Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

No Lives Lost at Bondi Beach

Day: July 11, 2022


This years annual report is now available to view here

Printed copies will be available in the office before the AGM on the 24th July.

Remember all of our annual reports since 1907 are available from the Link on our website here


Annual Report design and production by Font & Swatch

Thank you to everyone who contributed reports, information and photos for our 115th Annual Report 2021/21 . A huge thank you to Tim Read, who’s help compiling photos for this report has been invaluable . Thank you to Garret O’Connor, Julie Engle, Kathryn Horner, Bridie Hanifee and Brent Jackson for proofreading .
Photo Contributions
Cover photo- Dario Berzosa- Instagram @dario .bs – Beachitude – https://beachitude .com .au/
Big Lens Little Lens- Andrew Kagis, Gavin Little – Gavin Little Photographs, Anna Booth, Simon Smith, Robyn Farmer, Shein Wang, Tim Read, Julie Engel, Alan Freeman, Patrick Vanderham, Harvpix, Siobhan O’Toole, Sydney SLS Branch, Rozanne Green, Mark Fabik, Brent Jackson, Charles Cotton, Felicity MacAthur, Spencer Watson, Linda Mead, James Stewart, Gareth Robinson, Tom Levi, Nixy Krite, Gino Farina, Dori Miller, Mason Kemeny, Waverley Council, Laurie Williams, Sebastian Cassie, Garry Beath, Dov Frazer, Scott Ehler and those who are unnamed

Compiled by Narelle Moore

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