Bondi Surfer No. 102

Bondi Surfer No. 102

Intro & Welcome

Sad news last weekend with the loss of life at Ben Buckler/Mermaid Rocks on Saturday around 5:45pm. This incident demonstrates how rapidly something can go wrong. The review for this incident will include evaluation of the surf warnings and ways to ensure tourists are aware of the risks.

On Sunday night we saw a team from the Club leap into action during Bottles to protect swimmers caught in a rip at 7pm.  After the recent out-of-hours rescue of nine people at Bronte, this shows the need to address out of hours rescues and equipment access. These events demonstrate why we always need to be vigilant and focused on preventing injury.

If you have been around the Clubhouse, you will notice the significant numbers of fans, dehumidifiers and repairs taking place as a result of the flooding from the Sunday prior.  Please bear with us as we have to dry and assess all areas before we can commence bringing areas back to normal.

The wild weather of the past two weeks saw the cancellation of the Branch carnival where we had a team of over 100 Nippers and over 100 members of the Senior club set to compete.  On the positive side, we did have Jasmine Ruffa make the finals of, and Rory Davey win, the Junior Lifesaver of the Year Award for Branch.  Well done to you both. You are a credit to the Club and lifesaving.

This coming Sunday is the Bondi Blue Water Challenge, our major club fundraiser for surf sports.  We need all hands to support this event and help out.

Brent Jackson


This Week’s Patrols


Saturday 22 February
8:30am-1:15pm      Ormsby
12:45pm-6:30pm  Jeppesen

Sunday 23 February
7:30am-1:15pm       Baldock
12:45pm-6:30pm   Walsh


Events & Reminders


Key Dates

  • NSW Lifesaving Championships, Swansea-Belmont – 22-23 February
  • Bondi Blue Water Challenge Ocean Swim – 23 February
  • Whole of Club Photo – 1 March, 9:30am
  • Education Meeting – 1 March, 2:00pm
  • Bottles Concussion and Head Injury Talk – 15 March
  • Stan Mac Relay – 29 March

Find more information on the Club Facebook page.


Clubbie of the Month

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Clubbie of the Month

Our February Clubbie of the Month is Ollie Hackers.

Ollie has been a member of the Club since he joined as a nipper in 2006. He gained his Bronze medallion in 2016. He is only 18 years old and has been at the Club for 13 years.

Ollie has been really busy for the past three years patrolling, competing and helping out around the Club. This year Ollie has been heavily involved in the bushfire appeal, in fundraising barbecues and every event that the Club organises. He is one of the first members to put his hand up when volunteers are needed. Thanks Ollie


Catching Up

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Bondi Blue Water Challenge

Bondi Blue Water Challenge

This weekend swimmers and runners hit the shores of Bondi for the annual Bondi Blue Water Challenge to farewell summer in style.

The Bondi Blue Water Challenge offers something for all ages and abilities with a 500m, 1km and 2.1km ocean swim and a 4km Fun Run.

Visit the website for all the event details and to make the most of your morning at Bondi and sign up for the swim, run or both here.

When  Sunday February 23, 2020
Where – Bondi Beach, register on the day at Bondi Surf Club
Time – Events kick off at 8am with the 4km beach run, 500m swim will start at 8:45am, 1km swim at 9:15am and the 2.1km swim first wave will start at 10:30am
Registration – Race day at Bondi Surf Club from 7:00am
Online entries close – 3pm Saturday February 22, 2020

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Time for a New Club Photo

Time for an Update

It’s time to take a new Whole of Club photo.

Make sure you’re there and part of the fun – Sunday 1 March at 9.30am out the front of the Clubhouse.

Save The Date

Bondi Surf Club invites its members to the Presentation Night and Annual Ball on Saturday 27 June 2020. This year the presentation night will be held at Easts Leagues Club followed by a formal ball for the adults and an under 18s party for the kids.

Anyone wishing to join the Ball and Under 18s Organising Committee please contact Anna Darby.

Gym Special Introductory Offer!

Gym membership is normally $250-310 per year. As an introductory offer, the Club is offering membership for $10 per month until the end of the lifesaving year (30/4/2020). This can only be accessed through the Office. Access will be set up as payment is made. For more about recent upgrades in the gym and programmes, see the What’s Been Happening section below.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Branch Accolades

Branch Accolades

Wild weather up and down the coast may have forced the cancellation, two weeks in a row, of Sydney Branch Championships but the Blue and White was done proud nonetheless.

Nipper Captains Rory Davey and Jasmine Ruffa made it to the finals for the Sydney Branch SLS Junior Lifesaver of the Year Awards and attended the presentation last Sunday (16 February).

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Rory who won the boys award for 2020. Amazing result.

Congratulations also go to the leadership, trainers, age managers and helpers who have contributed to their and of all Bondi’s Nippers’ development.

Take That Important First Step

Is there someone you know who might like some special help in managing their mental health?

A new weekly mental health peer support group, Next Steps, has recently started in Bondi. The group is free and open to all. One hour meetings will be held every Monday at 6pm.

Peer support groups are accepting, non-judgemental and stigma-free. They are different because the facilitator also has lived experience of mental illness. You can learn about illnesses, treatments and general mental health issues. Discussion is encouraged.

The meetings are held at Jewish House, 17 Flood Street Bondi. Those wishing to attend should call 9386 0770 to book a place

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Batemans Bay Destination Patrol

Batemans Bay Destination Patrol

Over the Australia Day long weekend, a team of Bondi Surf Club lifesavers headed south to Malua Bay (Batemans Bay SLSC) to patrol the beaches and give the local team a chance to rest and rebuild. It was a mostly uneventful but beautiful weekend on the beach with one unconscious rescue and two other minor rescues, but it was a great chance to see the resilience of the local community and a reminder of how much work there is to be done to rebuild.

We had the honour of meeting the lifesavers who protected 4,000 people on a small beach with limited supplies, communication and information. Lead by Col and Anthony Bellette, they represent the finest traditions of the Australian lifesaver – cool and calm under unprecedented conditions.

The air was still smoky from the ongoing fires, and the headlands are charred, but the beaches are starting to fill again with holidaymakers, often on a day trip from Canberra. The bay is lovely, the water warm and the surf strong.

We met many locals and they were thankful for support, clearly traumatised by the fires and still wary of the ongoing emergency with fires still flaring further south around Moruya. We found a community rallying to do the best they could for people in obvious and immediate need.

We ate local oysters and prawns, tried the local cafes and bought our supplies at local shops. Take an Esky down south, have a great weekend at the beach and then fill up for the trip home!

Thank you to Felicity MacArthur and Damon Somerfield for co-ordinating for the Club, and Surf Life Saving NSW for co-ordinating the relief patrol programme.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 South Coast Rebuild

South Coast Rebuild

The exquisite hand-built kayak that graced our Main Hall towards the end of January was successfully auctioned raising $5,500 for the Club’s bushfire relief trust fund. It took more than 600 hours for its builder, an ex-Nipper dad, to craft but as had he lost his own house to fire 35 years ago, he wanted it used to raise money for other communities going through the same experience after a devastating summer of fires.

Money donated to the trust fund will be used to support South Coast Surf Clubs so they can hold community-focused events for tourism or community-building in their area.

Our old IRB hull, trusty No 4 engine and the old ATV were also delivered down to Batemans Bay Surf Club and Tuross Surf Clubs by Bruce Innes  where they’ll get many more good years of service.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Stormy Seas & Trees

Stormy Seas and Trees

After a weekend of torrential rain that saw Sydney – and the Club’s Main Hall – inundated, came the hazardous surf and swell generated by Cyclone Uesi. A thick layer of sand covered the promenade in parts at the southern end of the beach and beachgoers and lifesavers had to deal with a not-so-common hazard.

Large tree limbs and branches were floating in the water and IRB crews on Sunday morning spent time moving them away from swimmers and surfers. On the sand, Waverley Council staff had to cut up the larger trees and patrol members helped load them onto the lifeguards’ ATVs and off the sand.




February has seen two big weekends of surf and dangerous conditions hit our beach. Sunday 9 February was one of our most weather turbulent days on the sand with wild strong winds, huge surf and, as our State warning told us, “Confused Seas”. As a result, a week later our coastline was littered with trees and debris from our bushfire areas, showing us once again the power and risk our ocean can present.

This year we have seen various clubs and lifeguard services come to Bondi to see how we manage our busy beach as lifesavers. Three groups are joining us again during February and March.

The Nauru Lifeguard exchange program, which is facilitated by Australian Lifeguard Service and Bondi SBLSC, took place on the weekend of 15-17 February, with four lifeguards attending patrols for the weekend from Nauru. Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia.

Batemans Bay SLSC Cadets are heading to Bondi for a weekend of patrols and water safety on 29 February. This came off the back of our patrols heading south last month to Batemans Bay SLSC to support the bushfire relief efforts, during which our coaches ran a carnival for their nippers and cadets.

We also see a return of Port Campbell SLSC cadets attending patrols on 7-9 March. Last year we took them on a tour of our club and our beach which was such a success that they wanted to return with new members.

Join our Lifesaving team

The Lifesaving team is calling for an expression of interest to help lead some of our support functions.

Along with our Captain of Lifesaving, the role will involve working with patrol captains, reviewing member categories, patrol compliance, patrol allocations, awards and identifying skills gaps and succession plans within our patrols as part of the Lifesaving team. It will sit on the board of lifesaving along with our captain of lifesaving, IRB captain, youth captain, first aid officer, radio officer, gear steward, destination patrol captain and myself as Director of Lifesaving. You will have remote access to our systems and work as a leader within the Club as an office bearer.

Applicants will need a minimum of two years’ experience patrolling, have gained a Silver Medallion Beach Management qualification and, importantly, be someone who is proactive and keen to develop and support our club patrol culture!

If you are interested email me at or call me on 0414 571 448.




We are getting close to the end of the season but there is still plenty of activity in Education. Aquaholics (BM4) are in the final stretch and BM5 (yet to named) has just gotten started.

BM5’s first aid is scheduled for Saturday 8am – 4pm and, as our Mail Hall is still unusable, Tamarama have graciously allowed us to use their clubhouse. There are still a few more spots for anyone who is interested.

There will be an Education meeting on the 1 March at 2pm. Anyone who has trained, wants to train or is curious should attend. We will be covering changes to spinal management and starting to plan for next season. It will be a great opportunity to get any questions about training answered. Ask to join the Bondi SBLSC Education page to stay up to date with all news related to Education

We may also be holding a BM6 with training on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings and an induction on 22 March. This still needs a few more sign ups before it is confirmed so, if you have any friends who were devastated thinking they missed the last Bronze make their day and get them to register their interest at Please contact me at if you are interested in being part of the training team for this group.

Thanks team for all the hard work so far and SYOTB!

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Aquaholics (BM4) are in the final stretch and BM5 (yet to named) has just gotten started.

BM4 Wrap-up

The Aquaholics have just two weeks’ training left. You’ll have started to see them on shadow patrols so come down to Bottles on Sunday 8 March for their graduation.

Thanks go out to their trainers.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 BM5 Update

BM5 Update

BM 5 (as yet untitled) got off to a bumpy start last week, having to take shelter in the Club as Bondi was hit by huge surf and torrential rain. Just over 20 of them learnt about rips and beach awareness before putting it into practice in their second practical when they battled the remnants of a cyclone swell. Despite the conditions they smashed it, all getting out on a rescue board for the first time and heading out for the first of many run-swim-runs,

Higher Awards Upcoming Courses

There is a First Aid course on this Saturday 22 February which will be held at Tamarama Surf Club as our Main Hall is still out of action.

For those signed up to do their Gold Medallion at Bronte at the end of March, there is a Swim Time Trial on next Saturday, 29 February

Book into courses by following this link and clicking on “book in here now”.


Marketing & Sponsorship

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Local Supply Discount


Life Member Q & A

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Adam receiving his life membership last season

Adam as a member of SLSA Premiership winner R&R teams in the late 1980s and early 90’s with both the junior and senior club (above left); receiving his life membership last season (centre); taking part in 2018 Black Sunday commemorations (top right); and more Aussies gold for the Blue and White (bottom right), 

One Great Big (Bondi) Family

In this month’s edition, Michael Fischer talks to the very popular Adam Nezval.

Well thanks for this opportunity Adam to let the members know a bit more about you. If we could begin, when and why did you first join Bondi?
Thanks Michael. It’s a pleasure. I first joined via the Nippers back in the 1981-82 season. My brothers and some of their friends had joined but I wasn’t old enough to join the senior club. Hence the Nippers.

You have a strong family thread in the club, as you’ve just alluded to. Can you tell us about that?
Mum and Dad weren’t originally from Bondi. Dad wad born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and Mum’s a country girl. So they didn’t really have a water background but they acquired an affinity with Bondi and they loved the community values that the Surf Club stood for. Quite a few of us, including my oldest brother Nick, trained at the old Woollahra Swimming Club, now town houses, and we made our way to Bondi Surf Club. My middle brother Martin also joined so we were all down there together. We were essentially living, schooling and training together and then the Club gave us the opportunity to compete together. And that’s what we did for 20 years and we’re still doing the Masters today!  And we’re all still heavily involved in different aspects of the club today.

Can you single out a highlight in that time?
With so many great experiences it’s hard to single out one. I was very fortunate to be a part of a golden era of competition in the Club and in that time we had an unprecedented amount of success at national level and that’s very hard to top. And the camaraderie amongst the club members is something I haven’t come across before and underpinning that is that we are all volunteers. The surf club environment is a great leveller. It’s incredible how many times you bump into an old friend from the Club or from competition and you start talking about the old days and carnivals. I would say I have made more lifelong friends through the surf club than through any other realm.

Thanks Adam, and what would you say makes Bondi Surf club so unique?
A lot of things are changing in the Bondi community, but the beach and the Surf Club are a constant. The long history of the Club illustrated in the Main Hall and the club’s location right in the middle of the most iconic beach in the world gives it a sense of belonging and of course being the first surf club provides nostalgia also.

Your fellow Life Member Cyril Baldock recently told us that Bondi Surf Club has a bright future. Would you agree with him?
Absolutely. The foundations have always been there and maybe a void in the last decade has been the ranks of youth but this has been addressed in recent times partially due to the collaboration of local high schools. It’s heart warming to see so many teenagers doing patrols.

What issues do you think face Bondi in the immediate future?
I think the changing demographic of the people in the area. People are so much more transient these days and hence there’s less of a willingness to commit to long-term commitments as much which in turn leads to an increased turnover of members and a drain on our resources. And knowing that we complete the most rescues in the SLSA, this becomes problematic.

Well thanks Adam and finally, how would you sum up Bondi Surf Club in one single sentence, what would it be?
The birthplace of Australian Surf Lifesaving.

Thanks you for your time Adam.


Patrol in Focus

Bondi Surfer No. 102 McDonald stubby holder; Simon Smith receiving his Patrol Captain uniform from Brent Jackson at the start of this season; Christmas cheer with the team; Veronica Fernandez and Mariette van Bueren; Stuart and Ashleigh McDonald visit the patrol tent; The patrol leadership team.

Clockwise from top left: McDonald stubby holder; Simon Smith receiving his Patrol Captain uniform from Brent Jackson at the start of this season; Christmas cheer with the team; Veronica Fernandez and Mariette van Bueren; Stuart and Ashleigh McDonald visit the patrol tent; The patrol leadership team. .

The Pride of Bondi

Despite being Bondi’s newest patrol (this season’s other “new” patrol, Ormsby, was reinstated), McDonald has hit the ground running with the team bonding well and taking on some of our beach’s busiest days from the start – Sunday pm of the October long weekend, the Saturday before Christmas and Australia Day pm.

Patrol Captain Simon Smith believes they took it all in their stride because many arrived with existing relationships – there are five members from the Icebreakers 2018 Bronze group and two from BM4 – and all came with enthusiasm and a shared ethos.

“There was that in-built culture of teamwork that comes from training together and then we also all wanted to build something from scratch, create a culture here based on being high achievers but also having fun” said Simon.

Simon knows a thing or two about being a high achiever having represented Australia in rowing in the early 1990s. He suffered a back injury so had to give away rowing but took up swimming 10 years ago on the advice of doctors. At the time he couldn’t swim 25 metres in a pool but he has since completed both the Rottnest Channel Swim and Bondi to Watsons Bay Ocean Swim. He also competes for the Club’s Masters Team in both swimming and boards.

This year Simon is the Club’s Ocean Events Organiser so he’ll be down on the beach this Sunday morning (23 February) taking charge at the Bondi Blue Water Challenge, one of our major fundraisers.

Club life is a bit of a family affair for the Smiths. Simon joined the lifesaving movement (originally at South Maroubra but transferring to Bondi last season) when his kids were in Nippers. “I wanted to be in the water with them, to show them that we were all part of something.” His wife Kristy is also a patrolling member, the IRB Driver with Nightingale.

McDonald, too, has become a bit of a family affair. The patrol is named after father-and-son legends of Bondi (see more below). At the beginning of the season Simon invited the latest generation – Basil’s son and grandaughter, Stuart and Ashleigh – to visit them on patrol. During their time in the tent, the chat turned to the idea of team memorabilia and Simon requested a sample of the McDonald tartan thinking it might be a good place to start. Stuart and Ashleigh went one better turning up at McDonald’s 21 December patrol with a case of beer for Christmas cheer and tartan stubby holders for the team.

Patrol member Veronica Fernandez joined the Club last year, training with BM4. She and fellow-Bronzie-now-flatmate Kristen Nagy jumped at the chance to be part of McDonald at the start of this season. For Veronica, who grew up in Mexico and came to Australia last year to study a Masters in International Law and Public Policy, the Club offers the opportunity to participate in Australian public life through keeping the beach safe, become an integral part of the community she now lives in (having moved to within walking distance of the beach) and learn new skills and sports like board paddling.

“It’s also lots of fun. I love the early morning trainings and being able to be in the ocean with friends – people from the Club of all different ages and backgrounds ,” said Veronica.

Her fellow patrol member, Mariette van Bueren, feels the same. She had been thinking about joining for a long time but, despite swimming a lot in the Harbour, wondered if she could do it from a fitness perspective.

“It turned out I could and I will never look back. It’s been a wonderful experience to join a Club with so many like-minded souls. People have been very inclusive, welcoming and generous; sharing their skills and knowledge. There are so many opportunities to train and develop as a person. I love the diversity. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it earlier.”

McDonald Patrol Team: Simon Smith PC, Neil Collins VC, James Burnard VC, Jon Slack-Smith IRBD, Edd Oakden IRBC, Amber Jones, Alice Joe, Natasha Payne, Joseph Couzens, Annabelle Marcot, Kristin Nagy, Mariette van Bueren, Veronica Fernandez, Wilson Huang, Rowland Hill, David Phillips, Jules Kirk, Sebastian Cassie, Jack Jackson, Adon Kalantzis, York Swan, Joshua Magdas, Jesse Sonego, James Hoggett, Jordan Hannity, Patrick Hoggett, Imogen Arthur, Isabel McGill, Paris Sghabi, Riley O’Connor. Life Member on Patrol: Jacob Waks.

McDonald is named after Stanley McDonald and his son Basil McDonald.  Stan was the first appointed chief beach inspector for Waverley Council at Bondi. Known as “The King of Bondi,”  Stan is a key part of Bondi legend and set the pattern for beach inspectors. He is still rated as having the highest rescue count in Bondi history. His son Basil, a Life Member, worked at Bondi for more than 50 years. He was known as “Mr Bondi” and was awarded the Order of Australia in 1980 for his services to the community and Surf Lifesaving. For many years the McDonald family ran a beach hire business out of the tunnel and Basil was at the beach on Black Sunday. An eyewitness account from Tom Meagher tells of how, with quick thinking, Basil and his assistants arrived to help armed with “surf-o-planes”, blow-up precursors of the bodyboard which were commonly used on Sydney beaches from the 1930s to the 1960s. Basil was subsequently recognised for his bravery during the Black Sunday mass rescue. The hotly contested “Stan Mac” is a 20-person 400m relay race between North Bondi and Bondi every year. 


What’s Been Happening at the Club

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Beach Fun for All

Beach Fun For All

On Saturday 2 February the Access Bondi Launch and Party was held at the northern end of the beach. The new accessible ramp at North Bondi, part of Council’s upgrade works, was officially opened, the beach matting was rolled out and wheelchairs rolled onto the sand with a barbecue and entertainment as a celebration of inclusion.


This has been an ongoing project for two years, with Bondi Surf Club leading the way to improve accessibility for our wider community and building stronger relationships with Waverley Council and user groups along the way.

Despite the ramp being up at North Bondi, we are proud to have led this project and will soon be involved in rolling the matting out and back on Saturdays during patrol hours, allowing wheelchair users access to our beloved beach. This matting cost ~$30k, achieved by grants and donations raised by us!

We now have a ‘Mobi’ chair which can go in the water (in the North Bondi baby pool) and can be pushed up and down the beach in the sand. This sits beside the tent each patrol and is getting increased usage! There are also three sand-chairs (partly donated by Jim Kornmehl’s company, Projex) available for loan via the Pavilion.

The event was well attended with speeches from the Mayor and Brent. And the sausage sizzle was a sell out. Go Accessible Bondi!!

Bondi’s Worst Behaved

The annual Gary Emmerton Classic was postponed again at the start of February when dangerous surf conditions hit Bondi. The annual board race across the bay has two categories – yellow boards and race boards. It’s a race with no rules. Anything goes. Win at all costs with a deep water start in front of Icebergs and the boat ramp at Ben Buckler the finish line. The race was started by Gary to shine a light on heart health.

Keep an eye out on the Club’s Training page for a new date later in the season.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 As our summer of drought and bushfires draws an end, the start of February saw torrential rain and dangerous surf conditions along our coastline.

Of Droughts and Flooding Rains

As our summer of drought and bushfires draws an end, the start of February saw torrential rain and dangerous surf conditions along our coastline. The February 8 and 9 weekend patrols – Bassingthwaite, Meagher, Fullwood and Besomo – took time out of the wind and rain to do some team building and brush up on their skills with some extra training.

Meagher’s patrol team spent much of their Saturday afternoon cleaning the sand, water and dirt out of the tunnel. By the time they finished, the concrete had a mirror finish that reflected the grey skies outside. There was even a wet bucket for people to wash the sand off their feet before entering. Then they backed up for a spinal refresher led by Mark Fabik and Kristy McIntyre.

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Gym Upgrades

Gym Upgrades and Challenges

Gym Manager Jean-Paul Buhagiar has been steadily making improvements in the gym with new fans, shelves, whiteboards and kettlebell rack all installed in recent months. There’s also a weekly Gym Challenge brought to you by Lifeguard Troy Quinlan, who beat his record from a few years back. He smashed it and scored 22.8km on the bike in 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make the gym better, email Jean-Paul.


Surf Sports


This weekend, the NSW Lifesaving Championships kick off at Swansea-Belmont running over two days. Best of luck to all competitors.

The Bondi Blue Water Challenge is on this Sunday 23 February.

Get down to the beach and join the training sessions. Click here for the full schedule of training times.




Bottles is hosing Nipper Parents’ Drinks this Sunday 23 February, starting from 5:00pm in the Blue Room. Everyone is welcome.

Talking Heads

Dr Adrian Cohen’s presentation on concussion and head injury research, originally scheduled for this Sunday at Bottles, will now be held on Sunday, March 15. Adrian has more than 20 years experience in emergency medical services and created the HeadSafe program in 2012. Check out their website for more information.


Surf Race

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Memorial Event Calendar

Memorial Events Calendar

The season’s remaining Memorial Event dates are:

  • Ron Turner Memorial Round 2 – 15 March 2020
  • Mick Shearman Round 2 – 22 March 2020
  • Jack Cox Round 3 – 29 March 2020

Race Report – Week 21 – February 16

Fellow Clubbies,

February 9’s Ron Turner Memorial Round 2 Surf Race saw a massive sea that was greasy, dirty, messy and intimidating and it was decided it was unsafe to hold the race. This did not stop most of those who showed up from having a swim, as by the time they got to me they were totally saturated from crossing the sheets of rain being hurled at them by Hughie. The Ron Turner Memorial will now be held on 15 March.

This week, although it was predicted that the seas would be even bigger, it was not the case. The sun was out, the waves were rideable and everyone enjoyed themselves, unless they opened their mouths as the water was not just dirty, it was putrid. The odd tree that had not been beached was rescued by the Patrol and placed above the high-water mark. The number of trees on the sand was by far the most I have ever seen and, if we still had cracker night, there was enough fuel for a dozen or more bonfires.

The Blue Room, is back on board and we sincerely thank them for their support. Come down for Bottles and enjoy the camaraderie, especially if Marty has someone special talking.

Everyone complains about their handicap and the distance being swum. Jana has not been down for a while and was back marker in B Grade by a country mile. This did not stop her hitting the water after a few tips from Dad (although, I’m not sure what a great ducky driver knows about swimming) and blitzing the field. Although I normally am loath to do it, I have moved her into A Grade for next week. The Kaponay family was again at it, with Lalika beating out his sister Reka. George was in the top ten.

James, in his first swim of the season, won A Grade after showing some excellent surf skills and got back to the beach on a screamer. Karsten and Anthony, who regularly race each other on Saturday mornings with the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club, were the minor placegetters with Karsten’s youth getting him over the line.

The Tube Race again saw Jessie take out the honours (we need to ask Council to dig a trench for him to use as his lane to the buoy to give everyone else a chance). The one-handed Mark came second, swimming out using sidestroke (he advises the fingers are on the mend, so watch out when he is back at full throttle). Anthony got his second minor placing for the morning.

This week it was Jesse’s turn to provide the photos to give this piece a bit of colour and  credibility.

All in all a great mornings racing. See you all next week.


PS: Cyril, one more week and your handicap goes down for the second time this season!

A Grade Handicap
1st James Burnard 2:05
2nd Karsten Jarke 2:10
3rd Anthony Williams 2:00
Number of starters 20

B Grade
1st Jana Kowalski 3:40
2nd Lalika Kaponay 2:20
3rd Reka Kaponay 2:00
Number of starters 9

C Grade
1st Jana Kowalski
Number of starters 1

S Grade
Number of starters 1

Tube Races
1st Jesse Lockhart-Krauss
2nd Mark Fabik
3rd Anthony Williams
Number of starters 7

Total number of starters 38

Surf Race Images – Jack Cox Round 2 – February 2

Bondi Surfer No. 102 Surf Race Images - Jack Cox Round 2 - February 2

Bondi Surfer No. 102
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