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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Wow, ONE YEAR of Bondi Silver

Wow, ONE YEAR of Bondi Silver Salties Walk & Talk. First NSW Club. Silver Salties is a way for older Australians to connect socially and get some physical activity. It was designed by SLSA in conjunction with SLSC’s. Wild Weather Wednesday Warriors With Wild Waves one week and Whales, Seals, indigenous carvings of whales, seals and sunshine the next. Friendship, laughter, tears, dancing, swimming, walk & talk. Thanks to Heart Cafe making the walks more worthwhile. We have had special guests, Surf Life Saving Australia President Graham Ford, SLSA CEO Adam Weir, Dave Sharma MP Wentworth, Graham Anson minister of Wayside Chapel, Walangari and our very own Bondi Surf Club President Brent and Laura Thurtell Silver Salties SLSA ambassador. Holly Jean, Sarah Forde have been regulars helping, thanks. Join us
Some memories to look back on. program. #SilverSalties #bsblsc #walangarikarntawarra #digeridoo #indigenous #bondi
#walk&talk #connectingthecommunity #ConnectionsMatter #HealthyAgeing #SavingLives #NeverTooOld #bondibeach #bondisurfclub #waysidechapel #heartcafebondi Heart Cafe Surf Life Saving NSW Surf Life Saving Australia @Silversalties slsa

Wow, ONE YEAR of Bondi Silver

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Wow, ONE YEAR of Bondi Silver

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