Bondi Surf Club is sharing a COVID-19 Update at Bondi Surf Club.

As you are aware the Eastern Suburbs now has a number of new cases, and the lines at the Bondi testing station are very large. The Club wishes to stay open for members but needs everyones vigilance and compliance to remain in operation.

There were 4 club members at the Apollo restaurant last Thursday night, and unbeknownst to them this was a site where a staff member had an infection. They have all been tested and all 4 have tested negative, but given they were at a known infection hotspot they will need to remain in isolation until the 7th August. I thank them all for their rapid notice to the club of their situation, in different circumstances this could have lead to a widespread outbreak amongst our members and they should be congratulated and supported.

The club closed between Monday evening and Wednesday morning while we are awaiting results from these members to ensure that both the club and our emergency call out teams would not be impacted by any potential infection spread.

We are overjoyed that our members tested negative but it is a timely reminder of the need for all members of the community to ensure they are following all Covid precautions to protect themselves and the community. – see this post on facebook here

Bondi Surf Club is sharing a COVID-19 Update at Bondi Surf Club.
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