for autistic children for five weeks in March (every Sunday – 1 March to 29 March).

Bondi Dippers is a modified nippers and surf awareness program for children with autism and other abilities run by Autism Swim. Each participant is allocated two volunteers: a primary helper and a Water Safety helper and expressions of interest are now sought from those wishing to be involved. This will be a highly rewarding program guaranteed to bring much satisfaction to anyone who participates.

We believe everyone has the right to survive and thrive in the water and we hope you do too. Training will be provided ahead of the programme. You can find information about the Dippers Programme for Volunteers and on Autism Swim  by following the links here.

For further information or any questions please contact Club Chaplain Marty Nezval or Felicity MacArthur.

Photo from  Bunbury SLSC in Western Australia

Searching the Mental Archives

The attached is a photo from  Bunbury SLSC in Western Australia. We have been asked if we can identify the team as Bunbury’s guess is it may be Bondi because of the quarter caps. If you recognise anyone or the Club costume, can you please let me know? – Thanks, Doc



Life Saving

Firstly, a huge thank you to all members and their families for their hard work, support and encouragement of our patrol members in the run up to and during the busy patrol dates. We remained vigilant as ever and led first-class patrols from the front on some very busy and active days.

Our Waverley Lifeguard team leaders have asked me to pass on a big thank you from the lifeguards and appreciation for excellent patrols on these key busy dates; our patrol training and leadership was outstanding and it showed.

Off the back of the holidays we saw the bushfire appeal which, despite being one of our Club’s biggest public events in recent history, did not affect our ability to maintain a strong patrol presence/numbers and kick off our IRB crew course with strong numbers. In fact it strengthened our patrol morale, numbers, camaraderie and team work on many many levels as you would have no doubt seen.

It makes me incredibly proud as a Club member and a member of the Board when our patrol members pull together like this during busy and challenging times. We also acknowledge the friends and family that support us when we head to the beach for patrols. On Boxing day Cyril Baldock and I shared a Christmas phone call about Club spirit. Cyril had joined the Baldock Christmas day patrol, again showing the strength and encouragement of our Life Members affiliated with each patrol in our Club.

As we move towards the Australia Day long weekend and then onto Easter holidays, our lifesaving members continue to work hard both at Bondi and beyond as you will read below.

Damon Somerfield,
Director of Lifesaving

A Merry Bondi Christmas

On behalf of the lifesaving team we wanted to say thank you to all the members who came down and helped out over the Christmas/New Year period. With no shortage of busy days, it was fantastic to see some of the old heads combine with our new recruits to keep the beach safe.

Christmas Day at Bondi offered plenty of action for members of Nightingale and Baldock patrols and all those volunteers who turned up to help them out. Boxing Day was a little less busy for Walsh and Fletcher patrols. The swell had settled and the numbers were certainly more manageable but with low tide at 4pm and a “marine animal” sighting at 5:45pm, the afternoon kept them on their toes.

I don’t think anyone put it better than our Christmas afternoon Patrol Captain Gareth Robinson, so sit back and enjoy.

Michael Hallam,
Captain of Lifesaving

Jeez I love this club …

My first Christmas patrol was such a humbling, exciting (stressful) and fun experience so whilst the memories are fresh I wanted to talk ‘a little’ about the clubbie Christmas spirit, which was so much on display yesterday, thank a few people and share some positive vibes about Bondi Surf Club. Every once and a while my experience with Bondi Surf Club and Nippers reinforces the value, enjoyment and reward you get from volunteering, yesterday was no exception! In over four years patrolling I’m struggling to remember a more rewarding patrol experience than yesterdays… If I’m in Bondi next year over Christmas and NY, 100% I will be volunteering on one of the busiest public holiday shifts to help whoever is on patrol out. As with most things in life you get more than you give.

Bondi put on an amazing Christmas afternoon. The sun was out, the water was warm, we had 3+ foot surf coming into the bay (well done IRB crew!) and whilst hard to count close to 30,000 on the beach. Out of those 30,000 people 60 were Bondi Surf Lifesavers (including Nightingale from the morning patrol) who, along with the Waverley Lifeguards, were responsible for 80% of the beach.

It was one of those patrol starts to remember, within 1-min of the handover we had a suspected broken ankle at Southern outpost and when I got back to the tent, everyone was deployed and we had a patient in the tent with a serious fin chop to an ear. That first 30-min was a bit of a blur and the radio was running on full speed (thanks Dan!), however, it was a great example of how a team can get stuff done far better than an individual … Shout out to Michael and Nicola from morning patrol for hanging back to help out until things ‘settled’ – you guys really helped that start out!

Six hours later, after 7pm when we got off the beach, I didn’t quite get the numbers,however, they looked something like this:

  • Over 100 rescues (a quick shout out to my daughter Summer for her first tube rescue on her very first patrol as SRC)
  • 1 mass rescue (9+ swimmers with the Jetski’s coming to the fore as a piece of rescue kit)
  • Over 1,000 preventions
  • 8+ people pulled out of the water by the IRB with a couple requiring oxygen (thanks Donal, Tim & Dan – you did an amazing job!)
  • Half a dozen surfboard injuries.
  • 3 lost children safely returned to their parents

Thanks all, happy and safe holidays and SYOTB soon!
Cheers, Chop




Update from Director, Amber Jones

Hey all, looking to book the Education mid-season meeting – at this stage on the afternoon of Sunday 16 February. Any current trainers and anyone interested in training should come. Join the Bondi SBLSC Education page on Facebook for more news.

All patrolling members should stay posted for upcoming ART courses – we want as many lifesavers as possible with these these valuable skills.

BM5 this year is looking to be a massive course and we could use another two to four trainers. BM5 was my bronze and has been my favourite to teach over the years thanks to the fun vibe, and the warm water doesn’t hurt. Also, if you have friends you want in the Club, get them signed up now as BM5 is filling fast!

We are looking at kicking off the Swim Sisters programme again this season. As two of the ladies are now members of Garie Surf Club, we only need one female trainer to join them. They are looking to do a one-hour session at 7:30am or 8am on Saturday mornings. I’ll be running some sessions but if anyone else wants to make themselves available for sessions that would be great. The ladies are training for the Bondi Bluewater which is scheduled for 23 February so there are only five sessions to do.

There are currently almost 30 Bronzies in training across Thunder and BM4. Thanks to all the dedicated trainers – Mike Gencher and Dan Gillespie bringing immeasurable enthusiasm to Thunder, Alex LD and Anne-Marie Kruk getting amongst it with BM4 (Anne-Marie you make me one proud mama bear). Shout out to all the assistants – Avani Jagavkar, Caroline Pierce, Jonathan Potts, Verity Newlove, Anna Darby and Max Gonzales – we couldn’t do it without you.

Check out how the courses are going below.

BM Thunder – Update

The Thunder Bronze Medallion legends started off their first weekend of training with some unlucky surf conditions so, as this course is only three weeks long, hit the books hard. They thundered through theory and First Aid in preparation to hit the beach running on the second week.

As luck would have it, the second weekend’s conditions were just as bad with a strong southerly and choppy conditions that made training hard but the Thunder BM’s rose to the challenge and blitzed it all.

Blue lips and shaking bodies on the beach on Saturday afternoon while learning spinals showed dedication and determination to get the job done. Sunday morning’s four-hour water session included participating in the Club swim with a run swim run modification which showed trainers they each have what it takes to be a Bondi lifesaver.

We’re looking forward to having these legends patrolling our beach. – Dan Gillespie

Surf Rescue

BM4 – Update

The BM4 – yet to be named – is in full swing this week. We have completed our first practical and theory class and everyone is loving it!

They braved Saturday’s 5-6 foot waves with enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces, and made it out the back, dodging some huge waves. After Elle, Louise, Matias, Mtt, Andy, Pete, Glenn, Ollie, David K, David M, Jai and Angus conquered wading, porpoising (or platypusing as one BM4 has renamed it), we introduced them to the wonders that are run-swim-runs and DRSABCD, with relative push back. Everyone will grow to love them. Next up will be rescues and radios.

Come introduce yourself if you see us training on the beach. They’re a great bunch that are keen to get into the Club spirit. – Alex Lincoln-Dodgson and Anne-Marie Kruk

IRB Crew Training Update

IRB Crew Training – Update

Our latest IRB crew course kicked off on Saturday 11 January, with our new crewies facing some tough surf right off the bat. With a lot of beach drills first up, they’re all doing well with surf awareness and movement in the boat and will be onto pick-ups and carries this coming weekend. We’re expecting to have another 20-odd new crew to support patrols and water safety commitments from 15 February which is a great boost for the IRB section and the Club. – Alex Ayscough

Bronze Training – Upcoming Courses/Kick Off

Our fifth Bronze Medallion course for the season starts on Sunday February 2.

This is the Club’s last course this season and it’s filling up fast, so if you know anyone who’s interested, get them to sign up at or email

You can get more info on Bronze courses here.

Higher Awards Upcoming Courses

There’s a First Aid course on at the Club on Sunday 2 February.

Registrations for the last Gold Medallion of the season, at Bronte on 21 March, must be submitted by 7 February. Gold swim times must be submitted to branch by 13 March.

The next Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ARTC) course starts on 14 March. This is one we’d love you to join – we want as many lifesavers as possible with these these valuable skills.

Book into courses by following this link and clicking on “book in here now”.


Patrol in Focus

Clockwise from top left: Emma Mulquiney, Sasha Jenner, Stephan Hendricks and Geoff Sumner; Christmas Day 2017’s patrol with a special guest; Last weekend’s pre-patrol briefing; Walsh’s Geoff Sumner, Vera Argyle, Linda Mead and Allison Legg in the 2018 Club’s 80th anniversary Black Sunday re-enactment; The crowds watch the mass rescue commemoration; Nick Nezval, Walsh Life Member on Patrol, in a 1980s showcase created for the unveiling of the Blue Room (known as the Carl Jeppesen Scenic Lounge) by PM Bob Hawke following rebuilding at the Club; Black Sunday 1938  newspaper image. 

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

By Allison Legg

It’s an overcast Bondi Saturday, with a summer rainstorm glancing over Ben Buckler, undecided as to which beach it will stop at later in the afternoon. Early morning joggers are cooling off along the promenade and a few brave, curious tourists are peering over the guardrails as Walsh patrol begins its early morning set up.

With 32 active members, including a diverse mix of SRCs, new Bronzies, life members, long service and guest patrolling members for the occasion, Walsh patrol is invariably a cheerful affair of old friendships and new introductions colliding.

Emma Mulquiney recalls joining Walsh back in March 2018: “After finishing my Bronze I felt really equipped to deal with any kind of situation that arose on the beach; not just on the beach but in life in general, which was amazing. Joining patrol has been really great and getting to know people, making new friends and just feeling like I’m contributing to the community … It seems like everywhere I walk I see people I know from the Club which is such a nice thing. I also love using the steam room. That’s a massive draw card for me for being part of the Club. It’s an awesome place to be. I feel encouraged to maintain my fitness and that helps me going surfing in my off time as well.”

Speaking with Walsh patrol, it’s easy to see that the diverse backstories, coupled with a common thread of helping others, is what makes surf lifesaving at Bondi so unique.

For Sandra Clegg, a Walsh patrol member for 10 years, the Club’s growing access and inclusivity projects for members of the public with sensitivities like autism have had a special impact on her family. It’s an evolution she’s witnessed over the course of several decades and is delighted to see Bondi championing.

For others, like Vice Captain Julius Cruikshank, opportunities for mentorship are one of the aspects he enjoys most about being in the Club.

Equally invested in keeping the patrol sharp, registered nurse Joy Pertile and Patrol Captain Linda Mead gather spare patrol members for up-skilling sessions later in the afternoon.

Back on the beach and over strong winds, Patrol Captain of 10+ years Geoff Sumner briefs the team with a hearty enthusiasm that reminds the patrol that despite the dreary conditions, as always, the team is in it together and the afternoon will be a jolly and character-affirming affair.

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of being Patrol Captain, Geoff reflects: “The most rewarding thing about it is running a tight ship I think, and just having the benefit of seeing the whole beach in its entirety at one go and what’s going on and just being in control of it. Great fun. Quite fun.”

Clem Walsh was a product of the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club and is most known for his heroic efforts on Black Sunday, an unforgettable day in Bondi history where three successive waves resulted in at least 180 rescues, with Clem reputedly saving at least 24 lives.

Walsh Patrol is looking forward to patrolling again this upcoming Australia Day 2020.

Walsh Patrol Team: Geoff Sumner PC, Linda Mead PC, Julius Cruikshank VC, Stefano Redo VC, Gregory Charles IRBD, Timothy Hornsey IRBD, Corey Williams IRBC, Hansel Lee IRBC, Allison Legg IRBC. Members: Sandra Clegg, Lina Lygdback, Joy Pertile, Patrick Webb, Emma Mulquiney, Nathan Ramsay, Alexander Minozhenko, Eugene Chun, Sarah Combley, Daniel Burke, Aaron Cohen, Chester Burns, Fabrice Bourgeois, Ryan Nowitz, Sasha Jenner, Georgia Hobbs, Claudia Thompson, Ainslee McCusker, Anna Hempton, Macy Gordon-Heywood, Nais Bourgeois, Bronte Burke. Life Member on Patrol: Nick Nezval.

Walsh is named after Clem Walsh, who was among the first lifesavers in the water on Black Sunday 1938. He was of the Club’s best swimmers at the time (on patrol but also down at the water’s edge for the weekly surf race) and saved many lives that day. A beltman on one of five rescue reel lines, he was forced to shrug off his belt when members of the public dragged at the lines, tangling them and pulling him under the water and to continue to rescue swimmers unaided, according to news reports at the time. A Life Member of Bondi Surf Club, he was known for his healthy lifestyle and for being a great soldier. He was also probably one of the Club’s unluckiest competitors; he deserved more success at the Australian Titles. Walsh coached at the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club and was a shark catcher in his spare time.

Other Representative Sports:  Waterpolo – NSW; Royal Lifesaving – Australia; NSW Interstate Life Saving Team 1938. Australian Championships:  Surf Team 1938, 1939; R&R 1938; Inter-dominion Surf Champion.


What’s Been Happening at the Club

Christmas Cheers

What a party! On the Saturday before Christmas the Main Hall was packed with members and guests for the Surf Club Christmas Party. In a tribute to the old Christmas Cheers of past, the party was held downstairs. Kids and adults enjoyed the games of giant Jenga and Connect 4, and the crowd loved the visit from Santa.

A huge thank you goes to Harris Farm Markets Bondi Beach for donating the barbecue meats and the catering team at The Heart Cafe for providing the delicious salads and sticky date pudding.

This night wouldn’t have gone ahead without the wonderful help of volunteers who helped with everything from decorations, planning, door duty, set up and pack up, and making sure the night ran smoothly: Laura Brady, Sharon Neal, Brett Pattinson, Kirk Darby, Anne-Marie Kruk, Marty Nezvel, Emma Mulquiney, Tony KV, Caroline Pierce, and those who have slipped my mind, thank you.

Opening The Doors for Wayside

The Club’s Main Hall played host to Wayside Bondi’s Christmas festivities again this year. The Christmas Day service was followed by bingo and a barbecue lunch. There was a massive turn out and lots of fun playing bingo. Thanks to everyone who shared the day.

Last Chance Plus One

Around 60 people turned up at the beach for the “Last Chance” Bronze Medallion proficiency of the year on 28 December. We had quite a few people from other clubs joining us, which was good to see. Charles Cotton, Geoff Sumner, Daniel Rosado, Mason Kemeny and Amber Jones all pitched in to help with the running of it. A slightly longer swim made up for a somewhat shorter run necessitated by the not-easy task of finding a clear patch of sand on the beach. Beachgoers, who were down at the beach enjoying the fabulous weather conditions, were treated to a taste of what lifesaving training involves!

Marissa Saunders did all those who had left it past the last minute a favour by running a final ART proficiency on New Year’s Eve followed by a “Past-Your-Last-Chance” bronze proficiency. Thanks Marissa.

Future Paddlers

Future Paddlers

Luke Horder and Greg Byrnes hosted an introductory session for future Bondi’s ski competitors on Friday 17 January. The session was held at the Sydney Harbour Surf Club and was open to 15-20-year-olds who wanted to try ski paddling. Brent turned up in support of the Surfsports team and our young athletes and to take these snaps of them coming in to Bellamy Beach at Point Piper.

Surf Sports Fundraisers

Surfsports Fundraising Takes Off

The Surfsports Team have been at the airport throughout the holiday period raising funds to contribute to the costs of coaching staff, carnival entries, board repairs, trailers etc. Board Captain Louise Santos also ran the Nippers barbecue on Sunday 19 January as a surfsports fundraiser. Best of luck to all our competitors at upcoming carnivals.


Surf Sports


The Carnival season starts in earnest this Australia Day weekend with the Manly Open Carnival on Saturday 25 January and the Freshwater Carnival on Sunday 26 January.

The training schedule is in full swing, so get down to the beach and join the sessions.

Click here for the full schedule of training times.

If you’re interested in competing, make sure you’re signed up to the Bondi Surf Club Training Squad Facebook group where you’ll get all the information on training, events and carnivals.




Bottles will be on in the Blue Room this Australia Day, Sunday 26 January starting at 5:00pm.


Surf Races

Surf Races

Memorial Events Calendar

The season’s remaining Memorial Event dates are:

  • Jack Cox Round 2 – 2 February
  • Ron Turner Round 2 – 9 February
  • Mick Shearman Round 2 – 22 March
  • Jack Cox Round 3 – 29 March

Race Report – Week 17 – January 19

Fellow Surfers,

Saturday morning saw a dark greasy surf with plenty of broken white water for the first 50 or so metres and a little rain. It did not augur well for Sunday. By 7.30am on Sunday when Siobhan gathered her patrol for the morning, however, the sun was out with bluish skies and a nearly flat surf. Unfortunately, by the time 10.30 rolled around we were almost back to Saturday’s malevolent seascape.

The Blue Room, I am told will be returning in the very near future as our sponsor and we look forward to such return. It is the place to be on a Sunday evening and your support can only make it better.

B Grade saw Massimo turn in a well-earned win in taming the sea using the treacherous conditions to his advantage. Second and third was tightly contested, with at least four in the running as they hit the sand, and Brendan just edging out Lalika (where were her old man George and brother Reka).

A Grade was another master class in surf skills with Michael catching a humongous wave from somewhere out the back to pass a huffing and puffing stayer in Jacob and Karsten, who was a very close third.

The Tube Race was not a Jesse gift with everyone taking the rip and flying past him as he waded across the bank. Michael got the double, with Karsten a close second and Jesse catching the others for a tight third.

All in all a great morning’s racing, with a good group of supporters of the race getting wet and enjoying themselves.

Next week, for Australia Day, we will get into the festive spirit with all swimmers to get two points for starting. So get down and enjoy the race.


A Grade Handicap
1st Michael Barry 2:15
2nd Jacob Waks 1:30
3rd Karsten Jarke 2:10
Number of starters 20

B Grade
1st Massimo Gagliardi 1:30
2nd Brendan O’Mahony 2:40
3rd Lalika Kaponay 2:00
Number of starters 28

C Grade
Number of starters 5

S Grade
Number of starters 4

Tube Races
1st Michael Barry
2nd Karsten Jarke
3rd Jesse Lockhart-Krause
Number of starters 6

Total number of starters 63

PS: Bondi Amateur Swimming Club has races from 25m to 400m from 9am each Saturday morning. This includes form strokes and is spread over a two-week cycle.  Attending will certainly sharpen your times and improve your surf race abilities. This coming week we finish with a 400m dash. We have free learn-to-swim classes for members and we provide some stroke correction to members as well.  If you have any queries re same, please speak to me or the Hallams for further information.

Surf Race Images – Week 16 – January 12 – Race Cancelled

Surf Race Images – Week 15 – January 5

Surf Race Images – Week 14 – December 29

Surf Race Images – Week 13 – December 22


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