Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Today we remember all the surf

Today we remember all the surf life savers who volunteered to serve their country in the First World War.

In particular, we remember our Bondi lifesavers who answered the call to serve our country in times of need.

In the first world war, by 1915, 39 of the Club’s 77 active members had enlisted.

Some now rest in the soil of a friendly country at Gallipoli, far away from the shores of Bondi, others in the fields of France.

In all, 98 members would serve and 10 members perish.

Lest We Forget

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* Killed in Action
Althouse E *
Baker J.E
Barlow J. *
Bean J.W.
Brown J. G.
Brownhill C.C.
Brownhill G. W.
Brownhill J.O.
Burge B.
Cadden R. *
Clark E.A.
Clark R.G.
Clarke O.
Clarke W.
Clement F.
Cooper C.F.
Coppelson V.
Cox A.
Craven A.H.
Craven F.J.
Crowe R*
Cullen-Ward E.
Cullen-Ward L.
Dennis C.
Dick T. *
Dobson A.
Donovan H.
Douglas R. G.
Douglas W.A.
Duckworth B.
Fletcher D.A.
Flynn H.
Foster F.
Frost W.O. *
Fullwood A.
Grace S.J.
Greenberg H.
Grieve K. H.
Hansel G. *
Harden G.B.
Holborow G.H.
Jamieson J.I.M.
Johnston W.E.
Johnston W.L.
Jones M.B.
Langan A.M.
Lewis D. *
Linsley A.V.
Linsley G. *
Lucy B.
Macarthur-Onslow J. W.
Mackenzie A.K.
Mackey H.
Macnamara G.
Mailler F.A.
Midelton T.B.
Morgan I.
Morgan J.
Norrie G.
Ormsby L.C.I.
Ormsby R.
Parkes M.
Parkes P.
Sherington A.
Sherington G.
Stevenson L.K.
Stevenson W.
Stewart P.
Stone F.H.
Stone H.
Stoyles A.M.
Wainwright H.A.D.
Wallach A.
Wallach N. *
Wallach R.
Watkins G.P.
Webb E.A.
Webb R.E.
Whitehouse A.J.
Williams J.L.
Willsallen T.
Withers E.

Today we remember all the surf

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Today we remember all the surf

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