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Do you have objects that help

Do you have objects that help tell the Bondi Surf Club story?
The Club archives is endeavouring to gather as many important items for display in the proposed museum and create a public collection for future generations to come. We are looking for objects such as old equipment, surf craft, plaques, trophies, apparel and publications that tell the story of our great club history.

Are you able to help identify existing archival photographs?
We will be holding 2 photo identification Morning Teas. With the help of long term club members, we aim to identify people, places and events in unnamed photos from yesteryear. Please come and enjoy a morning of nostalgia & help us improve the accuracy of our collection.
The morning teas will be held before the AGM- 25 July from 12pm-1.30pm & before the Legends Lunch date TBA.

Be part of the Archives Team
Building the Archives is an ongoing task. If you have any Returns, all items will be gratefully received- no questions asked. If you have any items you would like to donate- now is the time if you would like to help us build our collection. Contact:
to find out more.

Do you have objects that help

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Do you have objects that help

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