Great news announced at Presen

Great news announced at Presentation Night on the weekend by our Mayor Paula Polixeni Masselos – the DA for the club rebuild has been approved and we can move to the detailed design phase.

Good to see the media coverage of this, with Bondi being one of the 4 main tourism sites in Australia, this will be a vital project in bringing back tourism post Covid.

This has been a major long term project for the club and thanks to the persistence of the Building Committee and Paul Ure for getting us to this major milestone, and to Jesse Lockhart Krause for sheperding the design through the Heritage and Planning processes.

Of course, this is not the end of the journey, but it is the end of the beginning!

Now comes the hard work for the design and Building committee to get the detail right, and the club needs help to ensure the renovation is funded.

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Great news announced at Presen

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Great news announced at Presen

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