Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

Meet the dedicated Lifesavers of Bondi Surf Club who have patrols named in their honour.

H.B. (Tibby) Fletcher [back left] joined Bondi Surf Club in 1912. He was selected as a member of the first instructional team by SLSA in 1921 and was also a member of the first gear inspection committee, he was on the SLSA board of examiners, and Vice President of SLSA.

A consummate swimmer and veteran of many surf races and rescues, Tibby was ‘scratch man’ for the Bondi Swimming Club and twice winner of the three-mile marathon event. H B Tibby Fletcher is the only member to receive an Honour Cap. Tibby represented BSBLSC winning 5 Australian Championships in R&R and won Premierships as an ‘A’ team member from 1914 – 1928.

Tibby also received a Royal Humane & Shipwreck Society award for bravery in rescuing a shark attack victim on Coogee Beach in 1922.

Throughout his career with the BSBLSC, Fletcher held positions including Life Member, Club Captain 1920-1928, Committee member / Trustee / Handicapper, Vice Captain / Senior Vice President, and SLSA representative.

Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

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Meet the dedicated Lifesavers

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