Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

Meet the dedicated Lifesavers of Bondi Surf Club who have patrols named in their honour.

H.B. (Tibby) Fletcher [back left] joined Bondi Surf Club in 1912. He was selected as a member of the first instructional team by SLSA in 1921 and was also a member of the first gear inspection committee, he was on the SLSA board of examiners, and Vice President of SLSA.

A consummate swimmer and veteran of many surf races and rescues, Tibby was ‘scratch man’ for the Bondi Swimming Club and twice winner of the three-mile marathon event. H B Tibby Fletcher is the only member to receive an Honour Cap. Tibby represented BSBLSC winning 5 Australian Championships in R&R and won Premierships as an ‘A’ team member from 1914 – 1928.

Tibby also received a Royal Humane & Shipwreck Society award for bravery in rescuing a shark attack victim on Coogee Beach in 1922.

Throughout his career with the BSBLSC, Fletcher held positions including Life Member, Club Captain 1920-1928, Committee member / Trustee / Handicapper, Vice Captain / Senior Vice President, and SLSA representative.

Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

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Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

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