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No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Day: March 5, 2022

So much awesomeness to celebra

So much awesomeness to celebrate today!

To mark International Women’s Day (8th March) we had our first ever Pink Patrol this morning, with 100% of the patrol made up
of female lifesavers! Thank you to all the women who organised and came along to participate and share their passion.

We had our next Bronze squad pass today with flying colours! Congratulations to all and welcome to surf lifesaving.

Of course it is also Mardi Gras tonight and the Lifesavers with Pride will showcasing their fabulousness and sharing with the world that Surf Lifesaving is an inclusive and welcoming organisation for everyone. We have a sneak peak photo… but looking forward to seeing all the parade photos.

Happy Mardi Gras and International Women’s Day everyone.

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Today as part of our Internati

Today as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations we are hosting our first ever Pink Patrol. A patrol made up of 100% women.

The driver behind Pink Patrol is Bondi member Nixy Krite – a powerful advocate for women in the surf lifesaving movement that leads well beyond our Bondi club. Nixy has dedicated tremendous hours to every surf lifesaving season to patrol, learn, train, compete and teach.

Starting as a Nipper parent 15 years ago, she had no idea where her lifesaving journey would take her, the skills she would learn, the success she would achieve, and the passion she would share with lifesavers in Australia and as far away as New Zealand.

Thank you Nixy for everything you do for our club, and the wider lifesaving community.

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