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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Day: September 30, 2021

Swimming is a fundamental part

Swimming is a fundamental part of being a Lifesaver but we don’t all start as incredible swimmers. To start you need to be able to swim 400m in under 9 minutes.

Then you join a community of swimmers. Every Sunday during the season we have an optional 400m swim race. There are multiple grades to race depending on your speed. We also race with boards and tubes.

There are swim squads on and off the beach and if you choose to race for the club you may end of travelling with the team (when Covid permitted) to different Carnivals where you will represent the club in the blue and white Bondi cap. All age groups can race.

Your journey to become a Lifesaver starts with gaining your Bronze Medallion where we teach you all you need to know about beach awareness, safety and rescue.

Register for the online induction at 10am on 23rd October here –

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Don’t forget to tune in at 6:3

Don’t forget to tune in at 6:30pm to hear our very own Marissa Saunders participate in the SLSA Sydney’s first Quick Chat – Women in Lifesaving

Tonight @ 6:30pm
Register now!–gpz0uE9PNEEhtL-YCIfGxMjDF45Qp?fbclid=IwAR188u9_PnFCOYD2JJx1Q9WQNRc4eopkT1BvJEHbo1utm4hJnTA-DafyIdg

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