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With the return of the Dawn se

With the return of the Dawn service at North Bondi RSL this year, the surf club to held a small sunset ceremony on Sunday to remember the 98 members who served and the 10 members who perished in World War 1, and the 211 Club members who served, and 14 Club members who paid the supreme sacrifice, in World War 2.

Thanks to Michelle Haywood for these lovely images, and to the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs for our restored memorials.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Haywood

Well, that’s it! Jeppesen has

Well, that’s it! Jeppesen has left the building.
What a great season…..well sort of, apart from shit weather and CoVid etc.
Felicity MacArthur Sarah Forde and Brett Pattinson would like to thank all of our Patrollers, The Mighty Jeppesen legends!!! every single one of you, new bronzes, SRC’s and of course our long-standing members. You have all gone above and beyond to keep our beaches safe for the community….so proud of you all, we are humbled and grateful for your service.
It’s always special to patrol on ANZAC DAY and to celebrate we ate ANZAC COOKIES and played 2UP (thanks Bruce Wynne )
See you all next season

With ANZAC day coming up we we

With ANZAC day coming up we were very glad to get our war memorials back from the conservators on Thursday. Watch the video attached as they explain some of the work that took place to protect them.

We are grateful to Scott Laney (ex-president and life member) and Tanya Jackson for gaining this grant and supervising the restoration. Our application was strongly supported by the North Bondi RSL, Gabrielle Upton MP and Dave Sharma MP, and we greatly appreciate the NSW Department of Veterans Affairs program that enables this project to go ahead.

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North Bondi RSL, Dave Sharma MP, Gabrielle Upton MP, NSW Office for Veterans Affairs

The names of our members who served are listed and can be searched here

Found: Smart watch outside rhe

Found: Smart watch outside rhe front of the surf club. Please contact the office if you lost this. It has no battery so I can’t check recent calls until it is charged.

Blue and White Masters Win On

Blue and White Masters Win

On Tuesday night (5 April) at Aussies, Dori Miller became the latest inductee into SLSA’s Masters Legends Hall of Fame. The Masters Legends category was established in 2019 and inductees are chosen by SLSA alone, without any process for nominations. There were only two inductees this year: Dori and Michael Geldz from Queenscliff SLSC.

The Masters Legends Hall of Fame is a very select group. There were only 10 members inducted in the inaugural 2019 group and there are only two other women in their number.

The award recognises Dori’s outstanding contribution and achievements in Masters competition and comes as Bondi’s Masters Team competes for their fifth consecutive Aussies championship.

The team went into the Thursday morning’s competition in a tight race with host club Kurrawa and only the surfing competition to go.

Amanda Cooper, Louise Santos, Julie Pritchard, Harries and Will Mitchell had everyone on the edge of their seats as they surfed through the afternoon and sealed the championship for Bondi. We’re sure they’ll enjoy their well-earned celebrations tonight!

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